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Services to support our customers.

Raveon’s outstanding Quality Assurance Laboratory is available for use by our customers or any company that needs access to a quality test lab in Southern California. The lab is capable of testing and verifying the quality of devices related to thermal conditions, static discharge, vibration, and voltage fluctuation.

Raveon’s outstanding Engineering team is available for custom product development. Our expertise is in RF communications, data communications, protocols, embedded processors, battery powered devices, and many other technologies. Please contact Raveon’s Sales team if you would like a proposal on developing a custom products. We also can design a product to meet you cost needs, and manufacture it here in the USA in ways it will meet your specifications and cost target.

Raveon routinely customizes our standard data radio products to meet specific needs of our customers. OEM Versions of our radio modems are available, and we are glad to customize their hardware, features, or software to meet your goals.

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