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Raveon Technologies

Your Critical Data
Our Integrated Hardware & Software Solutions

We provide reliable wireless data products, offering exceptional performance & great value
As a dedicated wireless partner, we ensure our products & services exceed the needs, goals, & expectations of our customers

Our Industry Solutions

Efficient Wireless Data Products Since 1984, Reliable for our Customers.
We create Long-Range Reliable RF communication products. Compatible with 20 year old radios.

Telemetry and SCADA
Reliable Communications, Robust Links

Raveon’s private wireless data modems are ideal for wireless telemetry and wireless SCADA. The modems are very long-range, secure, and economical. Reliably transporting data across robust links is made easy with Raveon’s complete line of Data Radio Modems. Whether you are sending straight serial data for Telemetry or using a SCADA protocol, Raveon has a solution for your communication requirements. The Tech Series GPIO and FIO interfaces can be used as Wireless Remote Terminal Units.
2X data rates on many, have 4-Level FM for , 9600 baud on NB  or  19.2K baud on WB (Wide Band 25kHz channels)

Your One-Stop for:
Custom Wireless Designs.
Cost Effective, Excellent Performance

Raveon has a large library of OEM solutions for wireless modems. If we do not have what you need, we specialize in creating and producing custom wireless solutions, network connectivity, and custom wireless IoT Devices.

Raveon can create a wireless module with any type of interface such as USB, Ethernet, RS232 serial, or whatever our OEM partner needs. Our expertise is in designing and producing…

Data Radio Solutions
Long Range, High-Performance RF

Raveon’s industrial long-range UHF and VHF data radio modems are outstanding telemetry, meter reading, SCADA, OEM and embedded wireless data radio modems. With the most features of any radio modem, they are easily configured to fulfill your wireless data communication needs. Raveon’s data radio modems exceed all FCC part 22 and 90 requirements. They features: 1/2-5 watts of RF output in the UHF…  220MHz data modems are available.

License Free Modems

RV-M22 -E  license-free USA 902-928MHz ISM band and EU 868MHz band radio modems.

Miniature, low-cost, ultra-long range data radio modems with all data radio features such as:
GPS tracking, WMX serial communications, RS-232 RS-485, RS-422, USB, and GPIO interfaces.

GPS Vehicle, Asset Tracking
Fast, No Recurring Fees, Works Everywhere

Raveon’s RavTrack GPS tracking system is a complete private GPS tracking system for public safety AVL, construction equipment tracking, parks and mine equipment tracking, security monitoring, theft detection, vehicle dispatching, and equipment monitoring systems. Because our GPS tracking solution uses VHF/UHF radio channels it is very fast, and there are no recurring costs or monthly fees with the RavTrack AVL…

Remote Weather Monitoring
Long Range and Very Rugged

Raveon’s data radio modems are well-suited for remote weather monitoring. VHF and UHF radios are long-range (5-50 miles) and very rugged. Operating from -30C to +60C, they have 5 watts of RF output and consume very little power.
Our Smart Radio Modems can communicate with weather sensors without having to add interfaces and signal conditioning.

The Remote Autonomous Zone Node SCADA radio has many IO features and Autonomous features to make a system very safe in remote areas.

Discuss my Wireless Needs

If you would like a quote or would like to discuss how Raveon wireless data products will work in your system

call: 1.760.444.5995 or GET A QUICK QUOTE

Use private data modems to save Cables, Cellular costs, Travel time, and Money!
Designed and created here in America, and for international sales, contact:

SCADA Solutions

Wireless long-range Remote Autonomous Zone Node (RAZN) is for smart SCADA and Telemetry nodes with general purpose control capability.
In compact, cost-effective packages, Raveon’s (RAZN) can switch on/off 8 AC and DC power outputs, and convert up to four analog devices.
IT ahs 8 digital inputs, and 2-8 switch inputs, and Ethernet/IP for MODBUS-TCP.
Monitor, control, and record things over many miles.  Autonomously also be safe.

Fast RF Data Solutions

Many of Raveon’s data radio modems can run fast data and are low-cost modems.
The 2-level FM data modems can run 4800 – 9600 baud very long range.
The 4-level FM data radio modems can run 9600-19200 baud long range communications.
For ultra long-range, up to 100-300km, lower baud rates are reliable, down to 2200 or 1200 baud.
Tech Series Data Radio Modems can work in any of these baud rates.

IoT Solutions

IoT: Internet of Things. Raveon Technologies Corporation’s wide-area wireless networking technology is ideal for the IoT. Private secure radios are the lowest cost way to connect millions of things to your network, a private network, or the Internet. Our smart long-range radios can connect to things such as meters, sensors, thermometers, irrigation controllers, valves, lights, switches, machines, pumps, vehicles, or anything. Wireless IoT WIoT saves costs and is more reliable than long-ranage wires.
Visit Raveons IoT Solutions

Tracking Solutions

Raveon’s unique RavTrack system is a complete GPS tracking solution for Public Safety AVL, Construction Equipment Tracking, Parks and Mine Equipment Tracking, security monitoring, theft detection, vehicle dispatching, animal tracking, and equipment monitoring systems. Because our GPS tracking solution uses VHF/UHF radio channels it is very fast, and there are no recurring costs or monthly fees with the RavTrack AVL system. Since it does not rely on cellular coverage it will work everywhere. Learn More about RAVTRACK

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