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Wireless Products, technology, and Services

Raveon is a leader in the Wireless Data Radio Industry. Our executives and divisions have been designing and building data radio modems for 35 years.

We make Data Radio Modems for us, and OEMs, and our business partners. Our specialty is Long Range Data Radios that work miles and often up to 50-1200 miles.

There are many technologies that need to be incorporated together to make a complete end-to-end IoT solution.  Raveon utilizes all of these technologies.

IoT Gateways

We invented and Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway in 2010 long before there was and IoT.   A Gateway provides a place to pre-process the data locally, and route it to the proper servers, base stations, and end devices.

Raveon’s Cigorn Gateway is a Smart Router running on a miniature Linux PC.

Wireless Data Radios

Data Radio Modems and Wireless Ethernet are our main technologies.

For long-range and large systems, wireless Radio Modems can cover states and countries.

Wireless saves cost and time because large wires are not needed and when a system is installed.

We design and build radio modems for Narrow-band licensed frequencies in the USA and are often used in countries around the world.

Raveon radio modems have secure communications, 100+ features in their products.

Many of our radios are MIL-SPEC in very rugged enclosures and ultra-reliable.

For License-Free Radios use, Raveon utilized LoRa and LTE technology if you need it.


Flexible Connections

To connect certain devices to your network, your products, your system, or the IoT Cloud, most devices have interfaces on them to connect to networks or data communication devices.

The most common wired IoT Comm interfaces are:  Serial UART, USB , and Ethernet, digital UART .
Raveon’s Tech Series Enclosures have a myriad of interface connector options for long range wireless connectivity.

We make a variety of Hardware interfaces.  Some MIL-SPEC and some water proof, some plastic, and some custom for our business partners.

Over The Air Protocols

Our OTA protocol is very reliable, secure, and flexible.

Raveon has developed Routers and Gateways for data routing. Easily cover a city or state with our Cigorn Gateway using narrow-band data radios.

Our protocols have 16-bit radio IDs in them, so routing, repeating, broadcasting, and group communication is easy to do.

Our Products are Long Range, private, no service fees:

Raveon is a company in Southern California, where we design our products and manufacture them.

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