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The WayWORD MDT has a mount pattern compatible with the mounting hardware made by  RAM.  RAM makes a large number of mounting devices for most any vehicle and situation. On the back of the MDT are 4 mounting holes designed to line-up with the RAM model number:  RAP-B-202U-225.



Below is a picture of the WayWORD  MDT with a RAM ball mount secured to it.


Click here for RV-DT8-1 Mobile Data Terminal datasheet  The hole pattern on the rear of the WayWORD mobile data terminal is 2.0″ X 1.5″ and accommodates mounting screws with an 8/32 thread pitch.  The terminal has threaded holes in the back of it, so the mount on the rear of the mobile data terminal can be directly screwed on with 8/32 size screws.


MDT hole drawing

Caution:  Do not screw mounting screws into the MDT that go into the terminal more than than 1/4″  (6mm).


Mobile Data Terminal Mounts

Raveon Part Number: RK-PD-1
Description:  The RK-PD-1 is a 2 inch by 2.5 inch PLASTIC plate with a 1.0 inch diameter ball. The plate has 4 pre-drilled holes.
Raveon Part Number: RK-PD-2
Description:  The RK-PD-2 is a rail base with a 1″ ball to attach to a pipe or handlebar.  It has a 1.0 inch diameter ball.
Raveon Part Number: RK-PA-1
Description:  The RK-PA-1 is a 2.28 inch adapter arm to connect two RAM 1″ ball mounts. Overall Length: 2.38″Socket-To-Socket Length: 1.75″.
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