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Outstanding RF Transceivers for 30+ years

Raveon and our Division Neulink have been manufacturing high-tech data radio modems for over 20 years.

We make complete wireless solutions using data radio transceivers.  they have hundreds of features built in to them, to make you system easy to put together and work great.  These products are easy to use, long-range, and will meet your system needs.

Transceivers with an Enclosure

These Tech Series enclosures have a myriad of IO options and smart radios inside.

Tech Series Modular Smart Radios Modems allow for more control over the system. Tech Series is a modular radio that allows you to change out the front I/O panel to the connections you want. It has a rugged power connector and a myriad of IO interface options: RS-232, RS485,  RS-422, USB, GPIO, FIO…

See on the top of this radio, there are many different IO interface options for this enclosure.

Withing this enclosure, we have many different Data Radio Transceiver that can be used within them.

VHF or UHF Data Radio Transceivers are available.

Custom versions can be designed and manufactured for you if you need custom radio transceivers.


Data Radio Transceivers Modules

Raveon makes OEM data radio modules.

Raveon has a variety of OEM solutions for wireless data.

We manufacture these for our use in Tech Series Radios, and also provide these to OEMs who need data radio transceivers in their products.

We specialize in creating and producing custom wireless solutions using our expertise in making long-range wireless remote control transmitters and receivers, GPS AVL products, and VHF/UHF/ISM/LTE radios which can be used in systems where range, reliability, and performance are paramount.

Custom versions can be designed and manufactured for you if you need custom radio transceivers.


MIL-SPEC GPS Tracker with Ethernet Port

A rugged MIL-SPEC GPS Tracker is available for use in military vehicles, tanks, aircraft, or helicopters.

The M9 data transceiver is a rugged MIL-STD-810 compliant ½ – 5 watt UHF data radio mode.

Interface options include Ethernet, dual serial ports and USB.

It has an optional GPS for use in AVL and asset tracking applications. Other options include tilt-sensor, EAS encryption, and 25 watt power amplifier.

Custom versions can be designed and manufactured for you if you need custom radio transceivers.





Raveon Data Radio Transceivers are very long-range Wireless Data Radios.

For 5 watt VHF radios:

A communication range of 5-60 miles

For 5 watt UHF Radios:

A communication range of 3-40 miles

For 2 watt radios:

A communication range of 1-30 miles

For LoRa 1W radios:

A communication range of 1-20 miles


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These are Long Range Data Radios.

Raveon’s data radio modems are very long-range data radios. There are many technologies in them that enable them to communicate over miles, and often over hundreds of square miles.

For more information about RF Propagation this: RF Propagation Webpage describes all the technologies that affect communication range.


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