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wireless utilities management
Raveon’s data radio products are well-suited for wireless meter reading, wireless SCADA and power grid management. VHF and UHF radio frequencies over very long range communication ability, and with the fastest transmit / receive turn around time in its class, hundreds of thousands of meters may be polled or report-in every day on a single radio channel. Wireless Telemetry systems use smart data radio modems and Commercial Gateways to manage Smart Grids in Smart Cities.
Raveon’s RV-M50 Miniature low-cost License Free radios are also great for Daisy Chaining your Smart Grid to your sensors or power meters.

Features of Raveon’s Wireless Data Modems for the Smart Grid

  • Very long-rang wireless, 2-20 miles. No monthly fees with radios connected to your system.
  • Daisy Chain your sensors/meters with low-cost long-range radios to monitor your system.
  • Use your private network yourself. The Skyline Wireless Hub can connect thousands of nodes to your network.
  • RS232, RS422, digital, USB, and RS485 serial interface options.
  • Very economical solutions. Raveon has narrow-band radio modems for under $190.
  • Licence-free ISM band modems for under $50.
  • Easy to use with built-in smart radio modem. Data In = Data Out.
  • Works with MODBUS, DNP, and most serial SCADA protocols.
  • Internal ARM processor with spare resources to run custom applications and protocols.
  • 1/2-5 watts of RF output in the VHF(136-174MHz) and UHF(402-512MHz) bands. Other bands available.
  • Range of 1-10 miles urban, 5-50 miles rural, 10-120miles line-of-site.
  • Ultra-fast T-R switching time of 3mS
  • Store-and-forward repeater capability
  • Exceeding all FCC part 22 and 90 requirements.
  • Remote “Ping” capability
  • Low Latency Streaming.
  • If you want IoT connectivity or connections to your private network, we have a myriad of IoT features and options.

Raveon Wireless Modems are Reliable and Secure.

Features and functions are embedded in the modem’s CPU. It is an efficient ARM SMT processor with Raveon’s efficient OS.  Software is completely protected. No remote access to software, and no traditional operating.
Raveon created hardware and software in these radios, and no common Operating system is used, so no common software can be put in the radio. Hackers cannot load their software!
The over-air wireless communication protocol is unique and reliable. Bad data does not ever come out of the radio. AES encryption over-air can be turned on so other Raveon modems cannot talk to your Raveon modems.

Raveon’s Engineering team is always happing and willing to make custom radio modems for your system the way you want it to work in a custom way.
Please contact Raveon’s sales team to connect with Engineering and get a perfect radio designed and built here in America for you. Custom radios can save costs and labor in your system.

Products for the Wireless Smart Grid

M50 Daisy Wireless Modem

Raveon’s Daisy radios are our smallest solution yet, for all your large scale operations. This Daisy Radio is perfect for tracking any number of items over as many locations as you can imagine, making it perfect for you to connect to the internet of things.
The Daisy radio is our smallest model yet, making it perfect for daisy chaining your system together across any and all locations. The Daisy radio will also integrate flawlessly with your current Raveon M7, or M8 systems, so using it to improve your current solutions or expand operations is quick and easy.  The M50 is a Spread Spectrum License Free Data Radio.

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M7 Series UHF/VHF Wireless Modems

Long-range narrow-band UHF data radio modems. Exceeding all FCC part 22 and 90 requirements, it features: 1/2-5 watts of RF output in the 450-480MHz (other bands available), range of 5-50 miles, ultra-fast T-R switching time of 3mS, store-and-forward repeater capability, remote “Ping” capability, voltage, temperature, and current monitoring, and RS232/422/485 interfaces available. Perfect for SCADA, remote control, telemetry, mobile-data, and AVL applications. Also available is the M7 VHF wireless data modems, covering 136-155 and 150-174 MHz with range of 5-50 miles.

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Low-cost Embedded Wireless modems

rv-m3 model

Raveon has a number of VHF and UHF radio modules that are well suited for monitoring and controlling the smart grid.

Let us customize one of our designs to meet your system and cost goals.

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Tech Series Smart Radios

Raveon’s Tech Series radio modems have powerful protocols with many communication features and a myriad of Input and Output options.

A Myriad of IO front panel options in this Tech Series Data Radio.

  • USB  Serial Por
  • RS-422  Serial Port,    RS-485  Serial Port
  • GPIO  General Purpose IO and UART Serial
  • Analog Radio inputs and outputs.  DB15
  • FIO  Flexible digital IO pins and digital UART, DB15.  To learn more about FIO, click here. 
  • CLO Current Loop Output CLO that outputs 4-20mA current received OTA from remote sensors.
  • RS-232  Serial Port DB9

Cigorn Wireless Gateway

radio to IP gatewayRaveon’s Cigorn Gateway is an easy to manage gateway/router. It is simple to deploy, data centric, and very bandwidth efficient. It dynamically assigns wireless bandwidth to operate even when 100% of the subscriber devices need to communicate. It provides a single interface to a wide-area network of radio modems.

Cigorn is optimized for applications such as meter-reading, utility-monitoring, and GPS tracking. The Cigorn Gateway is built using powerful computing hardware, feature-rich software, and sophisticated communication protocols. But because Giga-bytes of RAM are cheap, GHz processors are cheap, and Open Source Linux software is free and reliable, the Cigorn Gatway is more sophisticated than comparable systems, and yet costs very little to deploy.

Use Cigorn Gateways to consolidate all your wireless interfaces, modems, protocols, and links into one manageable device.

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RV-M6 Miniature VHF or UHF modem

The ultra-miniature M6 radio modem can communicate over 3-10 miles.

Very small and very low-cost OEM modem. Put inside your meters or sensors to monitor them from miles away.

Embed this low-cost miniature radio into your product to Daisy Chain your product to you network or Cellular links.

General Purpose Interfaces with SCADA and MODBUS protocol support.

Smart Radios with General Purpose Inputs and Outputs (GPIOs) can do complete solutions in remote areas.  These long-range Wireless SCADA devices have many RF options, and many IO options, and many features built in. They are reliable and secure.
Wireless smart modems can do many remote terminal functions without having to buy a remote terminal unit:

Read digital inputs (Switches, sensors, …)
Read analog signals ( Voltage, temperature, current, …)
Read pulsation (Count pulses, and report vibration rates, pulse rate, pulse counts)
Output Voltage (Turn a light, pump, valve, device,.. on or off).
Switch a Relay (Switch the relay to turn AC on/off or any other electrical device).

These products have a myriad of SCADA and Telemetry features.

Remote Autonomous Zone Nodes for Complete Wireless Smart Systems

Raveon’s Remote Autonomous Zone Node (RZN) is a SCADA and Telemetry node with general purpose control capability in a compact, cost-effective package.

RAZN can switch on/off 8 AC and DC power outputs, and monitor up to four analog devices, 8 digital inputs, and 8 switch inputs.
RAZN’s Autonomous features will help save the system if a network, PLC, PC, or communications fails.  Runs autonomously as you want to save your system.

Interfaces to it: Ethernet/IP using MODBUS-TCP, RS485 using MODBUS-RTU, and Narrow Band Wireless Modems using MODBUS.

This is a RTU and has many more IIoT and wireless features and autonomous features than most traditional RTUs.

RAZN devices can mesh hundreds together to create complete Remote Networks to control thousands of things.

Meshing RAZN to create your Smart Remote Network

The RAZNs can Mesh Together. Control thousands of millions of things.

Your Master talks to one, and the RAZN then meshes to as many as you would like.

Using narrow band Wireless Data Modems to mesh the network saves cost and covers 100+ square miles.

The Wireless Data Modems are an internal option to the Remote Autonomous Zone Node (RAZN)  SCADA RTU

The internal Real Time Clock timer is accurate and hand specify as precisely at a day, hour, minute, and second to activate. To create a New Network Event with TOAA technology using MODBUS commands see Creating Modbus Master Events.

The RAZN communicates via Ethernet, RS-485, or Wireless data radios.

There are many different versions available with many different IO interfaces for a myriad of IO features.

The RAZN Web Page shows all the versions available for your system.  There are many versions available now.

Raveon also likes to create custom versions for industries the way you would like a custom version designed.

The MODBUS communication protocol can be sued to communicate with the RAZNs.
And they can also mesh together with RS-485 wires or wireless data modems.

Data radio modems in VHF and UHF bands are available, and a license free ISM band modem can be used in the RAZN also.

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