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Every Raveon Data Radio Modems have UWORC Interfaces.

Here is a list of popular OEM data radios that Raveon and Many customers used UWORC.
All Radios we design always have UWORC options in them.   UWORC is great!  There are 20 pins in all Radios.
Customers love using UWORC to link-up their System to a Radio.  Plugging these 20 UWORC pins in-to your products is easy.
Many customers and military designers use UWORC interfaces.

UWORC is: Universal Wireless OEM Radio Connector info.

System integrators can count on being able to plug in any Raveon OEM Module Radio Modem using the same signals, commands, and protocols.
They quickly adapt their communications system to a specific application.

These modules are idea for integrating into OEM products.


The RV-M8 UHF  is used in our RV-M21 Tech series radio modems.
UWORC is in it.


The RV-M8 VHF radio modem modules, used in our RV-M21 Tech series radio modems. These modules are idea for integrating into OEM products.  UWORC is in it.


The miniature RV-M6 radio modem is UHF or VHF.   UWORC is in it.


The RV-M50 License Free module is certified and with all other Raveon OEM radio modem modules.
We created this M50 with LORA Technology.  It uses UWORC interface easy for you.

The UWORC Interface with 20 Pins

Raveon’s UWORC connector is implemented on all OEM radio modems, enabling a user to utilize many different radio modems in their system.
Designing systems to migrate between UHF, VHF, and 900 MHz License Free ISM becomes simple when using Raveon Radio Modems.
All of our radios use UWORC.   All radios have 20 IO pins.   AN224(UWORC)   is a (__.PDF)  Applicatoin Note about (UWORC).
Here is a simple list of the UWORC 20 Pins.

1   GND       Ground
2   VIN          Voltage Input
3   CD            Carrier Detect Out/Output.   Some can use this as an Input or Output.
4   TX_ON    Triggers out to show when Transmit it ON.
5   TXD          Data to transmit.
6   RXD         Data Received send out here.
7   EN             Enable this. Normally does, but you can Disable this radio if you want.
8  SLEEP      Sleep-Mode input to slow down DC power.
9   CTS            I/O for UART Handshake. Can be Data in/out to monitor or send.
10  RTS           To Send UART. It can tell radio stop sending.
11   RSSI          Output to show we Received as Signal.
12  3V              3V output if you need some DC power.
13   IO_A        IO pin can also do Analog IO.
14   IO_B        Digital Functions for IO.
15   IO_C         Digital Functions for IO.
16   STAT1      Status output to LEDs.
17   A_OUT    Analog,Audio output.
18  STAT2      Status output to LEDs. about Power.
19  GND          Ground.
20  V_BU        Backup Voltage   3.3V Max.


All UWORC Radios are in SCADA technology and OEM users use these with UWORC.
Our Radios for SCADA are called RAVN we also used UWORC for Radios be put into the SCADA RAZN Devices.

All UWORC Radios are in Water-Proof Radios we Created.
Our Waterproof Radios are called OGGI and M24 devices.

UWORC Extra Information

Read the Application Note if you want to communicate with our Radios  AN224(UWORC)   is a .PDF.

Miniature ISM band LoRa data radio modem.

     Pin 1 and 19: GND

    Pin 13, 14, 15:  IO Voltage Levels

    Pin 16 and 18: STAT1 and STAT2

 Here are the LEDs

They are  Stat1  and Stat2



Interface Features:

The UWORC Interface has many Features to keep it reliable.

  1. DC Power Input and 3.3V DC output. 1+19 are GND  2 is Voltage Input.
  2. Asynchronous serial Data with CTC and RTS
  3. 3 Digital General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
  4. Device enable pin to control DC power. Connect to GND to turn off the Radio. Pin 7 is EN.
  5. Analog RSSI output signal
  6. The I/O connector is a 20-pin header, 2 mm pin spacing. (UWORC)

Made In America

These OEM data radio modem modules were design here in California, and are built in America!

Raveon engineers, and our divisions, have been designing and building RF Data Radios in America for over 30 years.
Raveon loves to team up with OEMs who need good data radios, and radio versions are often optimized perfectly for our OEM partners.

Devices can Communicate with WMX to all Data Radios

Wireless Modem Exchange (WMX) is the Protocol to communicate to Radios.   

All of our Radios are perfect for OEM systems that use these, Radios.  All of Raveon Radios have 20 pin connectors on the front of them.
The 20-pin interface is called UWORC:    Universal Wireless OEM Radio Connector is UWORC info.

WMX protocol can work with UWORC interface,

This WMX feature can be turned on to any radio.   The Application not is:  WMXprotocol     Wireless Message Exchange serial interface is a   .PDF
In the website, WMX  info link is here:  WMX protocol     WMX may be enabled for more flexible serial data communications.

UWORC Information about the 20-Pin Interface

Raveon’s UWORC connector is implemented on all OEM radio modems, enabling a user to utilize many different radio modems in their system.

AN224(UWORC)   is a .PDF Applicatoin to about (UWORC).


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