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Following are links to Product Data Sheets (PDF files) for Raveon’s most popular modems and IoT products.  For technical manuals or other information, proceed to the product’s web page.

RV-M21 Data Sheet (pdf)  Data Radio Modem Tech Series Enclosure

RV-M22 Data Sheet (pdf)  Data Radio Modem Miniature Tech Series Enclosure

RV-M55-E Data Sheet (pdf)  Ethernet Data Radio modem

RV-M8S    VHF UHF OEM Data Radio Modem Module

RV-M6 Data Sheet (pdf) OEM Miniature, Low Cost, Low Power, Data Radio Modem Module

RV-M35 Data Sheet (pdf) Ultra Low Cost miniature OEM Radio modem module.

RV-PT ATLAS PT datasheet   Atlas Personal Tracker

RV-M50 Data Sheet     ISM Band License Free waves using LoRa technology.

RV-DT-8   Mobile Data Terminal with RFID reader.

Cigorn Gateway.pdf   Cigorn Gateway for IoT and Networks connections

RV-Z50   OEM Cellular Radio Modem for IoT connectivity.

RV-M7-U Data Sheet  UHF Data Radio Modem

RV-M7-V Data Sheet  VHF Data Radio Modem

RV-M7 Mechanical Dimensions (pdf) Mechanical drawing of the RV-M7 housing.

RV-M7 CE Data Sheet (pdf) RV-M7 CE version.

RV-M7 GX UHF Data Sheet (pdf) RV-M7  UHF  GPS Tracker

RV-M9 Data Sheet (pdf) RV-M9 MIL Spec GPS Tracker

RV-DT MDT (pdf)   RV-DT  Mobile Data Terminal Data Sheet

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