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Raveon provides software tools to help customers use our products and configure products. We also provide applications that can help do things you need to do, and if you need some customization to our apps, please let us know because we add dozens of features every year to our software tools to help our customers be as efficient as possible.

Here is a list of our primary software tools. If you need a custom version, please contact Raveon Sales.

Radio Manager

Raveon’s RadioManager serial communications software is a very versatile Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 application used to configure Raveon’s data radio products, test communications, and send and receive data. The RadioManager is similar to terminal server programs, and communicates with RS232, RS422, RS485, and TCP/IP devices.

SCADA Comm User

SCADA Comm User  is a telemetry software program to help with testing MODBUS and Telemetry communications, Raveon provides a PC program called SCADA Comm User (SCU) for various communication and user interfaces.  User’s can configure their own Graphical User Interfaces, for ueach IO port, to enable operators to easily read and write to SCADA remote terminal units.


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