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Raveon's Mission

Provide reliable wireless data products, offering exceptional performance and great value. By being a dedicated wireless partner, we ensure our products and services exceed the needs, goals, and expectations of our customers.

Telemetry and SCADA (Reliable Communications, Robust Links)


Raveon's private wireless data modems are ideal for wireless telemetry and wireless SCADA. The modems ore very long-range, secure, and economical. 

Reliably transporting data across robust links is made easy with Raveon’s complete line of Data Radio Modems.  Whither you are sending straight serial data for Telemetry or using a SCADA protocol, Raveon has a solution for your communication requirements.

Raveon’s RV-M7, RV-M21, and RV-M22 line of Radio Modems provide up to 5 Watts of RF Output Power with excellent Receive Sensitivity for long range performance.  The RV-M21 and RV-M22 offer field interchangeable interface front panels to quickly connect to RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, USB, GPIO, or Analog equipment.

Smart Radio Modems include built-in firmware allows easy remote monitoring and control.  Multiple firmware settings include GPIO Commands and Raveon’s unique MIMIC Mode.  The latest versions include a MODBUS option for use in small SCADA applications.

Networking implementations are simple with Raveon’s 16 bit addresses and network masks.  Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint schemes, and all the variations there of, give the system designer full flexibility.  Raveon’s Radio Modems include a complete Store-and-Forward Repeater function.

For those applications where size and weight matter, the RV-M8 and RV-M6 OEM Radio Modems offer a board level solution for data communications that retain the functionality of our larger solutions.

Raveon’s Radio Modems provide the Telemetry or SCADA system designer the tools needed to achieve reliable and robust links.  Contact us today for a system to meet your requirements.

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Custom Wireless Design Solutions (Cost Effective, Green, Excellent RF performance)

wireless modems

Raveon has a large library of OEM solutions for wireless modems.  If we do not have what you need, we specialize in creating and producing custom wireless solutions, network connectivity, and custom wireless IoT Devices. Raveon can create a wireless device with any type of interface such as USB, Ethernet, RS232 serial, or whatever our OEM partner needs.

Our expertise is in designing and producing long-range wireless remote control transmitters and receivers, GPS AVL products, and VHF/UHF data radios. Raveon's products excell where range, reliability, and performance are paramount. Let us help your embed our long-range wireless data modem technology in your product, or allow us to design and build your next generation wireless prodoct for you.   More Info...

Data Radio Solutions (Long Range, Private channels, High-performance RF)

Raveon's industrial long-range UHF and VHF data radio modems are outstanding telemetry, meter reading, SCADA, OEM and embedded wireless data radio modems. With the most features of any radio modem, they are easily configured to fulfill your wireless data communication needs.

Raveon's data radio modems exceeding all FCC part 22 and 90 requirements. They features: 1/2-5 watts of RF output in the UHF 450-480MHz or VHF 136-174MHz band (other bands available). Raveon's products are optimized for long-range wireless data, and have a communication range of 5-50 miles. Their ultra-fast T-R switching time of 3mS makes them ideal for telemetry and polled SCADA systems. With advanced features such as store-and-forward repeater capability, remote "Ping" capability, voltage, temperature, and current monitoring, Raveon radios are easy to deploy and manage. RS232 interfaces are standard, and USB, RS422, GPIO, and RS485 interface options are available. Also great for long range connection to the Internet of Things IoT.   Learn More

GPS Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking, Personel Tracking (Fast, No Recurring Fees, Works Everywhere)


Raveon's RavTrack GPS tracking system is a complete private GPS tracking system for public safety AVLconstruction equipment tracking, parks and mine equipment tracking, security monitoring, theft detection, vehicle dispatching, and equipment monitoring systems.  Because our GPS tracking solution uses VHF/UHF radio channels it is very fast, and there are no recurring costs or monthly fees with the RavTrack AVL system. GPS Transponders also have man-down sensors and motion detectors to report alerts at locations along with speed, heading, altitude, and status.

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If you would like a quote or would like to discuss how Raveon wireless data products will work in your system, call: 1-760-444-5995

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IoT Solutions

IoT: Internet of Things. Raveon Technologies Corporation’s wide-area wireless networking technology is ideal for the IoT. Private secure radios are the lowest cost way to connect millions of things to your network, a private network, or the Internet.  Our smart long-range radios can connect to things such as meters, sensors, thermometers, irrigation controllers, valves, lights, switches, machines, pumps, vehicles, or anything.

Raveons IoT Solutions


Tracking Solutions

Ravtrack by Raveon is a complete tracking system designed and implemented by Raveon Technologies.

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