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Remote Weather Monitoring

Remote weather monitoring
Raveon’s data radio modems are well-suited for remote weather monitoring. VHF and UHF radios are long-range (5-50 miles) and very rugged. Operating from -30C to +60C, they have 5 watts of RF output and consume very little power. Our Smart Radio Modems can communicate with weather sensors without having to add interfaces and signal conditioning.

Use Raveon modems for long-range wireless data communications in your systems. Or you can use our SCADA and Telemetry products for wireless slaves.

Use Raveon’s OEM radio modem modules inside your products for private long-range wireless communications with no month fees.

Raveon’s Wireless Telemetry Product Features

  • A myriad if IO interfaces:  RS232, RS422, RS485, GPIO, USB interfaces.
  • Easy to use with built-in smart radio modem.  Data In = Data Out.
  • Works with MODBUS, DNP, and most serial SCADA protocols.
  • 1/2-5 watts of RF output in the 450-480MHz (other bands available)
  • Range of 5-50 miles
  • RV-M21 Tech Series as telemetry and MODBUS command processing to use the radio modem as a complete RTU.
  • Ultra-fast T-R switching time of 3mS for quick polling.
  • Store-and-forward repeater capability to easily cover hundreds of square miles.
  • Exceeding all FCC part 15, 22 and 90 requirements

Products for Telemetry    Created and Built by Raveon!

M7 Wireless ModemM7s Series UHF Wireless Modems

Ideal for SCADA and Telemetry applications, the M7 series of products features: 1/2-5 watts of RF output in the 450-480MHz (other bands available), range of 5-50 miles, ultra-fast T-R switching time of 3mS, store-and-forward repeater capability, remote “Ping” capability, voltage, temperature, and current monitoring, and RS232/422/485 interfaces available. Perfect for SCADA, remote control, telemetry, mobile-data, and AVL applications.

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RV-M21 Tech Series

Raveon’s RV-M21 Tech Series data radio modems are a reliable and secure data radios designed for telemetry, wireless data, GPS, and remote control applications. They operate in the UHF and VHF frequency bands, with 100mW to 5 watts of RF output. The M21 Tech Series radio modems can connect directly to sensors, measure them, and send their status. They have many telemetry and SCADA features.

The RV-M25 can work Outside to Get General Information (OGGI) in remote areas.

The RV-M22 Tech Series are miniature RF modems, with the same myriad of IO options as the RV-M21 radios.

All Tech Series enclosures have a myriad of IO options such as:

  1. RS-232 (DB9 Computer UART port)
  2. RS-422 ( Differential IO with Screw Terminals)
  3. RS-485 ( Differential IO with Screw Terminals)
  4. USB ( USB interface with Serial Converter)
  5. GPIO (General Purpose IO, Screw Terminals)
  6. Analog (DB15, Analog and RS232 serial)

Raveon’s  Remote Autonomous Zone Nodes (RAZN)

RAZN Efficiently monitors and can Autonomously help be safe

Read or control up to 18 things with this large variety of terminal ports.

Long-range wireless links, Ethernet interfaces, and serial port options for great communications.

The internal smart CPU makes your systems very safe, efficient, and reliable in all ways you want.

Raveon’s RAZN is one of the most efficient, reliable, and safe to use long-range nodes with terminals to read and control anything in the planet.
It has hundreds of Autonomous Features to keep the system very safe, even if the network or PCs fail.
RAZN have more Autonomous and logn0range features than any other RTU.

Slaves in Remote Areas

Use Raveon’s RV wireless data modems for SCADA and Telemetry systems. Use all your own devices, your Controller, your Slave Devices,  on your system.  Wireless Modems extend the range and increase the reliability.

The GPIO (General Purpose IO) interfaces on the RV-M21 and RV-M22 Tech Series radios can be use as slaves.

  • Switched DC Power output
  • Analog Inputs to measure voltage
  • Open Drain Switched output driver
  • Digital Input for data bits or switch status.

The FIO(Flexible Digital  IO) interfaces on the RV-M21 and RV-M22 Tech Series radios can be use as slaves.

The FIO interface is a DB15 with 8 digital IOs configurable as inputs or outputs.

  • Digital Input for data bits or switch status.
  • Digital output TTL bits (3.3V digital)

RV-M25 OGGI Battery Powered Waterproof Radio

The RV-M25 has a Myriad of IO features in a waterproof enclosure with a data radio. Outside monitor sensors!

Internal Battery to run this M25 remotely.  It can report every day, and battery will then last for many years.

Waterproof  with Internal Battery, the RV-M25 is a waterproof Data Radio similar to Tech Series for working

Outside to Get General Info.(OGGI)  The RV-M25 technology information is on it’s OGGI web page. .

It has GPIOs and uses MODBUS protocol. The IOs can do Analog, voltage, 4-20mA sensor monitoring, digital IOs, AC/DC Switched Voltage output.

The internal data radio can be used on VHF bands, UHF bands, or License Free ISM band 915MHz.

Connect your Weather sensor to it, and setup the “Report Rate” and the “Alert Events to Report”.  Reports get sent wirelessly via Raveon Data Radios inside the M25.

The internal LI battery can be charged vi Solar Power if your system would want it remotely charged.

Miniature Low-Cost long-range Wireless Links

Raveon provides many miniature OEM data radio modems. Embed them within your products for long-range wireless data.
All of these can communicate over many miles, even up to 10 miles.

ISM band LoRa Radio

The RV-M50 is a LoRa ISM band data radio module.
Reliable and secure data communications, very easy to implement into your system.
Low power consumption, fast data rates, and ultra long-range communications.

VHF/UHF Narrow-band Data Radio

The RV-M6 is a 100mW- 2W data radio modem.

A license-free MURs band version is available.

All of these miniature OEM modules have common Raveon features

  • UWORC interface connector. Using this you can plug in any Raveon radio module.
  • AES128 data encryption.
  • GPS tracking option with TDMA timing for fast reliable reporting.
  • Digital UART serial data input and output.
  • Wide operating voltage.
  • Status LEDs and additional digital inputs and outputs for custom solutions.
  • Available in many different frequency bands.



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