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Provide reliable wireless data products, offering exceptional performance and great value. By being a dedicated wireless partner, we ensure our products and services exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Raveon Product Documentation

Beginning with version D50 firmware, M7 data radio modems from Raveon have the Bootloader firmware pre-installed in them.  If a user wishes to update the main firmware in these radios, they can do so using Raveon’s RadioManager software and without having to open up the product’s enclosure.    RadioManager 4.2 and higher has the ability to update Raveon products that have a “Bootloader” installed in them.  Beginning in 2013, most new Raveon products have a Bootload program installed in them, that allow their firmware to be updated using RadioManager. M7 series of data radio modems with firmware version D50 and higher are able to be bootloaded.

For information about installing the Raveon Bootloader firmware on your M7 series of data radio modem, please see Raveon Tech Brief AN180


Philips Flash Utility:  A Windows XP/Vista utility used to update firmware in Raveon's M3, M5 and M7 series products

Raveon’s Radio Manager
Version 3.4 <download>
Version 5.8 (exe)* <download>

*RadioManager version 5.0 and above has the ability to upload firmware in Raveon data radio modems and GPS transponders that have the Raveon Bootloader in them.  RadioManger 5.0 is not released as an install package, but you may download the executable.

Product Firmware Images
M7-U Data Radio Modem - Version D64 <download>
M7-V Data Radio Modem - Version D64 <download>
M7-U-GX GPS Transponder - Version D64 <download>
M7-V-GX GPS Transponder - Version D64 <download>

For the RV-M7 series of data radio modems, the Bootloader installed in them is version A06.