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Custom Wireless Data Solutions

Custom Wireless SolutionsRaveon Technologies excels at designing and manufacturing communication products that solve unique communication needs. From semi-custom products based upon our existing technology, to fully custom designs, Raveon can deliver a wireless solution at a favorable price. If you need an embedded wireless modem, or a complete custom wireless data product, talk to Raveon about designing and manufacturing your wireless solution.To help us better understand your needs, include information about the size, power requirements, frequency band, and desired data rate of the product you need. REQUEST A FREE QUOTE

Below are some of the custom wireless products we have designed for OEMs around the world. Specialized I/O and network interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, RS-485, GPS, IRDA may be added to our standard products. Other non-standard frequency bands are available. Contact us with your requirements, and we will give you a detailed proposal describing just what we can do for you, how much it will cost, and when the project can be delivered. We offer many Off the Shelf OEM radio modem modules.

Wireless Remote Controls

oem_so5Raveon has designed and produced a number of wireless remote control systems that enable hand-held devices to control other devices from miles away. Battery life in months and ranges measured in miles are all possible when combining advanced Radio and Digital techniques. Raveon’s wireless technologies span DSP, Radio Frequency (RF), antennas, and software – making quality radios that simply communicate farther. Our unique combinations of hardware and software allow us to produce wireless remote controls, that operate in unlicensed frequency bands, which will work over many miles using simple omni-directional antennas.

Raveon can turn-key develop your wireless device; designing, tooling, and producing a complete solution that meets your specifications.

When you need long-distance wireless remote control, think Raveon.

OEM Radio And Radio GPS Boards

Raveon offers Miniature smart OEM radio boards that include GPS and title-sensor options for your custom product design (see datasheet).

For years, Raveon has also designed and manufactured numerous smart data radio products. Narrow band data radios are in VHF, UHF, and MURS bands.  MURS is a license free radio service unique to the USA, that allows 2-watt voice or data communications on unlicensed VHF radio channels. The RV-M6 is a 2 watts MURS radio.  The RV-M35 is a 100mW ultra low cost OEM module. They are available in all other bands.

Our radio module (Pictured below), is an OEM-only transceiver for embedded wireless data. It has exceptional communication range, lower power, and low cost. It is ideal for embedded remote control applications where the communication range is measured in miles instead of feet. We also offer a MURS version of our standard M7 data radio modem, called the RV-M7-VM.  Use the OEM radios for long-range connectivity of your products to other products, networks, or the IoT.

POCSAG Paging Products

pocsagtxRaveon Technologies has a variety of POCSAG transmitting and receiving technologies. We have developed many OEM and custom products that utilize POCSAG.

Custom Product Design

VHF amplifierWhen nothing standard will work, or the cost of your current solution is to high, let Raveon design and produce a custom wireless product for you. You will get a product that does exactly what you want it to do, looking like you want it to, and in the perfect size and shape. And our custom products are often lower-cost than other company’s off-the-shelf products! Raveon manufactures lower-volume products in the USA and higher-volume in Asia, giving enormous flexibility on scheduling and pricing. We develop custom solutions with many of our partners. Learn more about our Customers.

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