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RAVEON makes Data Radios.  Most All Versions also have GPS Feature Options!

The GPS Data Radios can be used for:

  • Personal Tracking
  • Tracking Vehicles and Aircrafts.
  • Tracking Boats and Cars.
  • GPS Monitors and Reports:
    Location, Speed, Temperature, Voltage, Time, IO Pin Status, Angle and Vibration.
  • Get Real-Time Visibility in GPS software.
  • See your location, time, and speed.
  • Our Data Radios can also Transmit this info, to other Computers.
  • Raveon’s GPS tracking technology is rugged, reliable, long-range, secure, and helps save lives.
  • Communications on Narrow-Band channels (UFH or VHF). or Wide-Band channels.
  • Raveon’s GPS trackers can track Soldiers, Vessels, aircraft, and equipment.
  • The M50 version is ISM Band license-free frequencies with GPS.

GPS/GNSS   Many devices use the Phrase GNSS is many popular GNSS features.

  • Raveon Radios uses GPS chips that can also use GNSS.
  • GNSS is Global Navigation Satellite System.  GRS, GSA, GST, GSV.
  • You can configure GNSS in the Radio, is you wan to use it.
  • Our radios can Pop-Out the GPS/GNSS with NMEA messages.
  • Radios Output and accepts NMEA 0183 GLL, TLL, WPT, GSV, and PRAVE messages
  • Raveon created a better message: PRAVE with better information to send out.

We have a big GPS radio Web Site, it is shown here:     (  )

The RV-M21 RTU has a GPS feature option. and many IO features.

A M21 smart radio modem is a innovative Wireless Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

The M21  combine the functions of an RTU with a built-in data radio rodem to provide a cost-effective and powerful solution for various industries.

The General Purpose IO (GPIO) pins can be controlled with MODBUS commands.
GPIO pins can be configured to: switch DC power, read analog inputs, read 4-20mA in, or be a digital input.

The M21 is available with 1-5 watts RF output in VHF, UHF and 220MHz bands.

The RV-M21 utilizes the Tech Series front panel has a myriad of IO options.
And IO panes can be used with GPS features also.
For wireless SCADA and wireless RTUs, order the RV-M21 with the GPIO interface or the Flexible IO (FIO) interface.

Connect the GPIO terminal on the Tech Series radio to the right Sensors to Monitor in remote zones.

Boats, Green Houses, Forests, and many places should be monitored to save them. These radios can connect to sensors.
These radios also have accelerometers to monitor angle and vibration to remotely wirelessly monitor sensors, angle, vibration or whatever.

For GPS in License Free RF band use, the RV-M22  is a license free 915MHz RTU.

The RV-M22 has the same GPIO terminal interface option as the RV-M21 has.
Those GPIO and FIO interface options are RTUs built into this data radio.
MODBUS commands work with these radios, and the PLC or Master connect to the radio’s serial port to talk over-the-air to other radios with GPIO.

The communication range is typically 1-10 miles, or 20 miles in open areas.

The miniature RV-M22 is available in the 902-928MHz ISM band.  UHF and VHF 2 watt RV-M22  version are also available.

Raveon’s ATLAS PT is a Personnel Tracking System that provides immediate location.

Raveon’s ATLAS PT is a Personnel Tracking System that provides immediate location, tracking, and alerting while engaged in critical activities. This tracker is ideal for mission critical personnel observation, especially:

  • Border Patrol
  • Fire Fighters
  • SWAT

The ATLAS PT is equipped with an “Emergency Alert” button as well as a “man-down” tilt sensor. The man-down alert system notifies whenever a team member has fallen or has been hurt. The tracker helps you focus and protect your highly trained professionals in whatever mission critical operations you may face. The real-time situational awareness provided by the personal tracker system allows you to orchestrate personnel efforts for optimal operations, and helps you bring your team home safely.

The ATLAS PT is the fastest completely-integrated real-time GPS tracking transponder available. It uses VHF radio channels with no service fees or monthly charges, and works virtually anywhere.

The Atlas PL has multiple applications in military training, and is already being used in bases around America.

Atlas PL may be re-configured to optimize it for specialized operations, extended range, or higher data throughput.

Is configured using its built-in RS232 serial port.

Raveon’s Unique Features for Wireless GPS long-range Monitoring.

  • Low Cost. Raveon’s Tech Series of wireless data modems are the most economical on the GPS market.
  • Easy to use. Plug-in, Turn-on, and GO. Transmit data in = Receive data out.
  • Remote status monitoring including DC voltage, packet error statistics, modem “up time”, and receiver signal strength.
  • GPIO (General Purpose IO) interface options to have the radio modem be your RTU. It can switch DC power on 1-3 terminals. Or measure sensors.
  • FIO (Flexible IO) interface with pins that can be configured as digital inputs or digital outputs.
  • Remote “PING” From any M7 modem, a user may send a “PING” to any other M7 data radio modem to find out the link signal strength.
    This allows quick diagnostics, easy antenna alignment, and reduced site visits.
  • Wide input voltage with high-efficiency switching voltage regulators. Most all allow input voltage from 9 to 30V DC.
  • Capable of store-and-forward repeating operation. Any M21, M8, M7, M6 radio modem may be configured as a store and forward repeater.
  • Small size. Extruded aluminum enclosure is small, and very rugged.
  • Programmable over-the-air data rates. You can choose how your system will work.
    Set the OTA data slower for extended communication range, or set it fast for lowest latency. Your choice.
  • MODBUS messaging. The GPIO and FIO interface IO pins can controlled with MODBUS RTU messages.
  • The RV-M21, RV-M22, RV-M6, RV-M50, RV-N55 RAZN, are all designed by Raveon and Made in America.

Master Controller Wireless Base Stations

RV-M21 and RV-M22 Tech Series Telemetry Modems can do GPS.

The Tech Series GPS modems comes with multiple front interface options. User for serial data communications, or wireless SCADA and telemetry RTU.  Wireless modems can be used to tap into an existing SCADA network and pull data out, or push data in.  These smart modems are tactical and work with the existing operation of a MODBUS or ProfiBUS-type system. They reliably pass GPS messages, and if you need to route the data to a variety of various servers and base stations, a smart network gateway can also be used. 

Telemetry Slave options with the GPIO and FIO interface. Reliable secure wireless data modems in VHF, UHF, and ISM bands. IO features and GPS information can be sent by these radios.

The Tech Series radio modems are the most flexible RF modem architecture on the planet. They have a myriad of IO options:

  • RS-232   UART Serial. Any baud rate you want to use.
  • RS-422  UART 2-wire Serial. Any baud rate you want to use.
  • RS-485  UART 2 or 4 wire serial. Any baud rate you want to use.
  • USB   to plug into a PC.
  • GPIO   General Purpose IO (Digital IO, Analog input, voltage reading, Switched DC out)
  • Analog   Analog radio for voice communications.
  • FIO   Flexible IO with configurable digital inputs and outputs.
  • CLO is a Current Loop Output CLO that output 4-20mA received from a sensor in a remote area.

For many GPS SCADA systems, the radio modem can be used to communicate with the remote terminal units in very remote areas.

The RV-M21 are 5watt large radios.  The RV-M22 are miniature low-cost data radios for UHF, VHF, or license free ISM bands.

These GPS radio modems are very long range, with Many Features:

 Locally via the IO port, or over-the-air it can send this GPS information

A.  Internally, there is a GPS receiver in these Data Radio Modems.
B.  GPS location via NMEA interface.  NMEA messages are popular.
C . Temperature of the radios.
D.  Voltage of the volts going into this Radio.
E.  Speed of Moving.  It measures Fast Speed at display it from 0 – 1880 M/H.
F.   Bio-telemetry sensors
G.  Laser range finders
H.  Alarm Buttons can trigger an Alarm and send the GPS location at Safe Alert.

RV-M8 OEM modem for your GPS can be used in Your Products.

The RV-M8 is an OEM radio modem module used to communicate over many miles. You can utilize and OEM Radio Modem Module inside of your remote devices to create a Wireless RTU.

1.2 to 5W RF output power, with communication range 5-60 miles (VHF) and 3-40 miles (UHF).

Use this module to manage your things like valves, pumps, relays, and lights.  Read the status of them or input switches or input voltages.

Available in VHF, 220MHz, and UHF RF bands.

Raveon’s OEM products have GPS options also, if you want GPS.

We will work with your team to make sure this product works perfectly with your system.

Miniature Long Range GPS Radio Modem

Raveon’s M6 and M50 data radio modems are miniature ultra-low-cost radio modem for use in your products.

It is available in various bands:   VHF, UHF, MURS, and 915MHz License Free ISM

It is easy to embed inside your products to communicate for many miles.
The M6 in VHF and UHF bands can communicate for 1-30 miles, depending upon the terrain. The ISM band version RV-M50 utilized LoRa long range RF technology, and can reliably communicate 1-20 miles.

The M6 OEM module can be used for:

  • Sending and receiving UART serial data.
  • GPS tracking and data comm.
  • Processing MODBUS messages and controlling IOs.
  • Reading meters, controlling valves, controlling pumps and lights, reading sensors, transmitting switch status,
  • Measuring angle and vibration with its built-in accelerator.
  • Raveon is always willing to add communication protocols or messages to OEM modems to make them work perfectly with your system, and save you money.

Great GPS Trackers

Many Military people use our GPS Data Radios to help save people.

School Busses have used our GPS trackers to see Safe Buss operations.

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