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Tech Series Radio Modems

Tech Series Modular Smart Radios Modems allow for more control over the system. RV-M21 are long-range narrow-band UHF or VHF data radio modems.
It has a rugged power connector and a Myriad of IO interface options: RS-232, RS485,  RS-422, USB, GPIO, FIO…
Long range data communication for Smart Lighting, Smart Cities, and SCADA networks.
Versions are available for narrow-band UHF and VHF and license free  915Mhz ISM bands. 220MHz band also.
Tech Series is a modular radio that allows you to change out the front I/O panel to the connections you want.

AES Encryption, GPS tracking, MODBUS control, and dozens of features and options are build in.

Raveon’s data modems have a Myriad of Data Radio Features.

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M7 UHF/VHF Wireless Modem

Long-range narrow-band UHF data radio modems. Exceeding all FCC part 22 and 90 requirements, it features: 1/2-5 watts of RF 30output in the 450-480MHz (other bands available), range of 5-50 miles, ultra-fast T-R switching time of 3mS, store-and-forward repeater capability, remote “Ping” capability, voltage, temperature, and current monitoring, and RS232/422/485 interfaces available. Perfect for SCADA, remote control, telemetry, mobile-data, and AVL applications. Also available is the M7 VHF wireless data modems, covering 136-155 and 150-174 MHz with range of 5-50 miles.

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M7 WX Weatherproof Data Radio Modem

Raveon’s M7 WX series of IP65-rated “weatherproof” data radio modems are a high-speed FCC refarming compliant data radio designed for telemetry, wireless data, GPS, and remote control applications. The M7 WX is a rugged and economical VHF / UHF radio modem.

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RV-M50  License Free Daisy Modem (900 Mhz)

D-50Raveon’s Daisy Radios are minature low-power ISM band radio modems for long range data communications. Daisy Chaining your network with wireless modems to save time and cost. The Daisy modem was designed with smaller scale operations in mind, giving i  t lower power consumption and cost. It is also compatible with Raveon’s Tech Series enclosure with flexible I/O options.
Daisy Radios can connect your system to the IoT (Internet of Things) fast and easy.
The Daisy modem can be used as a point connection to get you onto the IoT or onto your own private network. The M50 is for OEM’s and Raveon has many other OEM Radio Modem options. OTA baud rate can be set from 1kbps up to 21kbps.
The RF communication range is described here in application note AN205(LoRa).

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License Free ISM Band Data Radio

Raveon’s RV-M22S-EC LoRa data radio modem is a 1-watt FCC certified ISM band data radio designed for telemetry, SCADA, AVL, wireless data, mobile-data and remote control applications.The RV-M22S has a myriad of IO options: RS-232, RS-485, Rs422, USB, GPIO and FIO. Over-the-air data rates of 1kbps to 20kbps in the license free ISM band 902-928 MHz.

More information about License Free Radios is available in our application note AN203(FCC ISM)  For more information about LoRa radio modems.
An OEM module version of this LoRa radio is available as the RV-M50.

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Radio Board

Custom Wireless Design Solutions

Raveon has a variety of OEM solutions for wireless data. If we do not have what you need, we specialize in creating and producing custom wireless solutions using our expertise in making long-range wireless remote control transmitters and receivers, GPS AVL products, and VHF/UHF/ISM/LTE radios which can be used in systems where range, reliability, and performance are paramount.

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GPS Radio

M7 GX GPS Transponder for AVL and Asset Tracking

The RV-M7-GX transceiver’s internal GPS with TDMA protocol data make it ideal for AVL and asset tracking systems. It provides the fasted GPS position/status updates in the industry – as fast at 100 in 5 seconds! The M7 GX is also perfect for low-latency data transmissions with no interference. Track a thousand things in real-time with no interference. And many software apps are available that are compatible with the GPS tracking messages.

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GPS Radio

M8 OEM Data Radio Modem

If you need a VHF or UHF radio for your system, the M8 is it. The RV-M8 data radio modem is designed for OEM applications where an embedded long range data radio is required. It is available in VHF, UHF, and 220MHz bands. Its small size, lower power consumption, 1-5 watts of RF output, and versatile digital interface makes it easy to integrate into your product. It can communicate with Raveon’s M7, M6 and ATLAS series data radio modems. Raveon has many OEM radio modem options.

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M6 Daisy Radio modem

The RV-M6S VHF/UHF data radio modem is designed for OEM applications where an embedded long range data radio is required. It is available in license free VHF MURS band. Its small size, lower power consumption, and low cost. It has 2 watts of RF output, and versatile digital interface makes it easy to integrate into your product. It can communicate with Raveon’s M7, M8 and ATLAS data radio modems. Raveon has many OEM radio modem options. It has many features such as GPS tracking option, WMX messaging, multi-channels, Store-Forward repeating, and AES encryption can be enabled. DC input range is 8-30V DC. The RV-M6G is the GPS tracking version.

M35 Daisy Radio modem

The low-cost RV-M35 radio modem size, features, and performance as the RV-M6 other than DC input is 5V, and RF transmit power is 10mW to 100mW.  It is for high-volume OEM use, and with the low power can still communicate up to a mile. The 3K pricing for each is less than $48 USD.

 Wireless Remote Terminal Units

Raveon’s Tech Series GPIO and FIO radios can be use for Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).  Build into them are switches to control lights, pumps, valves, or whatever you need. They also have inputs for digital and analog input sensors.

Having a modem with MODBUS and RTU features all in one makes a system lower cost, and more efficient. The Tech Series RTUs communicate with encrypted secure data, and can utilize many different protocols.

For more information about Raveon’s SCADA and Telemetry products, software, and features: Click Here for more info.



License Free VHF MURS Band Data Radio

M7Raveon’s RV-M7-VM data radio modem is a 2-watt FCC Part 95 certified data radio designed for telemetry, SCADA, AVL, wireless data, mobile-data and remote control applications. The RV-M7-VM data radio transceiver is designed exclusively for use on the license-free MURS radio channels. The FCC has set aside 5 VHF radio channels, limited to 2 watts of transmit RF power, for license free use in the United States. More information about these “MURS” radio channels is available in our application note AN115.

A MURS band version of the M6 Daisy Radio OEM modem is also available, and the M6 can be used in the Tech Series  RV-M22 modem enclosures.

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RV-M55-E Data Radio Modem with Ethernet Interface

The RV-N55-E  Ethernet data transceiver is compliant with Raveon’s VHF ,UHF, or ISM band data radio modes.

The TCP/IP Ethernet interface on the front panel can connect to your network or IoT, and this data radio modem can send out your data.

This will communicate with Raveon’s RAZN devices, and can talk to SCADA RTUs via an ethernet connection.

An RS-485 interface is also on the RV-M55-E so a TCP/IP port can talk to the RS-485 serial port.

The RV-M6, RV-M50, or RV-M8, modem can be in this and it can talk to them also.

The Remote Autonomous Zone Node RAZN products can communicate with network or MODBUS TCP protocol using this RV-M55-E.

RV-M25 Waterproof SCADA Radio for Outside to Get General IO Information (OGGI).

Raveon Provides MODBUS products that are Water Proof, called: OGGI.

  • Outside Get General Information (OGGI) product RV-M25.
  • Internal data radio to communicate long-range. SCADA systems can talk to an OGGI using MODBUS.
  • Waterproof Enclosure for Outside.
  • Internal Batteries to run the OGGI automatically with no DC input.
  • Long-range batteries inside this OGGI can report every day, and the battery can last of many years.

Raveon’s OGGI product has an Antenna Connector on top of it, and a Myriad of IOs on waterproof connectors on the bottom.

  • The OGGI uses MODBUS protocol to communicate.
  • It is setup to Automatically report IO status at whatever time you want. (Daily, Hourly, or Alerts)
  • The MODBUS Protocol Information website has details and example messages about MODBUS.
  • The Enclosure is waterproof, and the battery inside the OGGI can be Solar Powered.
  • Many General Purpose IO (GPIO) terminal features.
  • The OGGI is very efficient, so if you you use solar charging, it can work FOR-EVER!.
  • There is an Accelerometer inside the enclosure to monitor angle changes and vibration.
  • To process something that involves heat, you connect a temperature sensor to the GPIO interface terminal.
  • You can tie this onto a Tree to monitor a sensor, and send wireless data via UHF, VHF, or 915MHz license Free.


Accessorie Products



Raveon offers various accessories for its data radio products such as mounting hardware, antennas, and power supplies.
Raveon’s SCADA IO data radios can used many sensor accessories, cables, and connectors.

VHF/UHF Ethernet Data Radio Modems

Features in this Radios:

  • Diagnostics and configuration using Cruise Control or AT commands over LAN
  • Over-the-air AES encryption to secure your data.
  • Low latency data streaming and effective bandwidth utilization.
  • Over-the-air compatible communications with all other Raveon data radio modems.
  • Modbus RTU and TCP over TCP/IP support
  • Secure login in 3 ways (data comm, user status information, administration and configuration).
  • Wide Operating voltage 9 to 30 VDC
  • RAZN version with many I/O options

RV-N55-E data radio has an Ethernet interface. Using TCP/Ip and terminal server type software, you can send and receive over-the-air data via the radio connected to your Ethernet network. And, it can be use as a base station on your network to talk to any other Raveon data radio modems.  Within the N55-E Ethernet Interface radio uses Raveon’s data radio modems such as the RV-M8, RV-M50, or RV-M6 modem.

Personal Tracking

Atlas tracking radio ATLAS – Portable GPS Tracking Radios

The Atlas series of portable tracking radios is a valuable component of an emergency response, search and rescue, wildfire fighting, or security team. The Atlas is part of Raveon’s RavTrack GPS tracking technology. It is over-air compatible with the M7 GX transponder series and RavTrack PC AVL software.

For privacy and security, over-the air encryption is standard on every Atlas transponder. For network versatility, the Atlas incorporates a 16-bit identification code, allowing up to 65,000 objects to be identified in one system and a “group code” (1-255). For wide-area coverage, all Atlas may be set to store-and-forward messages from other RV-M7 or from.

Soldier Monitoring Systems (SMS)

SMS utilize this Atlas radio for tracking soldier during training. They have emergency alert buttons, man-down sensors, and vibration sensors so if a soldier is injured or in danger in a remote area, it is easy to find the person and save them with this outstanding long-range GPS tracking personal locator.

The Atlas uses TDMA timing, so thousands of people or assets can be tracked very fast and often with no RF interference. With 5 watts of TX power and long-range VHF antennas, personnel can be tracked around hundreds of square miles with update rates of 1 second, 10 seconds, or 60 seconds.

RavTrack GPS Tracking Radios and GPS tracking software.

GPS tracking map

RavTrack Real-Time GPS Tracking

For real-time GPS tracking solutions using the M7 transceiver, see our AVL/tracking website. Raveon offers a complete GPS tracking system using UHF radio technology which enables you to track vehicles, people, and assets very quickly, with no recurring fees.

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MDT Radio

Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)

With the Mobile Data Terminal, you can add text, RFID, status, and event codes to your RavTrack GPS tracking system. Or use it for base text messaging to vehicles.

Send text messages to vehicles, automatically have them transmit their status and events, and use the optional RFID tag reader to track who is in the vehicle.

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Raveon’s data modems have a Myriad of Data Radio Features.

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