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Miniature Smart Tracker, Battery powered, using ISM Bands

The RV-V50 Miniature Tracker is a small, very low-power GPS/GLONASS transponder for use in the license-free ISM, MURS or cellular bands. Also available in VHF and UHF bands if needed.

No monthly fees. Works anywhere in the world. Use your own private radio network for secure and confidential tracking on your own private system.

Having the longest communication range in its class, it can locate and monitor people or assets such as automobiles, trucks, racers, rental equipment and more.

Its built-in rechargeable battery has extremely long battery life.

Raveon’s supplies Smart Trackers for ISM-band GPS tracking with a myriad of  features.

  1. Reliable and secure Data with Forward Error Correction (FEC) , bit chipping, and AES data encryption.
  2. Not just several hundred meters, but many miles of communications. 100sq miles in open area.
  3. Set the update rate to the rate you want.  Update every 5,10,30, 60 seconds, or set it to update location information twice per second.
  4. It sends messages to Track: location, speed, heading, altitude, voltage, temperature, and push button status.
  5. Built in alert button to use for whatever you want to.
  6. These radios have proven performance, reliability, and quality that our customers expect and have come to know in all of our products.
  7. Works anywhere in the world.

Various ISM band models have been developed to address different applications. A summary the models are given below. Brochures and manuals are available for download that include detailed specifications. Please give us a call to discuss any of these radios.

The ISM band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical band) is part of the radio spectrum that can be used for any purpose without a license.  In the U.S., it is the 902-928 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.7-5.8 GHz bands were initially used for machines that emitted radio frequencies, such as RF welders, industrial heaters and microwave ovens, but not for radio communications.

Raveon’s ISM band radios utilize 902-928 MHz for ultra-long range data communications. 900MHz is much longer range band than 2.4GHz and above.

RV-M50 Daisy Radio

Raveon’s RV-M50 Daisy Radios are used in the RV-V50 Miniature Tracker.  This radio modem is perfect for tracking any number of items over as many locations as you can imagine, making it perfect for you to connect to the internet of things. The Daisy radio is our smallest model yet, making it perfect for daisy chaining your system together across any and all locations.

Daisy Radio modules can be incorporated into your products, giving them miles of wireless communication capability.  The Daisy Radio modules use the same UWARC universal wireless interface, so you can design all Daisy Radio modems or our M8 series radios into your products, and just plug in the one you actually want to use.

The Daisy Radio modules are available in our M22 Tech Series enclosures.  The M22 enclosures have a myriad of IO options and features.

The RV-M5 Daisy Radios utilize LoRa communication technology.  The work for data communications or GPS tracking.  Raveon’s Pier-to-Pier mode uses the LoRa protocol to directly communicate between radio to radio, with no need for a “Base Station”.  Simple pier-to-pier data communications is perfect for  daisy-chaining your network. Daisy Radios can pass along data over many miles, with very low power consumption, low RF power, and small antennas.  An their low cost high performance help make you systems more economical.

LoRa Technology Description

These Raveon ISM band modems utilize a technology invented in France called “LoRa“.  The LoRa Long Range wireless technology is a synergy with Raveon’s other long range wireless data technology, making our Daisy Radio modems work outstanding.  AN205(LoRa_Range)     AN205 describes how LoRa technology is able to help achieve outstanding long-range communications using low-power radios and low RF transmit power.

Raveon’s LoRa radio modem can communication 5-10 times further than ISM band radios built by other companies.  The RV-M50 is and OEM module you can utilize in your products.  The RV-M22 is a LoRa radio modem in the Tech Series enclosure with a myriad of IO options and features.  For LoRa GPS tracking, order the GPS tracking option on any Raveon product.

Frequency Bands Available

The RV-V50 miniature tracker is also available with many other RF band options.  The bands already availabe are listed here, and if you need this to operate in a different band, please contact Raveon Customer Service team to get information on how we can do that for you.

VM    VHF MURS band

VB      VHF 150-174MHz

EC       902-928MHz (US)

ED       863-870 MHz (EU)

EF       779-787 MHz (Asia)

CE       3G Cellular

CV       LTE cellular

Vehicle Tracker

Raveon utilizes our ISM band Daisy Radio in a miniature enclosure to create a general purpose tracker for vehicles.

The RV-V40 Vehicle  Tracker is a small, very low-power GPS/GLONASS transponder for use in the license-free ISM or cellular bands. Having the longest communication range in its class, it can locate and monitor assets such as automobiles, trucks, racers, rental equipment and more. Its built-in rechargeable battery has extremely long battery life.



The Base Stations for your Private Tracking System

Raveon has many data radio modems that can be used for the base station (GPS tracking reception) with the RV-V50 and RV-V40 GPS trackers.

The Tech Series radio modems are good base stations for your system. The have a myriad of frequency band options and IO interface options.

For more information about GPS tracking, take a look at Raveon’s GPS tracking website:  Raveon is the leading wireless GPS tracking company for private wireless networks.  If you want to track things without having to pay cellular fees or you don’t want to putting your data onto other company’s networks, use our RavTrack products for your private tracking systems or private data communications.

Range of 1 to 10 km

Status LED lights

Push button on the panel for the User to use for whatever you want.

Configurable range, bandwidth, data rates, and security

Low power options, from DC 5V to 30V

Best in class sensitivity: reliable down to -139dBm

Ideal for OEM integration – highly configurable and small form factor

Data rates of 1,750 to 21,870 bps

Data encryption available using AES 128

GPS receiver built in.

Each device has its own unique address ID code

Available performance diagnostics over the air

Model…………………………. RV-V50-

Size…………………………… 1.9″ X 3.48″ X .83″

Input Voltage………………… 4.7-14 VDC full-spec standard

Power Consumption………… Sleep (<50uA)

………………………………… Receiving data: <250mW (50mA @5V)

………………………………… Transmitting data: <3000mW (600mA @5.0V)

Frequency Bands……………. EC – 902-928MHz

…………………………………. ED – 863-870

…………………………………. EF – 779-787

Over-the-air Baud Rates (programmable)

9 rates from 1.75kb/s to 21.87kb/s

Full Spec Operating Temperature range….. -30C to +60C

TX-RX and RX-TX turn-around time……….. <5mS

RF I/O Connector…………………………….. SMA (Female)


Encryption Method………………………….. AES128

Electronic Serial Number…………………… Silicon ESN

Configuration Monitor……………………….. Serialized on update

For the full GPS tracking datasheet, click here. (PDF)

For the full standard datasheet, click here. (PDF)

For the Daisy technical manual, click here. (PDF)

For the Daisy brochure, click here. (PDF)

For information about LoRa radio RF propagation:  AN205(LoRa_Range). (PDF)

For a layout of the Daisy radio case, click here.

To learn how to connect to the internet from Linux using our Daisy Cellular modem, click here. (PDF)

Rasberry pie hat

RG-K5 Raspberry Pi Hat

The RG-K5 is an interface board to connect a Raveon RV-V50 or RV-Z50 radio modem to a Raspberry pi processor board. The hat also provides many features such as EEPROM memory, Arduino CPU, watchdog, and a 3-axis accelerometer.





Tech 21 with plates

Tech Series

Our new Daisy and Z50 radio modems can be placed in the smaller Tech Series enclosures giving access to the interchangeable front I/O panels, allowing you to connect to the modem any way you want. The 6 different options for interchangeable front I/O panels are:

  • RS-232
  • RS-422
  • RS-485
  • USB
  • GPIO
  • Analog
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