Case Study: FAA Airport Tracking

Airport Assets being tracked

About FAA: The FAA ensures the national airport system is safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible and meets the needs of the traveling public.

The Challenge: Antiquated wireless communication systems used in a vast number of airport flight side operations nationwide had become difficult to support.  An upgrade was needed to the LLWAS (Low Wind Shear Alert System) system used for take-offs and landings.

Solution: Raveon engineered a compliant and reliable data radio modem to meet the stringent NTIA requirements commonly associated in key airport safety systems.  The new Raveon solution rolled out successfully to hundreds of airports across the US and the FAA continues to look to Raveon as a key provider of secure and reliable data communication solutions.

Infographic on airport asset tracking

For more than a decade, our company has been providing wireless data modems, radios, GPS tracking systems, and customized complex end to end solutions to some of the world’s largest organizations. We attribute our growth and long term relationships to our Customer Success Commitment, a thorough understanding of Customer requirements and outcomes, and a selective process of engaging our engineering teams with well established companies working on interesting projects designed to meet the demands of today, and challenges of tomorrow.

Our Customers

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