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 TCP/IP radio modem on UHF , VHF, or ISM Band

Raveon’s RV-M55-E Ethernet interface data radio designed for telemetry, SCADA, AVL, wireless data, mobile-data and remote control applications.
Designed by Raveon for long-range reliable communication using high-performance data radio modules within the product.
The M55 can be a base station to send data over the air from an Ethernet interface. It also has an RS-485 interface on it to send data to the Ethernet, or to receive serial data from the Ethernet interface.

This RV-M55-E version is perfect for the SCADA industry and to communicate to the Remote Autonomous Zone Nodes RAZN.

There are many data radio modems available for use in this RV-N55-E  Ethernet Interface for Data Radios.
The miniature low-cost Daisy Radios are available in narrow-band channels (RV-M6) or license-free ISM band (RV-M50).

The Ethernet connection can connect this to your network or your server, or to an IoT cloud server if you want it to.

You can acquire this with  an RF modems inside the RV-M55-E, so this can mesh or Daisy Chain your network with long range wireless connections.

The RS-485 interface on this product can connect to SCADA RTUs to communicate via Ethernet or via wireless data modems.

The long range data radios in the RV-M55-E can communicate, monitor, and control thousands of local things, and can be passed away many miles (2-50 miles).

Internal Features That can be used.

These features can be read via the TCP/IP Ethernet interface or over the air via the data radio.

A. Internal temperature sensor.
B. Accelerometer to monitor product angle and vibration.
C. RS-485 serial interface can be communicated via Ethernet port.
D. The data radio modems can do store-forward repeating.
E. Many RTU IO options available in the other Ethernet RAZN products.

Applications and Markets:

RV-M55-E Ethernet Wireless Data

Ethernet Link radio can link a network to remote data radios with serial ports.

SCADA Ethernet Interface Radio Modem

  • Wirelessly Connect your RTU to your network

The RV-M55-E has an Ethernet TCP/IP interface. One terminal will send the data over the air using the radio modem inside the RV-M55-E.

The other Ethernet Terminal can communicate with the RS-485 serial port interface on the RV-M55-E.

 TCP/IP radio modem on UHF

The RV_M55-E6-U runs on the UHF band 450-470MHz.  It utilizes the RV-M6 data radio with up to 2 watts RF power output.

Power can be adjusted, and many other bands are available.

 TCP/IP radio modem on VHF

The RV_M55-E6-V runs on the VHF band 150-175 MHz.  It utilizes the RV-M6 data radio with up to 2 watts RF power output.

Power can be adjusted, and many other bands are available.  For higher power, the M8 modem can output 5 watts in this product.


TCP/IP radio modem Bands

These frequency bands are available in the RV-M55-E with Raveon’s data radio modems.
Here is a list of bands and Radio modems that can be used in this Ethernet Interface Data Radio.

-UA             400-434 MHz (non-US/gov.) {RV-M8} {RV-M6}
-UB               430-450 MHz (non-US/gov.) {RV-M8} {RV-M6}
-UC              450-480 MHz {RV-M8} {RV-M6}
-UD              470-512 MHz (non-US/gov.) {RV-M8} {RV-M6}
-UJ                380-400 MHz (non-US/gov.) {RV-M8} {RV-M6}
– VA              132-155 MHz (non-US/gov.) {RV-M8} {RV-M6}
– VB               150-174 MHz {RV-M8} {RV-M6}
– VC              216-222 MHz {RV-M8} {RV-M6}
-EC              902-928 MHz (North/South America) (RV-M50)
-ED              863–870 MHz  (Europe/export) (RV-M50)

Over the Skyline, Wireless Modem Coverage Works

  • Use tall antennas (towers, building rooftops,…)

–Range would be 2-15kM. The tall antenna should be on the master controller or base station.  The remote daisy nodes can have small or tiny antennas.

  • Communications to/from Modems, RTUs and RAZNs

–This Ethernet Interface radio can talk long-range to many RTUs using wireless modems.

–Raveon has many SCADA RTUs called Remote Autonomous Zone Nodes RAZN with build in wireless modems to talk to this.
The modems can be VHF, UHF, or 915MHz license-free band radios.  All are available from Raveon.

  • Integrated radio and modems  one or two
  • With the RV-M6 modem, programmable 1/4 to 2 watts RF outputs.
  • With the RV-M8 modem, programmable 1/2 to 5 watts RF outputs.
  • Built in data encryption.
  • Ethernet Interface and RS485 interface.
  • Build in temperature sensor you can read.
  • Build-in accelerometer to measure angle and vibration to this product.
  • Outstanding Range. 5-50 miles typical
  • Real-time streaming data or Packetized operation – user configurable
  • Each modem is store-and-forward repeater capable
  • Standard Carrier-sense channel access or TDMA, user selectable
  • 32 bit CPU with base-band Digital Signal Processing for exceptional sensitivity
  • Built-in automatic status monitoring of modem performance and DC input voltage
  • Compatible with MODBUS and DNP-3

Frequency Bands Available

  • VHF
  • UHF
  • 220MHz
  • ISM band 915MHz
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