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RV-M7 Firmware Revision Log

The following changes list the main features of the of the RV-M7 firmware that were changed, modified or added. 

Version B9

  1. Added support for UA and UD radio types.

  2.  Added PA temperature compensation.

  3.  Changed default frequencies.

  4.  Added ATGP command to set/read the group number.  ATGP 0 turns group feature off.

  5.  Added SLOTQTY to –GX version.

  6.  Added CONFIG command to display the overall configuration.

Version B10

  1. Added FORCEON command to force the GPS receiver to be on at all times.

  2. Added CPUMP, CHNUM, and ATRC commands.

  3. Re-organized EEPROM data.  Upgrading from B9 or lower must be done at the factory.

  4. Removed references and commands related to VSWR. 

  5. Added REPEAT x command to allow quick repeater configuration.

  6. Added BAND command to display the frequency band.

  7. Commands now auto-save.  No need to issue ASV command.

Version B13

  1. Fixed bug in WPL sentence to the Lat/Lon fields.

  2. Fixed TLL checksum calculation.

  3. Added SLOTNUM command to set the number of TDMA slots a unit is allowed to use.

Version B18

  1. Added FREEWHEEL command.
  2. Improved receive MODEM performance with DC tracking.
  3. Fixed PRAVE message bug where heading was sometimes negative.
  4. Added support for MAGNET protocol.
  5. Added TDMADATA command to give data priority over position.
  6. Removed Auto Status feature. 
  7. Speed up GPS lock and TDMA slot accuracy.

Version B25

  1. Implemented WMX protocol.
  2. Added SLOTNUM command to configure the slot number.  SLOTNUM -1 set it to match the ID.
  3. Improved MODEM firmware operation in the presence of noise or distorted signals.
  4. Added check to ensure that transmit time-out-timer cannot be set to 0.
  5. Reduced duplicate-packet timer from 10 seconds to 3 seconds.
  6. Fixed TLL lat/long leading zero bug.
  7. Added ATJF command to set the CTS threshold byte quantity.
  8. Randomized retries when ACK is used.