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RAVEON  GPS Data Radios has its roots grounded in GPS tracking and industrial data radio. Raveon’s RavTrack GPS tracking system is built around narrow-band data radio modems.
All RAVEON Data Radios can do GPS and GNSS tracking and monitoring.  The RV-M21 and RV-M22  Tech Series data radios have GPS options.   The ATLAS is battery powered.

RV-M21:             ATLAS:

There are many GPS features in all of our data radios that do GPS. Here is a list of popular GPS features we intented.

  • Transmissions include ID, position, speed, heading, voltage, temperature, input/output status, UTC time, alerts, man-down status, and proximity.
  • Able to transmit up to 200 position reports in 10 seconds. or  40 transmissions in 2 seconds can be reported fast and get location fast.
  • WMX communication protocol is easy for other systems and CPUs to talk to our Data Radios.
  • AES encrypted position transmissions for complete privacy.
  • Ultra-fast TX-RX switching and 4-level GFSK modem allows truly “Real Time” tracking and status.
  • Outputs NMEA 0183 GLL, TLL, WPT, GSV, WPL, RMC, and PRAVE messages.
  • These GPS Radios send position, speed, temperature, voltage, and many other technologies.
  • The speed can be monitored from 0 to up to 2000 MPH.   Cars, Helicopters, or Airplanes can be tracked.
  • Built-in TDMA channel access allowing truly real-time tracking (200 transmission in 10 seconds)
    With TDMA GPS feature, you can also send data fast out on many devices, with no noise.
  • 16 bit addressing for up to 65,525 different unique IDs per channel and 255 group codes.
  • Programmable proximity alert ( 1-9999 meters), man-down alert, and programmable position report rate (1-9999 seconds).
  • Programmable speed alert.
  • Programmable I/O trigger allerts can be sent.
  • Programmable distance-moved alert.
  • Vibration alerts can be sent with your location information.

Most of our GPS data radio information is in RAVEON’s  GPS websit  GPS tracking systems!

Many companies and even the military, have used Raveon’s GPS trackers.


Some custom GPS tracking features are shown here, that Raveon created many years ago.

Raveon’s Cigorn gateway enables GPS tracking with narrow-band technology over very wide areas.
Base Stations is the natural progression of Raveon’s RavTrack system. Adding dynamic frequency, ID, timing, and bandwidth allocation, Raveon has created an even more powerful GPS tracking system capable of covering large areas with thousands of devices.

DART GPA Tracking

Setting up a GPS Tracking System

  1. Install base stations at all the sites need to cover the region you wish to GPS track over.
    1. Each base can have from 1-20 radio channels
    2. Busy areas can have more channels, remote areas fewer channels.
    3. Each base station has a BSC that controls the base station.
  2. Install a Master Gateway at one base site, or at a central network location.
    1. The Master Gateway communicates to all base stations
    2. The Master Gateway authenticates and controls all GPS trackers on the network.
    3. The Master Gateway routes data and GPS locations to any number of endpoints.
    4. The Master Gateway outputs $PRAVE messages telling the speed, position, heading, mileage,…
  3. Install Wireless Devices (WDs) with GPS tracking options into every vehicle and device to be tracked.
    1. Each WD with GPS option has a GPS antenna on it to receive the GPS position.
    2. At a rate setup in the Master Gateway, the WD GPS transponder will automatically send its position.
  4. Monitor the location of your GPS transponders.
    1. Use Raveon’s RavTrack PC GPS tracking Windows application.
    2. Or use GPS tracking software from numerous other vendors.
    3. Or setup a web server to share GPS tracking information.
    4. Or, write your own GPS tracking application using the readily available APIs.
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