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RV-M25  Waterproof Data Radio with Flexible IOs for Remote Areas.

Raveon has created many data radios for reliable wireless solution.  In 2022 this OGGI version was created and produced in Raveon’s production factory.

The RV-M25 does: Outside to Get General Info (OGGI). It is for long-time Battery life and can be used in wet areas because it has a IP67 waterproof enclosure.

The M25 OGGI has waterproof  IO interface connectors on the bottom of the enclosure shown here, to monitor sensors Outside.

There are many IO options for reading sensors and/or controlling external devices.
Read 4-20mA, voltage, or digital inputs.
Control relays, lights, pumps, valves, or whatever.

The OGGI device can autonomously transmit a message with all IO terminal data information to you or your system.
The message transmitted can be configured in many different ways. Text or MODBUS are the popular version and Raveon can add any other message format you need.

The rates of Message Transmit are configurable.  Once a day, twice a day, Once every Hour, or twice an hour are easy to setup. Commands are used to setup OGGI configurable features.

The OGGI has a USB interface connector on it. When you plug a USB into it, it turns on and then all commands can be executed to the OGGI from USB interface.
The data from the USB into the OGGI can also be transmitted out the data radio it you want it to do that.

These IOs can work for SCADA systems and the MODBUS protocol is utilized in this Remote Data Radio RV-M25.

This OGGI has a Real Time Clock to trigger it On and off, at any rate you want. This makes the battery last long, and when RTC triggers ON, the data radio sends you the status info many miles away. away.

The Flexible Dedicated Interfaces IOs are on the OGGI

The dedicated interfaces on the RV-M25 can be used as slaves.
Flexible Dedicated Interfaces(FDI) are available on input pings. Raveon sets up the FDI the way you want it to work

  • Analog Inputs to measure voltage.  (configurable gain for measuring very small voltage). .
  • 4-20mA current sensor monitoring. 120 ohm resistor, and it can be changed if you want 250 ohm or other resistor.
  • Open Drain Switched output driver.  Can switch Relays, LEDs, sirens,….

Other IO options are already configured in the main OGGI product, that can be connected to waterproof IO terminals if you want any of these:

  • DC Voltage switched output (Battery voltage or DC input) switched out.
  • 3 pin Digital flexible IOs FIO configurable as digital Input or Output pins.

The general purpose IO feature plans are incorporate into original versions.  It is easy to make many other versions with more IO options.

  1. Let Raveon know what IO features you need, and we can add them to this OGGI.
  2. Let Raveon know what resistors, transmission rates, frequency, RF power.
  3. Or let Raveon know any other changes you need for your system with this OGGI. It is a new modern design.

The connector to the IOs is on the bottom of the OGGI. It can be setup on the side if that is better for your systems. The connector is a plugin version.

If the customer would like a PCB Terminal Block on the enclosure to screw in wire connectors, this can be put onto the enclosure design.

The IO is a Flexible Dedicated Interfaces (FDI) of the RV-M25 is configurable. A USB interface connector is also on the enclosure.
IO terminal version are dedicated on different Versions:

This top SCADA system leverages universal connectivity allowing you to connect to any data in your system from anywhere.
The dedicated IO pins are committed to analog or digital. Different versions have different dedicated interfaces.

The RV-M25-X part number specifies the version in X. X shown here in this list [_] right here:

  • [A] 2 FDI IOs can be E or F: (F): 4-20mA sensor monitor, (E) Analog voltage input,
  • [B] 1 FDI IO can be E or F: (F): 4-20mA sensor monitor, (E) Analog voltage input,
  • [C] 3 FIO can be A or B:  (A):Digital Input,  (B): Digital Output.
  • [D] 1 IO pins D, (D): DC Switched Voltage Output from DC in.
  • [E] 1 IO Analog voltage input E. (E): Voltage input is measured and monitored.
  • [F] 7 IO pins (3 FIO), (3 FDI), (1 SV).  12 pin IO connector.

The Flexible IO (FIO) pins can be digital inputs or outputs.  The analog inputs can monitor voltage (E) or monitor current draw (F).
The Switched Voltage (SV) can take voltage input on a pin and switch the output pin on or off based on your commands or settings.
The flexible dedicated interfaces FDI can do analog E,F modes. Specify the IO node your system wants. The device is setup in your desired mode and the OGGI User Manual explains how mechanically the mode can easily be changed.

Raveon’s Data Radio in this OGGI can also enable AES Encryption so data is very secure.  You private wireless channels with data radios will be more secure than: Cellular or Wi-Fi.

In the product par number, order the IO interface number (A,B,C, D, E, F,…).
If you ever need a new custom IO terminal feature, contact Raveon for their Engineering team to create a perfect IO for your system.

On analog inputs, you can also add resistors and re-calibrate the inputs the way you want to monitor Large signals or small signals.

OGGI Message Features:

The RV-M25 OGGI can automatically turn on at the rate you want, and RF transmit IO status messages. You can configure the OGGI how many times a Day it should power on and send a message.
There are commands to configure time to send, number of messages per day, time between messages, and the message format to send. There are many message formats:

  • OGGI can send TEXT messages to clearly get the info to anyone to see. All IO status messages are clear for people to see IO status.
  • OGGI can send MODBUS messages to have SCADA Modbus devices monitor the IO terminals.
  • OGGI can also turn on Lights or Alarms or other Relays with a MOSFET output if you need to do that.
  • Any message format your system needs, Raveon can add that format to this OGGI product.

The RV-M25 can work:  Outside to Get General Information (OGGI)

Raveon’s waterproof data radio modem has many Flexible Dedicated Interfaces(FDI). They are well-suited for monitoring remote sensor information.

It has an embedded wireless modem, VHF and UHF radios are long-range (5-20 miles) and very rugged.
Long range data, and locally connect to the M25 or use Bluetooth to talk to it monitor General Information.

I has a Battery Inside to run everything.  It can last many days (4-5 days) when charged.
Charge Battery with DC or Solar. If solar charge cannot on 1 or 2 days, the battery will still work for up to 4-5 days.

Any kind of Solar Power can connect to OGGI and it charges the battery. Internally the OGGI has safety charging electronic circuits.
The OGGI is lower-power device, and runs off the battery for 4-5 days.  So a small low-power Solar Panel can easily keep this Run Forever.

The RV-M25 can operates in license free bands with selectable over-the air data rates. The 915MHz ISM version is a LoRa technology long-range “License Free” radio.
Our Smart Radio Modems can communicate with weather sensors without having to add interfaces and signal conditioning.

Use Raveon modems for long-range wireless data communications in your systems. Or you can use our SCADA and Telemetry products for wireless slaves.

The RV-M25  OGGI  is IP67 Waterproof Enclosure.

This OGGI IP67 enclosure is a great Enclosure for:

  • Outside utility devices in areas with high precipitation.
  • Scientific instruments to survive harsh weather conditions.
  • Industrial control machines that are frequently exposed to high pressure wash-downs.
  • Outdoor security system components often need quick accessibility in a variety of conditions.

A myriad of IO panel options are in this RV-M25 OGGI.

Use Raveon’s OEM radio modem modules inside your products for private long-range wireless communications with no month fees.

Raveon’s RV-M25 OGGI Product Features

  • A myriad if Flexible Dedicated Interfaces(FDI) IO interfaces:
    • A version  4 pin FDI interface analog voltage or 4-20mA current sensor input.  (Monitor 1-2 sensor)
    • B version  2 pin  FDI interface, configurable  IOs. a 3 digital IOs. (Monitor 1 sensors)
    • C version  3 pins  FIO Flexible digital IOs.  3 digital IOs. (Monitor or control digital IOs)
    • D version.  1 output pin for Switched Voltage Output. Put Voltage in or use the Battery and it will pulse it out.
    • E version.  1 analog input to monitor voltage input. 0-5.0 V normal,  Configurable up to 50 volts.
    • F version: 7 pin  3 FDI interface, dedicated IOs can be: a 3 digital IOs,  monitor 1-3 sensors(volts or 4-20mA), 3 mosfet drivers, 1 SW switched voltage driver.
  • Version waterproof connectors.  When the 2-pin connector is setup, many different industry standard connectors are available for use on this OGGI.
  • Works with MODBUS protocols.
  • Locally you can connect to it with a USB interface (Waterproof connection)  or use Bluetooth to talk to it a PC, Laptop or Cellphone.
  • 1/5-2 watts of RF output in the 450-480MHz (other bands available)
  • Range of 5-20 miles. Open areas with goo antennas can go up to 50-100 miles.
  • Waterproof Enclosure and waterproof connectors.
  • RV-M25 as telemetry and MODBUS command processing to use the radio modem as a complete RTU.
  • Internal battery option to run this OGGI remotely.
  • The battery can be easily charged via a solar Panel.  Internally the OGGI has a charger circuit and safety chip.
  • If you want to power this with your power, the OGGI will even run reliably if your power disappears.
  • Internal Real Time Clock (RTC) that you can setup to time as you want to: (Read, transmit, receive, or operates).
  • An additional interface for RS-232 and DC input to configure, program, and manage this product.
  • Other modems can do store-and-forward repeater capability to easily cover hundreds of square miles.
  • Exceeding all FCC part 15, 22 and 90 requirements

What is the OGGI used For:

  • The OGGI will monitor sensors and internal features in very remote areas. It can monitor and the send messages over the air many miles away.
  • Monitor homes or Woods for fires, and automatically  trigger protection and wirelessly send alert information.
  • OGGI has batteries inside it that will last a long time so it can be attached to a tree, or remote device to be monitored.
  • It will periodically report at the rate you want, and can also report when emergency alerts happen.
  • Your system can send a message to the OGGI data radio to turn on a Honda Generator.
  • The emergency thresholds can be configured in the OGGI the way your system needs to monitor sensors.

Long Battery Life in the OGGI:

  • Internal Real Time Clock (RTC) that you can setup to time as you want to: (Read, transmit, receive, or operates).
  • Battery can last 5-10 years with solar power charging the Battery.
    If solar stops charging, the battery works for up to 4-5 days, and it will specify battery failing.
  • Alerts can be setup to send fast if there is a situation.
  • The battery Life is based on the On-Time for monitoring, receiving, transmitting rates.  RTC manages that. Application note AN260 explains battery life.
  • If you want a version with no Solar Charter, a new design with the RTC triggering the radio off, can last for many years.
    Battery could last 2-3 years if you transmit General Information 1-5 miles with Raveon’s M6 VHF / UHF radio
    Battery could last 3-5 years if you transmit General Information 1-5 miles with Raveon’s M50 License-Free 915MHz radio

The OGGI Product Part Number with Many Different Features:

Model Number:  RV-M25-X-MBB is the part number to order from Raveon. 

  • X is the version with Myriad of IO options.  A, B, C, D, E, F   These are described above on this page.
  • MBB is related to the data radio version. Many Data Radios and Bands are available.
    M is the data radio Modem model version. There are 3 radio versions available  6:RV-M6  8:RV-M8 5:RV-M50.
    BB is the band for the radio. VM:(Murs Band)  VB:(150-174MHz)  UC:(450-470MHz)  EC:(902-928 MHz)  ED:(863–870 MHz)
    Any other band is also available. Raveon creates many bands for these radios versions.

Raveon Engineering also likes to make any other version you need. These versions and data radios are already in production.

Other Tech Series radios are for communications, reception, repeating, IoT, and connect to your network.

RV-M21 Tech Series

Raveon’s RV-M21 Tech Series data radio modems are a reliable and secure data radios designed for telemetry, wireless data, GPS, and remote control applications. They operate in the UHF and VHF frequency bands, with 100mW to 5 watts of RF output. The M21 Tech Series radio modems can connect directly to sensors, measure them, and send their status. They have many telemetry and SCADA features.

The RV-M22 Tech Series are miniature RF modems, with the same myriad of IO options as the RV-M21 radios. 100mW to 2 watts RF output. Low Cost.

For Ethernet connection, the RV-M55-E Data Radio has TCP/IP Ethernet interface. Perfect radio to connect to your network and receive the OGGI data.

RV-M25 OGGI can Drive a Relay to Turn on a Device

A FIO digital output can drive an external digital relay.  A relay can even drive a Massive Sprinkler to fix a Fire.

Digital Relays are easily available in many different power capability.  Here is an example showing a popular Relay many people use.

This Relay can run up to 4 AC devices.

The Digital input on the side can be controlled by the OGGI data radio.

RV-M25 OGGI can Run off a Solar Panel.

Inside the OGGI is a battery that can last long-term. Typically the OGGI power consumption is 10mA all day.

And if you want to add a Solar Panel to the OGGI, it can charge the battery and run forever!

There are many small solar power panels to output voltage.

A panel will charge the battery. Typically the battery last many months,
so  small low-power panel will charge it over a few days.

The battery will last forever when it is charged via Solar.

Raveon has created a charger circuit inside OGGI to safely charge and protect the battery.

You can use your Solar Panel, and Raveon can sell you a small miniature waterproof Solar Panel.
And you can input 12-28 volts DC in to the OGGI to charge the battery if you have DC power available.

Other SCADA Data Radio:   Remote Autonomous Zone Nodes (RAZN)

RAZN efficiently monitors and can Autonomously help be safe

Read or control up to 18 things with this large variety of terminal ports.

Long-range wireless links, Ethernet interfaces, and serial port options for great communications.

The internal smart CPU makes your systems very safe, efficient, and reliable in all ways you want.

Raveon’s RAZN is one of the most efficient, reliable, and safe to use long-range nodes with terminals to read and control anything in the planet.

Miniature Low-Cost long-range Wireless Links

Within the M25, OGGI these modules are available. It makes the RV-M25 OGGI low cost and long range.

Raveon provides many miniature OEM data radio modems. Embed them within your products for long-range wireless data.
All of these can communicate over many miles, even up to 10 miles.

ISM band LoRa Radio

The RV-M50 is a LoRa ISM band data radio module.
Reliable and secure data communications, very easy to implement into your system.
Low power consumption, fast data rates, and ultra long-range communications.

VHF/UHF Narrow-band Data Radio

The RV-M6 is a 100mW- 2W data radio modem.

A license-free MURs band version is available.

All of these miniature OEM modules have common Raveon features

  • Digital UART serial data input and output.
  • Available in many different frequency bands.
  • Unique Radio ID code.
  • Simple data serial input/output. Simply works.
  • SCADA, Telemetry and MODBUS with Flexible Dedicated Interfaces(FDI)  and General Purpose IOs (GPIO)
  • UWORC interface connector. Using this you can plug in any Raveon radio module.
  • AES128 data encryption.
  • GPS tracking option with TDMA timing for fast reliable reporting.
  • Low-power modes for long-term battery use.
  • WMX messaging protocol compliant.
  • Rugged water proof power connectors.
  • Waterproof enclosure. White enclosure.
  • Two holes on enclosure bottom to screw onto anything.
  • Adjustable RF power output
  • Over-the air inquiry messages to read status
  • Internal voltage regulators for wide DC inputs
  • TNC RF Interface antenna connector on top of the enclosure. Internal antenna is an option to order.
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