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Raveon's Mission

Provide reliable wireless data products, offering exceptional performance and great value. By being a dedicated wireless partner, we ensure our products and services exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Raveon's Data Radio Solutions and Wireless Modems

Data Radio Modem

M7 UHF Wireless Modem

Long-range narrow-band UHF data radio modem. Exceeding all FCC part 22 and 90 requirements, it features: 1/2-5 watts of RF output in the 450-480MHz (other bands available), range of 5-50 miles, ultra-fast T-R switching time of 3mS, store-and-forward repeater capability, remote “Ping” capability, voltage, temperature, and current monitoring, and RS232/422/485 interfaces available.  Perfect for SCADA, remote control, telemetry, mobile-data, and AVL applications. More Info...



VHF data radioM7 VHF Wireless Data Modem

The newest member of the M7 family is the M7 VHF data radio modem.  Featuring an all digital base-band, this one radio modem works on wide and narrow band channels at any  baud rate from 800 to 19200.  It operates comes in two models, one covering 136-155MHz and another covering 150-174Mhz.  Each model covers the whole band without any manual tuning.  range of 5-50 miles, ultra-fast T-R switching time of 3mS, store-and-forward repeater capability, remote “Ping” capability, voltage, temperature, and current monitoring, and RS232/422/485 interfaces available.  Perfect for SCADA, remote control, telemetry, mobile-data, and AVL applications. More Info...


M7 WX weatherproof Data Radio Modem

M7 WX UHF data radio modem

Raveon's M7 WX series of IP65-rated "weatherproof" data radio modems are a high-speed FCC refarming compliant data radio designed for telemetry, wireless data, GPS, and remote control applications. Rhe M7 WX is a rugged and economical UHF radio modem. More Information



GPS Radio

M7 CE Compliant UHF Data Radios

Raveon's M7 CE series of UHFdata radio modems are a high-speed CE compliant data radio designed for telemetry, wireless data, GPS, AVL, and remote control applications.

The M7 CE features fast T-R switching times and over-the-air data rates up to 9600 baud. It has been optimized to meet the requirements for ETSI EN 300 113 and EN 301 89. It is distributed in Europe for Raveon Technologies by Logimine.

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long range data radio

M9 UHF Data Transceiver

The M9 data transceiver is a rugged MIL-STD-810 compliant ½ - 5 watt UHF data radio mode. Interface options include Ethernet, dual serial ports and USB. It has an optional GPS for use in AVL and asset tracking applications. Other options include tilt-sensor, EAS encryption, and 25 watt power amplifier.

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GPS Radio

License Free VHF MURS Band Data Radio

Raveon's RV-M7-VM data radio modem is a 2-watt FCC Part 95 certified data radio designed for telemetry, SCADA, AVL, wireless data, mobile-data and remote control applications. 

The RV-M7-VM data radio transceiver is designed exclusively for use on the license-free MURS radio channels. The FCC has set aside 5 VHF radio channels, limited to 2 watts of transmit RF power, for license free use in the United States. More information about thise "MURS" radio channels is available in our application note AN115. More Info...

rfneulink wireless products

rfneulink products have been used in two-way data radio applications for over twenty years. Many rfneulink products are used in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and also by banks, gas and oil, casinos, military units, government agencies, and manufacturing plants. With the aquisition of the rfneulink product line in 2013, Raveon continues RF Neulink's tradition of innovation and quality, while supporting RF Neulink’s existing customers. More Info...

Custom Wireless Design Solutions

Raveon has a variety of OEM solutions for wireless data.  If we do not have what you need, we specialize in creating and producing custom wireless solutions using our expertise in making long-range wireless remote control transmitters and receivers, GPS AVL products, and VHF/UHF radios which can be used in an application where range, reliability, and performance are paramount.  More Info.


GPS Radio

M7 GX GPS Transponder for AVL and Asset Tracking

The M7 GX transceiver's internal GPS with TDMA protocol data make it ideal for AVL and asset tracking systems.  It provides the fasted GPS position/status updates in the industry - as fast at 100 in 5 seconds! 



GPS Radio

Mobile Data Terminals

The RV-DT8-8R Mobile Data Terminal displays text messages on a large easy to read screen in a vehicle. Easy to use status buttons enable operators to quickly and safely respond to text messages and update their status. RFID option enables system operators to keep track of who is operating a particular vehicle.


GPS Radio

M8R POCSAG / Data Radio Dual-Mode Receiver

The M8R UHF receiver covers 450-480Mhz, and can decode two different over-the-air protocols. It can receive and output data sent from Raveon's M7 and ATLAS series data radio modems, or it can receive POCSAG paging data. The decode mode may be manually configured, or selected using an input pin. In POCSAG decode mode, it can decode 512, 1200, or 2400 baud POCSAG, numeric or alphanumeric pages. Contact Raveon for more information.


GPS Radio

M8S OEM Data Radio Modem

The M8S UHF and 217-220MHz data radio modem is designed for OEM applications where an embedded long range data radio is requried. Its small size, lower power consumption, 2 watts of RF output, and versitile digital interface makes it easy to integrate into your product. It can communicate with Raveon's M7 and ATLAS series data radio modems, and it can also receive POCSAG paging data.


GPS Radio


Raveon offers various accessories for its data radio products such as mounting hardware, antennas, and power supplies. 


Custom Wireless Solutions

RavTrack Complete Real-Time GPS Tracking

For real-time GPS tracking solutions using the M7 transceiver, see our AVL/tracking website.

Raveon offers a complete GPS tracking system using UHF radio technology which enables you to track vehicles, people, and assets very quickly, with no recurring fees.

man down radio

ATLAS - Portable GPS Tracking Radios

The Atlas series of portable tracking radios is a valuable component of an emergency response, search and rescue, wildfire fighting, or security team. The Atlas is part of Raveon's RavTrack GPS tracking technology.  It is compatible with the M7 GX transponder series and RavTrack PC AVL software.

For privacy and security, over-the air encryption is standard on every Atlas transponder. For network versatility, the Atlas incorporates a 16-bit identification code, allowing up to 65,000 objects to be identified in one system and a "group code" (1-255).  For wide-area coverage, all Atlas may be set to store-and-forward messages from other RV-M7 or from other Atlas transponders. 

radio to IP gatewayCigorn Wireless Network Project

Raveon Technologies has put together a website to manage and document a new communication system we are developing. The system architecture is codenamed “Cigorn” and the core component of the system is a Linux base Cigorn Gateway
Raveon's vision of this Cigorn system is a CIty-to-Global Radio Network that is easy to manage, simple to deploy, data centric, and very bandwidth efficient. 

Give us your input and ideas for this project, or even help on the development. The software is Open Source, and we encourage all of our customers who sell, manage, or use wide-area wireless networks to participate. For details see the Cigorn RF Gateway Website.