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RAVEON Makes Waterproof Data Radio in America.

These Waterproof radios have been manufactured, tested, and setup for customers.
All of our radios can be UHF, VHF, 220MHz, or 900MHz License-Free.
Here is the list of our popular Waterproof Data Radios:

RV-M24  Waterproof Data Radio with Flexible IOs.

Raveon has created Tech Series Data Radios for reliable wireless solution.  In 2023 this water-proof Tech Series was created.

The RV-M24 used in wet areas because it has a IP67 waterproof enclosure and Myriad of IO features.

The M24 has water-proof  IO interface connectors on the water-proof enclosure shown here.

There are many IO options for Data Radio Communications.
RS-232, USB, RS485, RS422, GPIO, FIO.
(General Purpose IO) GPIO terminal can Control relays, lights, pumps, valves, or whatever.
GPIO can also monitor sensors with voltage or 4-20mA.

The rates of Message Transmit are configurable.

These GPIO and Flexable IOs (FIO) can work for SCADA systems and the MODBUS protocol is utilized in the Tech Series Data Radios.

Outside to Get General Information  (OGGI)

Raveon has created many data radios for reliable wireless solution.

The RV-M25 does: Outside to Get General Info (OGGI).

It is for long-time Battery life and can be used in wet areas because it has a IP67 waterproof enclosure.

The M25 OGGI has waterproof  IO interface connectors on the bottom of the enclosure, to monitor sensors Outside.

The OGGI device can autonomously transmit a message with all IO terminal data information to you or your system.

The RV-M25   Can send Modbus messages and work with SCADA systems.

Atlas Personal GPS Tracker  (ATLAS)

The Atlas PL is a valuable component of an emergency response, search and rescue, wildfire fighting, or security team.

The Atlas PL has multiple applications in military training, and is already being used in bases around America.

The  Atlas is rugged and waterproof.  It has been used in many Military training areas.

It is a Long Range radio, 5-10 miles through a forest. 10-50 miles in open areas.

It has an emergency button a person can use.

And it also can monitor a person falling ,or not walking, and sends alert messages.

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