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SCADA Comm User

Open Source MODBUS Software SCADA Comm User is an Open Source MODBUS and Telemetry software program to help with testing MODBUS and Telemetry communications.  Raveon provides a PC program called SCADA Comm User (SCU) for various communication and user interfaces.…

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Your SCADA Project

Wireless Data Radios are Ideal. Thanks for looking to Raveon's SCADA systems. Tradition SCADA system use wires to Slave Devices: Wireless SCADA saves cost, improves security, and makes the system more reliable. Raveon's data radio modems are excellent wireless connections for…

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MODBUS Information

Protocol Description MODBUS Protocol is a telemetry message structure, used to establish master-slave communication between intelligent devices. A MODBUS message sent from a master to a slave contains the address of the slave, the 'command' (e.g. 'read register' or 'write…

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