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Raveon Product Documentation

pdf RV-M7 Data Radio Modem Technical Manual Technical manual for the M7 series of data radio modems

pdf RV-M7 GX Technical Manual Technical Technical manual for Raveon’s GX series of GPS transponders

pdf RV-M7 Quick Start Read this to get up and running quickly using Raveon’s M7 radio modems

pdf RV-M7 GX Quick Start Guide Read this to get up and running quickly using the M7 GX GPS transponder

pdf ATLAS PL Tech Manual Read this to get up and running quickly using the ATLAS PL transponder

pdf ATLAS PT Tech Manual Technical manual for the ATLAS PT personal GPS transponder

pdf RV-DT-8R MDT Tech Manual Technical and user manual for the WayWORD mobile data terminal and GPS tracking system

pdf TK8_TechManual Technical manual for the DART  VHF/UHF Data Modem

Raveon Technical Support Contact Information

  • data radio FAQEmail us with any question or technical issues at
  • Call 760-444-5995 with your questions.

Raveon Contracting Information

  • data radio FAQClick Here for information about Raveon’s GSA contract and other contracting information.

Radio Manager Software

  • Radio Manager is a free Windows PC application for programming your Raveon data radio modem.
    Radio Manager may be downloaded here.

Configuring Raveon Products

Configuring a Raveon data radio product is very easy. For expedited delivery, order your product in the “Stock” configuration, but Raveon will gladly Custom Configure your product. Raveon products have a built in Command Line Interpreters (CLI) that allows all parameters to be configured using simple commands typed into the product. Most all products may also be configured using RadioManager, Raveon’s free Windows application for configuring Raveon data radios.

Firmware Updates

  • Certain Raveon products have the ability to be updated in the field.  For more information click here.

Press Release Archive

FCC License – Frequency Coordination Information

Raveon’s FCC Frequency Coordination page

Obtaining an FCC license Step-by step guid to obtaining an FCC license to operate your radio system

fcc-license-application page. If you are a Raveon customer, and desire assistance with obtaining an FCC licensed for your radio system that uses Raveon wireless data modems, review this page to see how we may help you.

Useful Links

FCC Office of Engineering and Technology (OET)   This FCC office regulates the wireless services for FCC part 15, 22, 90, and 95 type product.   If you are engaged in public safety activities, you can go directly to this web site for FCC licensing information.   If you are a business, commercial, or institutional organization, this web site offers information on obtaining an FCC license.

Freq coordinators-below-800MHz  A list of frequency coordinators for radio services below 800MHz.  These frequency y coordinators can assist in obtaining FCC licenses.

Tally Electronics  Distributor of Wireless Infrastructure Products and accessories.  Distributor of cables, antennas, power supplies, connectors, …

Personal Wireless   A Message Board for MURS and other unlicensed services.

Instant HMI  Easy-to-use SCADA software for the human interface.  Provides a comprehensive, powerful, and flexible HMI / SCADA solution for your SCADA platform (Windows PC, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Smart Phones).

Antenna Manufacturers:  MAXRAD Antennas , Antenex, Antennafactor, Antenna Specialists, Radiall-Larsen Antenna Technologies,

Philips Flash Utility: Flash Utility  Utility used to update firmware in Raveon’s M3, M5 and M7 series products.

General Data Radio Articles

UHF Data Radio General Information, VHF Data Radio General Information, Data Radio Modem Overview

Narrow Band Radio Modem Technology, UHF Radio Modems

Cigorn Wireless Network Project


Business Documents

pdfRaveon’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale  All sales by Raveon are governed by our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

pdfRaveon’s NCNR Agreement for custom products   Agreement covering the sale of Non-Cancellable Non-Returnable products.

pdfRV-M8x Data Radio OEM Module Terms and Conditions of Sale. Buyers of the M8S data radio modem must also agree to these OEM module terms and conditions of sale.

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