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RV-M7  Specification Overview

For Details and RF specs, select the RV-M7 band specific web page:

RV-M7-V  VHF band  150MHz
RV-M7-U  UHF band 450MHz

For 22MHz or other bands, look at the Tech Series radio modems.
Tech Series radio modems are more modern design, and compatible with the M7s.
The Tech Series RV-M21 and RV-M22 radios have a myriad of IO options, and more modern features.

A waterproof version that is IP65 dust-proof and waterproof is also available.


1. General Specifications

All measurements made per TIA-603-B


Model RV-M7-VA (Export only) 136 – 155MHz
Model RV-M7-VB 150 – 174MHz
Model RV-M7-UC 450 – 480MHz
Model RV-M7-UA (export only) 403 – 434MHz

Size  5.0 X 3.76W X 0.95H

Weight  6 ounces (0.17kg)

DC input voltage 10-16V DC

GPS Tracking option (-GX version) with built-in GPS transponder.

Typical current draw, receiving, over-the-air rates < 4800bps <80mA

Typical current draw, receiving, over-the-air rates >= 4800bps <90mA

Current draw when transmitting data <1.5A max, 1.2A typical at 2watts
<2.7A at 5watts

Over-the-air baud rates (programmable) 1200, 2400, 4800, 5142, 8000, 9600, 19200
Note: Contact the factory for enhanced-sensitivity applications (1200 & 2400 baud)

Internal data buffers (transmit and receive) >2000 bytes

Operating temperature range -30ºC to +60ºC  (-30ºC to +80ºC storage)

TX-RX and RX-TX turn-around time <3mS

Power on time to operational <500mS

Low Power Mode (LPM) Standby to operational <20mS

Internal fuse  3A mini blade. Little fuse part number 0297003 or Raveon part, number 1X726-3

Maximum RF power output 0.1 – 5 watts

Maximum duty cycle 100% at 2W,  25% at 5W

Programming Software:

Software Tools and Applications Has Radio Manager which is a Windows XP/Vista software application that is used to communicate and configure Raveon’s radio products. It is compatible with all Raveon models, and provides configuration management, as well as programming assistance, diagnostic information, and a helpful “band scope” feature.

User Manuals and Documentation:

RV-M7-U Tech Manual (Technical Manual) The Technical Manual for configuring and installing the RV-M7 wireless modem.

RV-M7-U GX Quick Start (M7 GX Quick-Start Guide) read this to quickly setup your M7 GX GPS transponder and configure it for use in most common applications.

Technical Info:

Remote Management (pdf) Built into all FireLine and M7 modems, is a set of unique remote management and diagnostic capabilities. Users are able to remotely read network statistics, configuration, and operating conditions of any FireLine or Raveon modem in the system.

Competitive Features(pdf) Document AN131 describes the unique features of the M7 wireless modem. Some of the M7’s features are available in other company’s products, but no other wireless modem on the market has as rich and complete set of a feature as Raveon’s FireLine.

Firmware Revision Log (pdf) A list of the firmware revisions made to the RV-M7’s processor.

AutoCAD Drawings:

RV-M7 Mechanical Dimensions (pdf) Mechanical drawing of the RV-M7 housing.

RV-M7 WX Waterproof Enclosure Option (pdf) Mechanical drawing of the WX option for the RV-M7 and RV-My-GX.

User Input and Output Signals

Serial port baud rates 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200

Voltage levels  RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 complaint levels

Modem handshake signals RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, CD

RF I/O  50 ohm BNC

Power  B+ input and Ground

Power Connector  Phoenix  18 36 18 9 ( Raveon P/N 1J165-3 )

RV-M7  Model Numbers

The model number of the M7 modem identifies its operating frequency band, rf power level, and bandwidth.  The models are:

RV-M7-ab-c-oo     where:

a = The band (V=VHF,  U=UHF)

b = Sub band (A,B,C,…)

= Channel Spacing  (blank=12.5kHz, W=25kHz)

oo = Options  (-GX for GPS,  -WX for waterproof enclosure)

    Other frequency bands, power levels, and channel spacing are available. Contact the factory for your specific needs.

Sub-Band Letter VHF (RV-M7-V…) UHF (RV-M7-U…)
A 136-155MHz 403-434MHz
B 150-174MHz 435-451MHz
C 216-222 MHz 450-480MHz
D 480-512MHz
J 380-400MHz




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