A Message From Raveon’s Production Team

The Raveon Production Team would like to thank all of its Customers, Suppliers, and Supporters. We have had an excellent 2012 year because of all of your efforts.   2013 is shaping up to be an equally successful year for us and we hope to continue to reduce lead time, increase affordability on new products, and work with our suppliers to ensure our quality continues to impress. We hope that all of our long term customer’s continue to thrive utilizing the technologies we produce, and our new customers continue to work with our sales and engineering team to find innovative ways to integrate Raveon’s products into their systems. Please send us your thoughts on the products you have received, we really appreciate the feedback.


Andrew Medina

Production and Logistics Manager

Raveon Technologies

Global Mapper 14.1 Has Been Released!

Raveon Technologies has had a lot of success utilizing previous versions of this software to rectify and output customer specific maps in GeoTIFF image formats, which are then imported into Ravtrack PC.  We will continue to use Global Mapper in our endeavors, please give us feedback on Global Mapper 14 and any other programs you use to customize your maps for RavTrack PC. 



SAIC and Raveon Respond to Army Training Requirements

Raveon Technologies Corporation has once again entered into a Teaming Agreement with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) to support SAIC’s Live Training Products and Systems Division. SAIC pursues United States Department Of Defense (DOD) solicitations for GPS tracking radios and personal locators for use in DOD test and training applications.  Raveon will support SAIC in order to develop an optimal approach to responding to certain DOD Solicitations using Raveon’s data radio, battery, and GPS tracking technology.

To learn more about SAIC’s Live Training Products contact:
John Garcia
SAIC Vice President, Live Training Business Development
12901 Science Drive | Orlando, FL 32826
office: +1.858.826.3701 | mobile: +1.619.884.3701

Man Down Radio System

man down alert system freeA man down alert is a digital communication that notifies higher level managers and business owners when an emergency man down situation occurs. Emergency man down situations can consist of falls, injuries, exposure to hazardous situations, or becoming incapacitated. A variety of different products are currently on the market that provides business owners and higher level managers with the ability to be notified of man-down alert.

One product that has proven to be effective in communicating a man down alert is ATLAS PT. This product is manufactured by Raveon Technologies and communicates a man-down alert with the use of radio frequencies. When an employee is injured, enters hazardous situations, falls, or becomes incapacitated on the job-site; the ATLAS PT will communicate an automated man down alert, a manual man down alert, or a critical alert to the appropriate individuals. Man-down alerting with the ATLAS PT has proven to be more reliable than competitors’ products because it has the ability to provide users with advanced safety features, encryption features, real-time updates, and extended battery life.

Man down alerting with the ATLAS PT has also proven to be more affordable and cost effective than competitors’ products. This is because the man down reporting system through ATLAS PT does not require owners to pay any monthly or reoccurring fees. The man down reporting system also has the ability to work with a broad range of software options and can be operated anytime or anywhere.

GPS Speed Alert

GPS speed alertA GPS speed alert can be a useful tool for employers in all types of industries. Although most individuals are aware that GPS technologies can be used to determine a target’s location and position, they are unaware that this same technology can be used for speed monitoring and remote speed tracking. Like others features of GPS systems, a GPS speed alert can be programmed by owners and managers by using a GPS system and GPS software. Once a specified speed has been determined and programmed by owners and managers, the speed monitoring and remote speed tracking process can occur.

There are a variety of products and systems on the market that provide owners and managers with GPS speed alerts when requested. However, one product that has proven to be extremely successful in delivering accurate GPS speed alerts, speed monitoring, and remote speed tracking is the RavTrack AVL system by Raveon Technologies. The Rav Track AVL system consists of two separate components: GPS transponders and GPS software. Once these components are installed, the owner and managers will be able to program the transponders through the software to issue a GPS speed alert when designated employees go over a specific speed. The RavTrack AVL system will also be able to participate the in speed monitoring and remote speed tracking process by measuring and monitoring a vehicle’s speed in real-time.

Unlike its competitors, the GPS speed alert of the RavTrack AVL system uses UHF/VHF radio frequencies to operate. This provides users with a variety of benefits not experienced in competitor products. Since the system operates in real-time, GPS speed alerts are found to be more accurate and accessible. Users of the RAV Track AVL system also can receive GPS speed alerts, participate in the speed monitoring process, and participate in the remote speed tracking process anytime or anywhere. With its unique radio frequency technology, the RAV Track AVL system will function in rural areas and areas that rarely receive a strong digital signal.

GPS Position Sensor

GPS Position sensor

The GPS position sensor is a critical component of every GPS tracking device. This is because the GPS position sensor determines the longitude, latitude, altitude, and horizon velocity of any item or individual’s position. Locating position information with GPS is a relatively simply process. Through the GPS position sensor; a signal is sent from the device, to a satellite, then to the item or individual. Once this signal reaches its target, the positioning data will be transmitted back to the device through the satellite. This process in commonly known as triangulation. In order to gauge the longitude, latitude, altitude, and horizon velocity of any item or individual’s position, the GPS position sensor will calculate how far the target is away from the satellite through the use of time.

A GPS position sensor can also be used to determine the longitude, latitude, altitude, and horizon velocity of any immobile or moving vehicle. Locating position information with GPS for this situation is also relatively simple. Even though vehicle or target may be moving, the triangulation process will take place between the GPS position sensor, the satellite, and the vehic

le. This is possible because the satellite will transmit new data to the GPS position sensor every time the vehicle or target switches location. The use of wide area augmentation systems in North American, allows vehicle tracking through GPS to be a more precise science.

Locating positioning information with GPS is an effective way to ensure that all of your human, physical, and vehicle assets are accounted for. Raveon Technologies offers a variety of AVL products that use GPS for this purpose. Because of the unique technologies developed by Raveon Technologies, there are no monthly fees, additional fees, or hidden fees with itsRavTrack products. All of the RavTrack products works everywhere, track in real-time, and offer complete solutions for its users.

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GPS Position Reporting

GPS position reportingGPS position reporting is becoming a common practice in many industries. Businesses can report GPS location and receive report location information through the use of GPS systems containing GPS software and GPS transponders. GPS position reporting is made simply through the use of Raveon Technologies Ravtrack AVL Products. In order to report GPS location and receive report location information with Ravtrack AVL, businesses owners will be provided with a full system that includes AVL software and GPS transponders. Once the AVL software and the RAV Track AVL system are installed by business owners, GPS position reporting can begin. The AVL software will allow the business owner to set up specifications and geo-fencing parameters of the targets that are being tracked by the system. This software will also allow the business owner to track and display the targets in real-time, configure reports, and be notified of zone and parameter violations. The GPS transponders included in the Ravtrack AVL system will send and receive signals about a target’s location through UHF radio frequencies. The GPS position reporting process becomes complete when these signals are transferred and decoded by the AVL software. In addition to determining the location of the target, the GPS transponders in the Ravtrack AVL system have the ability to determine the time and distance of the target.

Using the RAV Track AVL system for GPS position reporting can provide many benefits to business owners and managers. One benefit that can be experienced in the GPS position reporting process is the ability to track physical, human, and vehicle assets in real-time. A second benefit that can be experienced in the GPS position reporting process is the ability to track assets anytime or anywhere. When business owners and managers use the RAV Track AVL system for GPS position reporting they are also privileged to no monthly or recurring fees, reductions in waste time, reduced incidents of theft and misuse, and open software interfaces.

Automatic Man-Down

personal tracking system - man down alertAn automatic man-down alert system can mean the difference between an employee surviving or perishing in a hazardous or crisis situation. This is why automated man down alerting is becoming more common in a variety of different industries. Automatic man-down alerts or an alert for man down occur when higher level managers or owners are reached through an electronic technology to notify them that an injury, illness, or hazardous situation has occurred on the job site. This automatic man-down alert can come in the form of a beep or alarm, flashing light, and/or text message.

An alert for a man down is never a situation that an employee, owner, or higher level manager wishes to find themselves in. However, automated man down alerting has proven to be an effective way to make the job site more safe and healthy for all levels of employees. If an employee encounters hazardous or life threatening situations, either an automatic man-down alert or a manual man-down alert can be used to let the appropriate individuals know that they have encountered a dangerous or life threatening situation. In turn, the appropriate individuals can take action immediately in order to save the life of the individual in harm and other workers. Additionally, if an employee has become incapacitated, experiences a fall, or experiences an injury; an automatic man-down alert can be communicated to the owner and higher level managers so that they can immediately rescue and revive the employee that has sounded the alarm.

Man Down Alert System

Many products featuring automatic man-down alerts on the market have proven to be costly and ineffective in certain work environments. This is not the case for the Personal Tracker ATLAS PT by Raveon Technologies. Because the automated man down alerting system contained in the RAV Track ATLAS PL functions off of UHF radio signals, it can be used anytime or anywhere. The Automatic man-down alerts from this device also occur in real-time and are encrypted for secure communications. Businesses that use Ravtrack ATLAS for communicating an alert for man down also are privileged to no monthly and recurring fees that are experienced with its competitors’ products.


data radio UHF VHFA dataradio is a commonly used technology in today’s society. From baby monitors to GPS tracking systems, at least one dataradio can be found in almost every home, business, and vehicle in the United States. At first, the process in which a vhf dataradio, a wireless dataradio, or other forms of dataradios operate can seem complicated. However, in reality, the operational process of a dataradio is actually quite simple. In order to achieve it purpose, a dataradio must contain two components: a transmitter and a receiver. The dataradio transmitter and receiver must contain an antenna on each device. The transmitter will take the data or information and alter each of its three components into a single radio wave. These components include the frequency, amplitude, and a phase. Once converted, the single radio wave will be transmitted through the air to the dataradio receiver through its antenna. The data radio receiver accepts the single radio wave through its antenna and decodes it and converts it back into a physical form of information. This information can include written information or data, audio, images, video, and more.

Raveon Technologies provides dataradio solutions to businesses and individuals in a variety of different industries. The company’s vhf dataradio products offer high-speed, long-range solutions for the industries in search of improved process control, SCADA and telementary applications, and fast turn-around times. These dataradio products also offer companies a GPS option, real-time diagnostics and statistics, fast polling, and the benefit of OTA configuration. The company’s wireless dataradio products offer consumers reliable service and exceptional performance for a reasonable price. These wireless radio products are easy to use and configure, offer an outstanding communication range, are capable of real-time streaming data, and are small in size. Raveon Technologies also offer its current and potential consumers custom wireless design solutions to ensure that their specific needs and requirements are met and addressed.

Wireless Data Radios

Wireless data radios from Raveon TechnologiesWireless data radios can be used for diverse applications such as SCADA and wireless telemetry. Supervisory Control and Data acquisition or SCADA applications use wireless data radios in order to monitor and control remote applications and assets. In order to achieve this process, a SCADA system must contain a remoter terminal unit or RTU, a system control, and a control program. These components are then used with wireless data radios to communicate with one another and ensure that they are providing long-range coverage and accuracy to the user. When using a wireless data radio with SCADA applications or specifically designed SCADA data radios, users will also be able to experience the benefits of easy configuration, programmability, remote status monitoring, and remote “ping” processes.

Wireless data radios can also be used with wireless telemetry applications. Wireless telemetry is the process in which signal transmission occurs without the installation of a physical electric or fiber-optic cable. Three different types of wireless telemetry are commonly used in various industries: point to point telemetry, directed telemetry, and diffuse telemetry. The use of wireless data radios has been found to enhance this application and all of its types. This is because the use of wireless data radio technology along with wireless telemetry allows the application to become more reliable, productive, and efficient for the user. When using wireless telemetry along with wireless data radios, the users will experience the benefits of low rates of data and control inaccuracy, improved frequency modulation, programmability, and long-range coverage.

Communication with data radios and SCADA and wireless telemetry applications has never been simpler with Raveon Technologies’ wireless products. The company’s M7s Series Wireless Modems have proven to be an ideal selection for those wishing to use SCADA or telemetry applications in their businesses. This product features ultra fast T-R switching time, store-and-forward repeater capabilities, and remote “Ping” capabilities. Raveon Technologies also offers its current and potential clients the use of the Raveon’s RV-M5 FireLine series of data radio modems. These wireless data radio modems feature high-speed FCC refarming technology that is perfect for telemetry, remote control, GPS tracking, and transmitting wireless data.