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Wireless Care Product from Raveon that focus on taking care of people.

Raveon Cares about our customers and the people our Customers utilize out products for. WIRELESS products are great for taking CARE of people and assets.  Wireless Care  (WiCare) products have been dispatched by Raveon for over 10 years.

WiCare Soldier Monitoring System (SMS) using GPS and Wireless Modem

We designed our ATLAS Personal Tacker is used on Army, Air-force, and Navy bases all over the country. Wirelss Care (WiCare) about Soldier Monitoring Systems (SMS) to use for tracking and monitoring, and it has an Alert Button that the user can request immediate help. If the Alert button is pressed, critical CARE will be sent to the soldier.  WiCare for soldiers.

Atlas PT

personal GPS tracking radio
The Atlas PT WiCare product is a military grade personal GPS transponder that provides command and control with immediate situational awareness of critical troop movement while adding additional security and safety to soldiers in the field through an emergency-distress button.

To help take CARE of people, the internal position sensor, man-down sensor, and motion sensor, position transmissions and man-down alerts may be triggered by position, motion, impact or lack-of motion.

The ATLAS PT is completely self-contained and portable. Meant to be worn by personnel in a variety of activities, it weighs just 16 ounces even with the built-in rechargeable batteries. Simple to operate, just “turn it on and go”. Furthermore, the ATLAS PT has some of the lowest power-consumption in the industry.

We extended the battery life for longer CARE. It has ultra-long battery life, running many days when reporting quickly, or weeks when it remotes in minutes.

Learn more.

MIL-SPEC GPS Tracker with Ethernet Port

M9 Ethernet Data Radio

The M9 data transceiver is a rugged MIL-STD-810 compliant ½ – 5 watt UHF data radio mode. It can monitor the location of a vehicle over 10-30 miles, and a helicopter or aircraft for 50-100 miles.

Monitor location and send alerts if necessary, so officer’s monitoring transport assets can take CARE of them if problems occur, or just know where they are to help them be aware of what to do there.

The RV-M9 is built to MIL810G standards, and is fully submersible for an hour at 1 meter.

For details see datasheet.

Careful Soldier Monitoring System (SMS)

Together with its partners, Raveon provides complete soldier monitoring systems to help take CARE of soldiers. WiCare products are to help take care of people.  For details contact us now!  Raveon’s WiCare SMS saves lives and helps keep soldier safe during training exercises. The SMS system monitors location to help actively take care of people, and has internal Man Down sensors to detect someone falling down and not getting up.

Monitor Sensors at Peoples Home

We Care about taking care of people and assets that need to be monitored. Our WiCare SCADA product is a long-range radio with General Purpose IOs.

This RV-M21G and RV-M22G radio modem are designed to remotely take care of things that are far away from simple network connections.

The GPIO pins can be setup as analog/voltage/digital inputs to monitor temperature, motion, switches, and alert buttons.

The GPIO pins can also be setup to output voltage to turn things ON or OFF.

People that CARE bout things or other people in remote areas, We Cared to created a way to help access them and control things.

WiCare about making remote monitoring and Controlling very easy to do. And this Wireless Care (WiCare) product is great to do that.

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