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VHF Data Radio Raveon Technologies announced a new VHF band (136-174MHz) radio modem compliant with FCC parts 22 and 90.  The new VHF M7 data radio modem is ideal for radio telemetry, SCADA, and AVL applications.  It meets the FCC refarming, spectral efficiency, and narrow-banding requirements, so older wide-band radios that must be taken out of service may be upgraded to this state-of-the-art narrow-band VHF data radio. 

VHF data radio with Industry Canada approval Raveon Technologies announces its VHF M7 data radio modem has been granted Technical Acceptance by Industry Canada.  (IC certificate: 8386A-RVM7VB)  Raveon’s new VHF band (150-174MHz) radio modem compliant with FCC parts 22 and 90 is also now available for sale in Canada. 

Atlas PL Personal LocatorRaveon Technologies announced a unique UHF-band GPS Personal Locator for real-time tracking and emergency location of personnel in mission-critical circumstances.  Along with real-time GPS position reporting, Raveon’s Atlas PL has advanced safety features such as position alert, proximity alert, and man-down.  
The ATLAS PL may be worn on a belt, carried in a back-pack, or strapped to a vehicle.  It instantly sends GPS position, radio status, and possible alert conditions over the UHF radio channel back to base stations, mobile displays, or to other ATLAS PLs.  And in time of need, the user may press an alert button and send a critical alert signal out requesting attention or urgent assistance.

UHF data radio modem Raveon Technologies announced the launch of the next-generation UHF data radio modem.  This radio modem incorporates powerful features and advanced functions into one simple-to-use data radio modem – and is priced below entry level models from other companies. Exceeding all FCC part 22 and 90 requirements for spectral efficiency, it features: 1-5 watts of RF output in the 450-480MHz (other bands available); outstanding communication range of up to 50 miles; ultra-fast T-R switching time of 3mS for telemetry systems; streaming or packetized data transmission; remote diagnostics for quick maintenance checks; VSWR monitoring of antenna for easy installation and; and programmable over-the-air data rates of 1200-1920bps.  

UHF CE Compliant data radio Raveon Technologies announced a new UHF radio modem compliant with ETSI EN 300 113.  The new M7 CE data radio modem meets all CE requirements for UHF radio modems for sales in the European Union, Africa, and worldwide where CE certification is required.  It features: 1-5 watts of RF output in the 440-480MHz band; outstanding communication range of up to 50 miles; fast T-R switching time of 10mS for telemetry systems; remote diagnostics for quick maintenance checks; and programmable over-the-air data rates of 1200-9600bps.  Each unit has built in store-and-forward repeater capability to greatly increase radio coverage, and remote “Ping” capability to testing the connection.  Remote site management is made easy with built-in voltage, temperature, and current monitoring. 

UHF GPS Tracking Radio Raveon Technologies announced a fully weatherproof and ruggedized UHF GPS transponder.  Their new M7 GPS tracking transponder is the fasted GPS transponder in its class, and is rated to IP65 weatherproof standards.  Utilizing the UHF radio spectrum, there are no recurring fees and no infrastructure required to build a tracking system with the M7.  The M7 features a UHF transceiver with high-speed modem, GPS receiver, TDMA channel access, and 5-watts of RF output.  This combination of technologies enables the M7 GX to track location and status in truly real-time – faster than any other competitive technology.   Where most systems typically update position in minutes, a system built with the M7 GX can send and received up to 200 position reports in 10 seconds.   

MURS band VHF data radio Raveon Technologies announced a new 2 watt VHF radio modem compliant with MURS regulations.  The 5 Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) frequencies are designated by the FCC as license-free.  Anyone may use a MURS approved radio without obtaining an FCC license for the channel.  The 5 channels designated as MURS are in the 151MHz and 154MHz frequency range and because they allow up to 2 watts of RF power, the communication range with this radio modem is up to 50 times greater than other unlicensed technology such as Wi-Fi and spread-spectrum.  Raveon has a Technical Brief (TB115) which outlines the use of the MURS frequencies for data applications.  The new VHF M7 MURS data radio modem model RV-M7-VM, is ideal for radio telemetry, SCADA, and AVL applications.

GPS Tracking using Google Earth Raveon Technologies’ RavTrack PC AVL software now supports interfaces to Google Earth. Vista, California  May 17, 2009 — With the release of RavTrack PC version 2.6, Raveon Technologies has added yet another interface to its RavTack AVL system, making RavTrack one of the best-connected AVL systems, with numerous user-interfaces.  By interfacing to Google Earth, users can visualize real-time asset locations in 3-D, and deliver optimized routing and driving directions.
Raveon’s RavTrack AVL System sends the location and status information to Google Earth using the industry-standard KML file format.  And because the KML file format is so widely supported in the computer-mapping industry, many other applications that use KML files will also work with Raveon’s RavTrack system. 

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