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FCC Frequency Coordination Assistance

Raveon provides a service to its customers to assist them with obtaining an FCC license for their radio system.  You do not need to use this service to obtain an FCC license or use Raveon products. Most of our customers handle the licensing themselves, but it you do want assistance, we are here to help.

When you apply, there is no guarantee that the FCC will issue you a license, but our experience with this process shows that it usually is successful. Raveon assists with the process, and hopes that it will be successful.  It is your responsibility to submit true information to Raveon and the FCC, operate  your system within the law, and pay any and all fees due to the FCC and the Frequency Coordination firm. 


There will be the fees associated with this process. Raveon’s processing fee, the FCC license fee, and the frequency coordinator service fee.   

Raveon Raveon’s processing fee for helping you with this application is a fixed $200.00.  This is a non-refundable fee regardless if the FCC issues you a license or not.

Frequency Coordinator Raveon will work with a frequency coordinator to obtain the frequency allocation for your application. The frequency coordinator’s have varying fee schedules, typically in the $500 - $900 range, including the coordination fee and the FCC fee. 

FCC License Fee This is included with the payment to the frequency coordinator.

Application Process

Raveon’s Role

  1. Discuss your radio system to understand its operation with regards to FCC regulations.
  2. Fill out much of the FCC License Application Request Form form for you.
  3. Assist you with understanding the process
  4. Work with Frequency Coordinator to fill out form FCC 601 and applicable schedules.
  5. Work with Frequency Coordinator to determine the proper frequency band and channel to use for your system.

Your Role

  1. Complete the FCC License Application Request Form form and sign it.
  2. Pay Raveon the processing fee.
  3. Pay the frequency coordination and FCC fees as charged by the Frequency Coordinator. 
  4. Read and Sign applicable Frequency Coordination forms and FCC forms.
  5. Operate your system within the law and the FCC rules, and the terms of your license.

License Granted

The license will be in your name, and it is your responsibility to operate the system within the FCC rules and regulations. 
If you modify your system, you will need to notify the FCC and fill out the appropriate forms.

License Not Granted

If a frequency is not available in your area, the Frequency Coordinator should be able to determine this within 4 weeks.  There may be some nominal fee to the Frequency Coordinator for attempting to find a frequency allocation.

Raveon will discuss options with you to modify the frequency request so that the coordinator can find some channel to use. Lower antenna height, lower power, or alternate sites will be discussed.

Application for Raveon Assistance

The Frequency-Coordinator-Information-Request.pdf form may be downloaded here, or contact Raveon sales to have them email it to you. This simple form will give Raveon enough information to work with you and the FCC frequency coordinator to apply for your license. Raveon charges a small fee for this service.

Useful FCC Licensing LInks

FCC Office of Engineering and Technology (OET)   This FCC office regulates the wireless services for FCC part 15, 22, 90, and 95 type product.   If you are engaged in public safety activities, you can go directly to this web site for FCC licensing information.   If you are a business, commercial, or institutional organization, this web site offers information on obtaining an FCC license.

Freq coordinators-below-800MHz  A list of frequency coordinators for radio services below 800MHz.  These frequency coordinators can assist in obtaining FCC licenses.