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Wireless Products, technology, and Services

Raveon is a major leader in the Industrial Wireless Data Radio Industry. Our executives and divisions have been designing and building data radio modems since 1985.

We make Data Radio Modems for us, and OEMs, and our business partners. Our specialty is Long Range Data Radios that work miles and often up to 50-100 miles.

We make SCADA products and Autonomous RTUs to work with networks or Cloud servers using Raveon’s long-range data radio modem technology.

The GPS Tracking Radios with internal GPS receivers and TDMA timing track vehicles, aircraft, and soldiers so are used in mines, military bases, races, and cities tracking busses.

Mines, farms, golf courses, cities, states, and organizations send data long range using Raveon Data Radios, and because they own them, there is no data cost or monthly cost like cellular.

Many large F500 Companies have Raveon make custom Data Radios and GPS Tracking versions for their particular systems.

We make  Autonomous IoT devices (AIoT) to work on networks or Cloud servers, but they also work great  autonomously without necessary connections.

There are many technologies that need to be incorporated together to make a complete end-to-end IoT solution.  Raveon utilizes all of these technologies.

All members of the technical support team works in a technical office with a full array of the company’s technical products. These products can be for problem duplication and resolution.

The warehouse and manufacturing operation are continually being updated and fine tuned for maximum efficiencies.

Reliable Long Range Wireless Comm

Raveon’s data radio technology is ideal for use in remote areas.

Many Harbors use our GPS trackers and data modems to communicate with boats and ships.

Many Military bases use our GPS trackers to save soldiers lives by tracking them and monitoring for safety.

Valves, sensors and pumps around the world use Raveon’s long range data radio modems to reliably and securely communicate.

Many Mines use our GPS trackers and Text Messaging for monitoring drivers, locations, and communicating in remote areas.

ISO Certified

Raveon Technologies is an ISO certified manufacturing company in California.
Our management system, manufacturing process, services, and documentation have all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

And our products are RoHS compliant.Raveon’s QMS System receiving certification to ISO 9001:2015

We manufacture our products here in California, and have off-shore manufacturing partners if you would like your products built in other countries.

In The Beginning

Raveon originally founded as RF research and Development company in 2002. To support our previous customers, we created new data radios modems compatible with previous versions, lower cost, and better performance.

The founders were data radio experts and had already created many RF products that lead the RF industries and these products help many companies succeed without having to do their own RF R&N and RF manufacturing.

The fist products created were for custom RF solutions, and then the RV-M7 radio modem was created so companies around the world that need wireless data could have a great solution. Over the years it has been upgraded and improved.

In 2006 GPS features were added to the M7, and Raveon became a leader in the wireless GPS tracking industry because the TDMA and GPS technology incorporated into he M7 made it the best GPS tracker in the RF industry.

Raveon has quickly grown from a small start-up company to a well-recognized leader in the data radio industry. In the RF Data Radio  Market Raveon is a major leader. We are now over 20 years old..

Because one of the founders of Raveon (john Sonnenberg) had been designing and building RF radios for data communication since 1983 (one of the first RF data engineers on the planet) Raven did acquire Neulink RF because he had invented most of their RF technology in 1989.

Our Facility in California

Raveon Technologies is in Vista California, Northern San Diego county. This is the biggest and best RF technology county in America.

We Manufacturer out Standard product stock with Sales & Technical Support for all of America.

Raveon owns a nice two-level facility with areas dedicated to production, engineering, sales and marketing, and administration.

It has a large warehouse so we can keep lots of inventory to ship, and store raw materials to quickly build more production runs.

Our engineering lab has 10+ work stations, and 2 environmental quality test rooms.

The production facility is here, and final Quality Verification Test Station is here and stores all data on local servers here.

90% of our products are Made in America.

Accounting, engineering, sales, marketing, and QC all use our own software and Raveon has excellent IT server, so data is not stored on public servers.

Raveon Business Information

Markets and Customer Industries

  • SCADA and Telemetry

Manufacturing Equipment and Process Monitoring and Control, Oil, Gas, Water Pipelines, Irrigation, Smart Cities, Equipment, and Electric Utilities

Radio Modems for sending data over miles. Tech Series GPIO interfaces for wireless RTUs. Remote Zone Nodes for remotely monitoring and controlling using long-range wireless.

  • GPS Tracking

Public Safety, Airport Operations, Mining, Fleet Tracking, Marine and Harbor Monitoring, School Bus Tracking, Soldier Training Safety Systems

Raveon’s long-range RF works in very remote areas, forests, mines, and places like Africa.
People, companies, and organizations use Raveon’s GPS trackers for fun, safety, fast tracking, and helping to save lives.

  • Machine-to-Machine and IoT

OEM Solutions, Smart Cities, Auto Dealers, Irrigation, Golf Cart Tracking

  • Utilities

Wireless data help utilities monitor their system and things they provide.
Keeping track of pressure, voltage, temperature, with wireless data works reliably all over the area.
No cellular fees! And the wireless system works even when Cell Networks fails or Internet gets hacked.

  • Military Use

Raveon does not make product for use in battles.
Our Atlas GPS tracker is great for Soldier Monitoring during training.
The RV-M9 GPS tracker is rugged and MIL Spec qualified and used in vehicles, plains, helicopters,…

  • Mining

Open pit mines use Raveon data radio modems for GPS tracking their vehicles.
Our Mobile Data Terminal lets workers in the mines get text messages and send status messages. And their RFID reader identifies the drier in the vehicle.
Under-ground mines do use Raveon radios also to send data all over the mine using leaky feeder cables.
Optical eye monitoring alert sensors can utilize Raveon data radios to send alert messages over many miles, and also GPS track to know where the alert comes from.

  • Manufacturing

Our built-in SCADA features and general Purpose IOs with long range RF communications can help
any large factory monitor and control thousands of things without any wires.

Raveon's Technology Expertise

This is a list of Technologies that Raveon designs, manufactures, and uses in many ways.

  1. Narrow band long range Data Radios with 2 to 50 watts, FM modulation in 2- 4 levels.
  2. Multi-bandwidth Radios 6.25, 12.5 and/or 25kHz narrow band radios.
  3. Spread Spectrum ISM band license free RF technologies.
  4. High Quality. We design, build, calibrate, and quality test every radio at the same facility with outstanding production and quality personnel.
  5. The CTO was on the 802.11A committee to help the world invent Wi-Fi.
  6. GPS tracking. Every radio modem has a GPS option to track and transmit over the air the location and status.
  7. TDMA transmission protocols to make large systems be able to use wireless data.
  8. RF Channel Trunking. Raveon has patented the most efficient RF trunking system for narrow band RF.
  9. RF Power.  Our radios are typically 100mW to 5 watts, and we make RF amplifiers 50 watts, 100 watts, and others.
  10. APPs.  Raveon offers many free APPs to customers and has incorporated dozens of software programs into their data radios and GPS tracking radios.
  11. Microsoft .NET.  Radio Manager, RavtrackPC, and our ATE quality test system use .NET to automatically do efficient functions and store data in SQL databases.
  12. Ultra low power and long battery life. Many products are batter powered with extended life, and we even make a radio that draws an average current of 7uA.
  13. High Quality.  We are ISO certified, and every work station has an Automatic Test Station that tests, verifies, and records product quality and stores on a database and reports to managers.
  14. MODBUS and SCADA communications. Our radios can process MODBUS messages and control IO pins. Most all radios are ideal for remote SCADA communications.
  15. IoT.  Raveon invented wireless IoT technology before most any other company did. In 2006 we already had an IoT gateway when the IoT phrase wasn’t even used.
  16. Huge Variety of Bands.  We make many band conversions to our radios so they can be used in other countries or by agencies that need to operate in special bands.
  17. Ethernet Connected Radios.  Some radios have high-performance ARM MCUs that can utilize Ethernet and USB interfaces in secure ways.
  18. SCADA PLCs and RTUs. Our smart RAZN RTU has long-range RF radio inside it to work and an RTU and PLC in remote areas. Dozens of IO options.
  19. MILL Spec hardware and radios. We have designed many enclosures and radios to help soldiers stay safe and the product is ultra long-range and rugged and reliable.
  20. Encryption. All of our products use AES encryption to secure data messages.
  21. Reliable Packets. Our over-the-air protocol we invented ensures that the message is properly received only by the correct radio modem or modems that should receive the data.
  22. Repeaters.  All radio have store-forward repeater feature build in.
  23. Myriad of IO features.  The Tech Series enclosure is used with our radio modem modules, and there is a myriad of IO options available for any radio put into the enclosure.
  24. Custom RF.  We love to work with and partner with our customers to make the custom RF data radio products the way they need them to ensure they succeed.
  25. Water-Proof data radios and SCADA devices are created by RAVEON so our products can be outside if it rains.

Wireless Data Radios

Data Radio Modems and Wireless Ethernet are our main technologies.

For long-range and large systems, wireless Radio Modems can cover states and countries.

Wireless saves cost and time because large wires are not needed and when a system is installed.

We design and build radio modems for Narrow-band licensed frequencies in the USA and are often used in countries around the world.

Raveon radio modems have secure communications, 100+ features in their products.

Many of our radios are MIL-SPEC in very rugged enclosures and ultra-reliable.

For License-Free Radios use, Raveon utilizes LoRa and LTE technology if you need it.

Flexible Connections

To connect certain devices to your network, your products, your system, or the IoT Cloud, most devices have interfaces on them to connect to networks or data communication devices.

The most common wired IoT Comm interfaces are:  Serial UART, USB , and Ethernet, digital UART .
Raveon’s Tech Series Enclosures have a myriad of interface connector options for long range wireless connectivity.

We make a variety of Hardware interfaces.  Some MIL-SPEC and some water proof, some plastic, and some custom for our business partners.

Raveon invented the Wireless Messaging Exchange (WMX) protocol to communicate with data radio modems in smart ways, so your system can securely communicate with thousands of wireless devices.

To save you money, some Tech Series data radios also have GPIO interfaces and MODBUS communications built into them.

Our MIL SPEC M9 Data Radio modem has an Ethernet connection on it, to easily connect to your system for GPS tracking information, or sending and receiving data over the air.

IoT Gateways

We invented and Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway in 2010 long before there was an IoT.
A Gateway provides a place to pre-process the data locally, and route it to the proper servers, base stations, and end devices.
We did this for a customer that needed a Gateway.

Raveon’s Cigorn Gateway is a Smart Router running on a miniature Linux PC.

Over The Air Protocols

Our OTA protocol is very reliable, secure, and flexible.

It is very efficient, to make packets reliable and very short. This reduces power consumption and makes it easy for many devices to communicate.

The OTA protocol uses a 16-bit ID code for each product, and checks CRCs to ensure the data is correct.

Because is it reliable, it is very easy to use. Just turn on the radios, and they will work for you. All complex wireless communication issues are take care of in our Data Radio Modems.

Our protocols have 16-bit radio IDs in them, so routing, repeating, broadcasting, and group communication is easy to do.

With our GPS options, you can also use TDMA transmissions over the air to radios don’t interfere, and thousands can communicate quickly with no interference.

The waterproof radio is great for Over the air. The RV-M24 used in wet areas because it has a IP67 waterproof enclosure and Myriad of IO features.

Our Products are Long Range, private, no service fees:

Raveon is a company in Southern California, where we design our products and manufacture them.

Raveon Technologies Corp.  Contact Us

2320 Cousteau Ct.

Vista, CA 92081

Ph: 760-444-5995

Mobile: 760-807-3885

Fax: 760-444-5997


Raveon Technologies Corporation

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