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Raveon’s “Daisy Radios” are our smallest long-range wireless solution, for daisy chaining all your large scale operations. This radio is perfect for tracking any number of items over as many locations as you can imagine, making it perfect for you to connect to the internet of things. The Daisy radio is small and low cost, making it perfect for daisy chaining your system together across any and all locations.

The OEM Daisy Radio Miniature modules are, small, long range and low power and available with two different technologies; Narrow Band and LoRa ISM band.

  1.  915MHz ISM band using LoRa technology  (RV-M50).
  2. 863MHz ETSI sub bands(863-870MHz)  (RV-M50).
  3.  MURS band (VHF narrow band)  (RV-M6) 
  4.  VHF band (150-174MHz narrow band)  (RV-M6)
  5.  UHF band (450-475MHz narrow band)  (RV-M6)

Daisy Radio modules can be incorporated into your products, giving them miles of wireless communication capability.  The Daisy Radio modules use the same UWARC universal wireless interface, so you can design all Daisy Radio modems or our M8 series radios into your products, and just plug in the one you actually want to use.

It also integrates flawlessly with your current Raveon M7, or M8 systems, so using it to improve your current solutions or expand operations is quick and easy. The Daisy Radio modules are available in our M22 Tech Series enclosures.  The M22 enclosures have a myriad of IO options and features.

Daisy Tech Series Enclosure Options

Our Daisy modems are used within the  M22 Tech Series enclosure. The Tech Series is designed to be universal for use with any of our modems, and works especially well with the Daisy systems. The Tech Series unique design allows for interchangeable front I/O panels, so you can connect to your system in a myriad of differing ways. One other new feature is our more rugged power connector, designed to stay connected through even more extreme conditions.  IO options are RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, USB, GPIO, and Flexible IO.

More information on the Tech Series Click Here for Tech Series info.

Skyline Base Station Hub for Daisy Chaining

A multi-radio base station hub is used for daisy chaining your things to your network. It can also be used to connect to IoT cloud servers if you want to.

The RV-N50 Skyline Base Station Hub has one or two radio transceiver links inside it for reliable and secure Daisy Chaining.
It is easy to use for Daisy Chaining to a network using all wireless or Ethernet connections or RS232 connections or cellular connections.

The N50 Hub can also link/connect/DaisyChain to the Remote Autonomous Zone Nodes to monitor sensors, control power, get input status, read SCADA devices, and do what you want with a PLC like this.
It can also like to all other SCADA devices that use serial protocols like MODBUS or DNP3 or whatever. Raveon’s data radio modems can communicate with the RV-N50 and you can use these radio modems with your things.

The RV-N50 is a small size base station with a rugged metal enclosure for great RF performance and heavy duty cycle capability.  It can work low-power and quick and simple, and it can also work continuous duty if your system needs lots of data send out to Daisy Chain data to thousands of things, or to send messages to measure  thousands of things.

Daisy Chain Routers

Daisy Chain Routers are gateways that have been connected in a cascading manner to extend the number of terminals and SCADA devices that can be connected via wires to the local area network or to the Internet, or to Cloud servers.

The Cigorn Router has many great features to make sure your devices can communicate with the remote devices.

Cigorn gives each radio in the system a unique IP/Port number,even if they are radios with serial comm ports.  To communicate to a particular radio modem, simply connect a TCP/IP telnet or socket connection to its particular port.

The Cigorn Gateway can be configured with any number of radio modems assigned to any number of base stations. You can use a Raveon Data Radio Modem to link you remote device to a network using a Cigorn Router. To wirelessly link a remote device:

A: Use Long Range Data Radio Modems like the RV-M21   to cover a whole city or state.
B: The low-cost long-range Daisy Radios can daisy-chain remote devices for many miles.


If your system is over a wide area, these Dais Radios are idea for wireless RF connection to your system.  With regards to RF data communications, these radios are very long-range, and can go many miles. The RF range performance varies by many settings and radio operations.  This application note  AN 244 (Wide Area Wireless) (pdf) .  The RV-M50 ISM band radio utilizes LoRa technology in it.  application note  AN 205 (LoRa RANGE) (pdf)  explains the great advantages of LoRa technology for long-range RF communications.

Very Long Range:   1 to 50 km based on the RF band and power settings.

Reliable over-the-air protocol with: radio ID, packet info, CRC.

Store-forward repeating can be utilized on any radio.

Configurable range, bandwidth, data rates, and security.

Ideal for OEM integration

Highly configurable and small form factor.
All versions for different RF bands  have the same size and connector interface.
Over The Air (OTA) data rates can be configured to meet your data requirements and communication range needs.
WMX serial communication protocol can be used to manage the radio with a CPU.

Many Reliability Features

Data encryption can be enabled using AES 128

A GPS is an option an all versions, so you can track location , motion, proximity alerts, and status.

PING Command works to Ping a remote M50 modem, and Pinger receives a response with RSSI info to show how well the RF link works
and how reliable the link is to a very remote area.

Flexible addressing allows for unlimited number of devices on a system.

Available performance diagnostics over the air.

For actual RF specifications see the product’s Data Sheet for the particular Daisy Radio you are interested in.

RV-M50  ISM band 915Mhz Daisy Radio
Click here for the RV-M50 datasheet. (PDF)[:]

RV-M6  VHF Daisy Radio Modem

RV-M6 Data Sheet    RV-M6_TechManual


The Physical Size of a Daisy Radio OEM module:


Daisy layout

For a layout of the Daisy radio case, click here.

For the full Datasheet, click here. (PDF)

Rasberry pie hat

RG-K5 Raspberry Pi Hat

The RG-K5 is an interface board to connect a Raveon RV-V50 or RV-Z50 radio modem to a Raspberry pi processor board. The hat also provides many features such as EEPROM memory, Arduino CPU, watchdog, and a 3-axis accelerometer.





Tech 21 with plates

Tech Series

Our new Daisy and Z50 radio modems can be placed in the smaller Tech Series enclosures giving access to the interchangeable front I/O panels, allowing you to connect to the modem any way you want. The 6 different options for interchangeable front I/O panels are:

  • RS-232
  • RS-422
  • RS-485
  • USB
  • GPIO
  • Analog
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