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All of our Radios have Great Features

Here is a list of the Features we have added to Every Radio.  We make Reliable Radios for businesses to use our Radios.

There are many technologies that need to be incorporated together to make a complete end-to-end IoT solution.  Raveon utilizes all of these technologies.

GPS Tracking and GNSS

All radios have a GPS option with many great GPS features.
Tracks GPS location and sends the location over-the-air.
Also tracks and sends this information:
Location, Time, Voltage, IO pins, Speed. NMEA messages.

GNSS is Global Navigation Satellite System.  GRS, GSA, GST, GSV.

GPS Website Info:  GPS Tracking in Radios.  

Water-Proof Data Radios.

Many radios can be used in a Water-Proof enclosure we have.
The RV-M24 Waterproof is similar to Tech Series with many IO features.
This enclosure is very reliable. We can set-up any IO interface you need.

For Outside to Get Great Information is the RV-M25 OGGI Version.
And  OGGI can monitor DC power and 4-20mA sensors.
OGGI is DC powered so if outside you cannot power this, it does work long-range.

Myriad of IO Options

Our Tech Series Radios have many IO Options.

RS232,  RS485,  RS422,  USB,  Ethernet,
Ethernet is great to connect our radios to your PC or IOT.
GPIO,  IO pins.    IO pins also can read or output:
Digital pins,  3V or 5V
DC voltage,  0-20V
AC voltage,   for irrigation
4-20mA   monitoring sensors or outputting current.

COMMANDs for Radios.

Radios have MANY Great Commands you can enter.
Commands set man product changes:
Frequency, RF Power, Features, Time Speed, Settings.

To get into the Command mode,
enter  +++ 

And the WMX protocol can run Commands also.
Read product User Manual that show all Commands.

General Features in Radios

Serial input and output.
Very efficient circuitry.
Extensive diagnostic capabilities.
Serial communication may be 7 or 8 bit ASCII, or WMX


Paging Receiver Features.

POCSAG decoder mode operates at 512, 1200, and 2400 baud.
Promiscuous mode to receive all pages on the air.
1-3 programmable  cap codes.


There are 2 LEDs in front of Radios.
Bothe LEDs show different features. Status and Power.
STATUS LED: Blinks RED when transmitting.  GREEN in Receive mode.
POWER LED:  Short blink, once every two seconds. Indicates DC is ON.

Radio ID Codes.

Cap Codes are the “ID” of the paging receiver.
Every Radio has an ID code. They transmit data and their ID.
Receivers can see the ID of Who Transmitted.
You can also choose a List or Range of CODEs to Receive. 

MODBUS Communication

Our radios are great to communicate with MODBUS. Many Companies use radios for MODBUS.
Radios Send and Receive MODBUS data in serial ports with Data Radios.
In many of our Radios we have added ability to actually manage MODBUS for IO pins.


Our Mimic mode can send and read man IO Pins.
Many customers like Mimic, it works so they can easily Monitor and Control IO pins.

Users used: Mimic Mode on Roads to turn items ON/OFF and Monitor the status.

WMX  for OEM Communication

You can talk to our Radios very reliable with WMX.
Raven uses WMX in many custom versions and SCADA.

Many customers used OEM communication to put our Radios into their products.
Many Data Radio customers enjoy this OEM protocol. It is reliable.

If you ever need extra new OEM commands, we can update OEM.

UWORC  20 Pin connector for OEMs.

Raveon has made UWORC interface in ALL radios that we have made.  Many OEM companies use our radios.

UWORC info is here:  UWORC Information.

Many customers that need to connect to a Data Radio, this UWORC is easy and reliable to link it.


Raveon Engineers always Research Technology for Communication.
When we learned Tecnology, we Wrote up Applicatoin Notes to show us and Customer.

Many AN.pdf documents explain Radio technology similar to our technology.

And in SCADA and other industries, we also created many  ANxxx.pdf App Notes to see clear Technology.
We did add many great Application Notes. AN are shows here in our Website:   Application Notes From Raveon.

Many are AN notes.  We have created 96 different AN versions.  And we updated these when new technology changes or adds.


Raveon has Created a lot of Radio, GPS, Military, and SCADA products.

We put up Many Technical Manuals with all notes about our products.

Any user must Read the Technical Manual and see our Notes.

In our Product info in this Website, the __.PDF versions for the Technical Notes are User Manuals.

And all products have Datasheet’s  that notify the specifications and limits to the product.


Our radios have many different Frequency Bands that they work reliably in.
In the Data Radio “DATA SHEET” it shows the optional band versions. You can choose the Band.
Here is a list of the normal RF Frequency Bands that Raveon supports.  UHF and VHF

UA: 400-435 MHz /35 MHz
UB: 419-450 MHz / 31 MHz
UC: 450-470 MHz / 20 MHz
UD: 480-512 MHz / 20 MHz
UJ: 370-400 MHz  / 30 MHz
UF: 410-470 MHz  / 60 MHz

VA: 132-155 MHz / 23 MHz
VB: 150-174 MHz / 24 MHz
VC: 216-222 MHz / 6 MHz
VF: 138-178 MHz / 40MHz
VM: 150-174 MHz (MURS Channels)

POWER Features in Radios.

DC Power Input is reliable for most Radios.

M21, m22, M50 can have DC Power in over many voltages.   10-30V DC
Customers often used 12V, so we designed these Radios to use 12V or 25V which are popular.

DC Power Output from Radios helps users getting extra DC power.

Our Radios can shoot-out some DC power then you can use it easily.

Lower Power Consumption

Radios can reduce power consumption if you turn RF power down,
of use our SLEEP Mode to reduce current power input in Receive Mode.

GPS Communication and Monitoring.

The GPS Data Radios can be used for:

  • Personal Tracking
  • Tracking Vehicles and Aircrafts.
  • Tracking Boats and Cars.
  • GPS Monitors and Reports:
    Location, Speed, Temperature, Voltage, Time, IO Pin Status, Angle and Vibration.
  • Get Real-Time Visibility in GPS software.
  • See your location, time, and speed.
  • Our Data Radios can also Transmit this info, to other Computers.
  • Raveon’s GPS tracking technology is rugged, reliable, long-range, secure, and helps save lives.
  • Communications on Narrow-Band channels (UFH or VHF). or Wide-Band channels.
  • Raveon’s GPS trackers can track Soldiers, Vessels, aircraft, and equipment.
  • The M50 version is ISM Band license-free frequencies with GPS.

The US Army has been using our GPS (Atlas Radio) to save soldiers.
It saved a lot of soldiers than might have died, and they were able to save them.    GPS Website Info:  GPS Tracking in Radios.  

OEM modems for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

OEM modems can be used in your IoT devices to wirelessly connect them many miles away.

All Raveon OEM radio modem modules have all the same features as our Radio Modems.

Miniature OEM modules are design with a AN224(UWORC)so you can connect any model into your device.

Build these into your sensor/meter/valve/controller/ or whatever, and you can easily communicate over many miles.

Use our data radio modems as your base station, and connect the base to your network our connect it to an IoT Gateway to route the data to and from the remote device.

Industrial IoT Wireless RS232 Modem

The RV-M22 has a myriad of IO options to wirelessly connect to your Network, or Cloud.

RS-232 serial port is the popular interface.  USB, RS-485, RS-232, GPIO, and FIO are available also.

Secure Connections.  AES Encryption, built-in option, can be used to block others from accessing it.

The RV-M55-E Radio is Logn-Range Wireless with TCP Ethernet interface.  IoT works Great in M55.
TCP/IP Protocol is used with multiple ports to link to the data radio inside the RV-M55-E.

Ethernet Interface for Wireless Data Radios

The RV-M55-E Data Radio Modem has a TCP/IP Ethernet interface as a Terminal Server.

Terminal Server.  This wireless modem is a Terminal server and Web server. 2 terminal server ports enable multiple simultaneous connections.

Reliability and Compatibility.  Other-the-air compatible with all Raveon data radio modems and OEM modules.

SCADA Connections.  The Ethernet interface can communicate over the air, and it can also communicate with the RS-485 interface.

Use as a Remote Device with Ethernet TCP/IP connection. Use as your IoT Base Station to connect your network to a private wireless radio network.

Within this RV-M55-E product, the M8, M6, or M50 data radio modems can be incorporated into them.   This is a great data modem link for the RAZN and RTU systems.

IoT Wireless SCADA Technology

The Remote Autonomous Zone Node (RAZN)  is ultra-reliable:

Extended Range Options.  Use Wires or RF data radio modems. It has a myriad of RF options.

Cost & Maintenance.  It is low cost, and can operate Autonomously with its own Real Time Clock. Rugged for low maintenance.

Reliability and Compatibility.  Highly integrated electronics with reliable modern technology. Compatible with SCADA systems and MODBUS communications.

Autonomous Operation.  Being able to autonomously operate, gives it unparalleled reliability. Most RTUs and IoT devices need connections or they fail. Not the RAZN.

Raveon’s RAZN Autonomous IoT device works reliably by it self and with your Master controller and IoT Cloud server if you want it to.

Also, our Tech Series Radio can also do GPIO features for SCADA.   Here are General Purpose IO in Tech Series are GPIO Features.

The ATLAS PL is GPS Tracking and Emergency Response,

The Atlas PL has multiple applications in military training.  And it was used in many Bases around America.

These trackers aid the in training operations by increasing the safety of the soldiers, and tracking their progress.

The man down sensor inside each radio alerts the base station any time someone has gone down for a prolonged period of time, set by the controller.
The PL’s incorporate a panic/emergency alert button, that immediately sends and alert back to the base station and controller

The ATLAS has been used by many military bases and ships.  It did help save Military Peoples life.

It can track People, or Cars, and it has an Emergency Button if they need to tell people to help them.
It also tracked:  Vibration, Temperature, and Angle of the device.
And sends that info over the air Radio with GPS info also.

SCADA Industry uses our Radios.

Our Data Radios are very reliable and Long-Range communication.  Many go along to 10, 20, or 50 miles.
Initially SCADA companies used our normal Data Radios.

In the last 5 years, we started creating extra SCADA feature inside our Radios.   Here is the list of SCADA features.

A. GPIO interface (General Purpose IO) in our Tech Series Radios with a Myriad of IO features.
The GPIO can do 4-20mA monitoring, and digital IO pins, Analog Input read voltage, DC Power switch output.

B.  MIMIC communications. Radios can be configured into the MIMIC mode. MIMIC mode lets two data radios mimic each other.
With inputs that are sent over the air to the Slave radio. The Radio outputs MIMIC data, and sends back to the SCADA Master.

C.   RAZN  Remote Autonomous Cone Node.    Wireless SCADA long-range RTU Remote Terminal Unit created by Raveon to make RTUs long-range,.
Low-cost RTU with this RAZN.  It has Many Autonomous IO featured.    RAZN is a compact, cost-effective package with many IO options and many different version.
Locally and remotely monitor sensors, buttons, switches, and locally link or remotely control what you want.  RAZN  Remote Autonomous Cone Node.

D.   Waterproof SCADA devise.  We created Water-Proof enclosures for SCADA devices.  For radios Outside to Get information and monitor Sensors.
The RV-M25 does: Outside to Get General Info (OGGI).

We Created Great Features


Raveon has great Engineers to update radios and make them Great with many Features.

Many customers asked Raveon to add a new feature that we did not have, and then Engineers quickly created Great Features.


Raveon’s Production team produces our great radios very reliable. Seal orders tell Production which Features to turn on.

Production then test and calibrates the Features that any customer wants.  And Production also tests and calibrates normal Data Radio features.

Custom Radios RAVEON Created.

Raveon Created Many New Radios for OEM Companies.

 Many Large Bit companies use RAVEON engineering, to get Radios created fast and low-cost. 

Raveon has worked with many Small Companies and also many Billion-Dollar companies.   We make perfect Radios for them.
Raveon creates new Radios reliably and very low-cost.  We cannot mention the company name.
Here are some Radio features we created that got many Companies profit in Millions of Dollars for their profit.

Army Soldier GPS Tracking Radio to “Save Soldiers“.
Long-Range base Stations and Miniature Radios to run Millions of Radios “Around the Country“.
GPS Tracking for monitoring the “School Busses” to make the Buss safe and reliable.
Irrigation control, so using Radios is “Lower Cost” than having to use long-range cables.
Fast Data Communication to monitor “Soldier Guns” that they are trained on how to shoot.
Monitor Racing.  Cars that were “Racing Fast” with our Radios the Monitored Cars and kept them safe.
Monitor HVAC, to put Radios on the Roof to monitor “Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning“.

Here is information about our Custom Radios we Created.

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