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Rent a Quality Assurance and Environmental Reliability Lab

Raveon’s Quality Assurance and Environmental Reliability Lab is equipped with environmental test equipment. Raveon uses this for our quality assurance testing. Raveon can perform tests such as (A)High Temperature and (B)Low Temperature Tests, (C)Electrostatic Discharge, (D)Thermal shock Test, and (E)Physical Vibration. (F)AC Voltage variation.

All of these tests can be done independently, and many can be done together simultaneously. We also provide the services of consulting and developing experiments for electronic products.

Renting a Quality Assurance lab: If you want to rent a reliability lab facility, we have one available. At Raveon’s Facility (2320 Cousteau Court, Vista, CA) our Reliability Lab has lots of reliability test equipment in it, available to you for testing your or any products.

If you want to find any problems that your product may have in an effort to perfect it, our QA Lab and Reliability Experts are available for you to use.

Lab Equipment For your Use:

  • Enviromental test chamber
  • ESD test instrument
  • Vibration table
  • DC power supply
  • Windows PC
  • AC, DC, and RF cables
  • 3 work benches

To rent this lab or hire our services, please contact Raveon at: 1-760-444-5885

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