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The DART wireless protocol was explicitly designed and optimized for industrial control and data communications. DART has features that benefit wireless industrial control applications such as

  • Irrigation control
  • Smart-grid
  • Long-range telemetry
  • Water Management

With DART, a wireless data network using licensed frequencies can cover 10 to 10,000 times the area of other wireless technologies.


A DART wireless data system has a Master Gateway that controls the network, secures it, and manages data routing throughout the system. With user-configurable ID codes and routing tables, DART makes M2M communications easy, flexible, and secure. By automatically managing all of the challenging technical aspects of wide-area wireless (site roaming, device authentication, encryption, channel assignment, and bandwidth allocation) simple unintelligent devices can easily be wirelessly connected to the Internet Of Things. And not just to the IOT, but to your own private networks, servers, SCADA system, or HMI.

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