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Raveon's POCSAG Paging Technology

POCSAG Transmitter

ON-Site POCSAG Transmitter
Web Interface, VHF/UHF, TAP


pocsag decoder receiver

Dual-Mode POCSAG receiver
UHF, Data and Decode Out

The POCSAG protocol is still one of the most robust and reliable communicatin protocols ever invented. For ultra-long range, low-data-rate applications, it can be a great protocol choice. Raveon is an expert in POCSAG technology, and has developed many products that implement POCSAG.

The POCSAG name comes from the UK, and stands for: Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group which at one time controlled all telecommunications in Britain. POCSAG is a radio data transmission protocol used to transmit one-way messages to “pagers”.  Pagers are radio small receivers that are activated when a properly message encoded is transmitted to them over a radio channel.  

The POCSAG protocol was a major improvement over previous tone-based paging protocols, allowing for much longer pager battery life and many more subscribers per system.

There are three standard POCSAG data rates: 512, 1200, or 2400 bps.  512bps has the longest communication range, while 1200 and 2400 allow for more pages to be transmitted per second.

POCSAG pages are transmitted in a batch structure, with a long pre-amble at the beginning of the message to allow pagers to periodically asynchronously wake up, and listen for a page.  Once they detect the preamble, they sync-up to the PCSAG message by detecting the embedded synch bits.  Pagers analyze sequential batches of pages to see if any batch contains an address code word frame with its own cap code.

POCSAG Paging Information

  • POCSAG Overview (AN1452) by Adam Hickerson. This tchnical note details how the POCSAG protocol works. If you use Raveon POCSAG products, then you will not need to worry about the technical details of POCSAG,because our POCSAG products handle all the protocol details.


POCSAG At Raveon

Custom Products

  • Raveon has designed and built a number of RF products that use POCSAG paging technology in them. If you need a POCSAG transmitter, reciever, or related device, contact Raveon to have it designed for you.
  • We have custom firmware to turn an M7 data radio mdoem into a 5-watt POCSAG transmitter.
  • We have POCSAG decoder firmware for our data radio modems to enable them to decode all POCSAG baud rates.
  • We can easily create a WEB interface to our CIgorn gateway to give users the ability to send POCSAG pages using a WEB browser.