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Wireless communications is excellent for the Internet of Things (IoT). Communicating with things using your network, via the Internet, can be done is many different ways.

Sort Range, private, no service fees:

WiFi modems to wireless network connect a thing to a network.

Bluetooth modem to send data to/from something that is close to another device that is connected to a network.

Nation wide, public, with service fees:

Cellular modem to connect a device to a public cellular network, and then route the data to a network or the Internet.

Long Range, private, Free:

Narrow Band Data Radios connect to something, and communicate to a private network or Internet using terminal servers or gateways.

Private Radio Networks can be connected to the Cloud, as long as the system is designed to be secure and reliable. Raveon can work with you to utilize long range Narrow Band private radio modems onto your system, and work with your IT personnel to connect the wireless data to your network, or to Cloud servers. Raveon’s CIGORN gateway is a wireless router designed to deliver secure wired and wireless connectivity for virtually any device.

IoT Gateway

Raveon’s CIGORN Gateway was invented for the IoT, and is used for both private radio networks and connecting wireless systems to public networks.

It is a very flexible router/gateway to make sure your devices can communicate with all other devices on the system. It is open source, and has a protocol translator module in it, it you need to translate IoT data to from other devices.


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