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VHF MURS data radio modem

VHF MURS Channel Data Radio Modem

RV-M3-M datasheet(pdf)

Unlicensed Narrow Band
Featuring the range and power of a licensed narrow-band radio, with the convenience and size of a unlicensed spread-spectrum radio, the RV-M3-M is a narrow-band VHF data radio modem operating on the unlicensed MURS radio channels.

Very Long Range
No other unlicensed radio can match the range of the RV-M3-M.  With a link-margin of over 147dB, it will work well over 5 miles line-of-sight using simple omni-directional antennas.

Range Comparison

Radio technology

Link Margin

Approximate Range

Raveon RV-M3-M

140 - 150dB

1-10 miles         █████████

915MHz ISM, non spread

90 – 115dB

100ft – 1 mile     ██

2.4GHz spread-spectrum

100 - 120dB

200ft – .25 miles █

915 ISM, spread-spectrum


300ft – 1 mile     ██

Data, telemetry, or Remote Control
This MURS Data Radio modem is a 1/2 watt VHF data modem in module form, designed to easily integrate into OEM products.  Perfect to remote control, wireless data, and telemetry applications, it contains a high-performance transceiver with an integrated modem.  With over-the air baud-rates of 800 - 4800 baud, the RV-M3-M has incredible receive sensitivity, and outstanding communication range. 

Easy to Use
Configured with standard AT commands, the modem looks "transparent" to most applications.  Passing data between two RV-M3-M radio modems is as simples as sending a byte into or out of a serial port.  AT commands may be used to optimize the modem's performance for range, speed, system timing, power consumption, or simply to select a channel. Raveon will provide technical assistance with integrating this radio into your product, and obtaining FCC certification of the end-product.

Pricing  OEM prices start at $130 (100s). Contact Raveon for quantity prices. 

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  • General Features
  • Specifications
  • Downloads
  • Accessories
  • Integrated radio and modem
  • 19200 bps in 25kHz9600 bps in a 12.5kHz channel.
  • Very Small size. Very low power.  (<100mA while receiving)
  • RS232 standard, Ethernet, RS485 and RS422 options available.
  • Outstanding Range. 5-30 miles typical.
  • Easy to use, yet fully programmable.
  • Real-time streaming data or Packetized operation - user configurable.
  • Each modem is store-and-forward repeater capable.
  • Automatic key-on-data operation.
  • Utilizes AT commands to configure
  • Sophisticated built-in diagnostics AND remote diagnostics.
  • 32 bit CPU with base-band Digital Signal Processing for exceptional sensitivity
  • Low-power modes for extended operation off of batteries or solar power.
  • Programmable serial port baud rates, and flow-control.
  • Automatic error correction
  • Built-in automatic status monitoring of modem performance and DC input voltage.
  • Compatible with MODBUS and DNP-3.


  • RF Power Output .5W at 5VDC, 1.0Wat 8VDC
  • Maximum Duty Cycle 50% at 5VDC
  • Maximum Frequency Deviation ± 2.25kHz
  • Occupied bandwidth 11 kHz
  • TX Spurious outputs < -65dBc
  • Occupied Bandwidth Per FCC


  • RX sensitivity (1% BER): 4800bps -113dBm; 2400bps -117dBm
  • RX selectivity, adjacent channel -60dB
  • RX selectivity, alternate channel -65dB
  • RX intermodulation rejection -60dB at 2400bps
  • Image and spurious response -70dB


    User Inter face Port:
  • Connector Type 20-pin 0.100” header
  • Voltage Levels 3.3V CMOS
  • RX and TX data Async data
  • Modem handshake signals RTS, CTS, CD
    RF I/O:
  • Connector: SMA (F)

RV-M5-U(datasheet) UHF narrow-band high-power data radio modem, 2 watts, RS232  I/O.  FCC approved for parts 22 and 90.

RV-M5-V(datasheet) VHF narrow-band high-power data radio modem, 2 watts, RS232 I/O. FCC parts 22 and 90 compliant. FCC approval pending.

RV-M5-M(datasheet) Unlicensed MURS band data radio modem, 2 watts, RS232 I/O. FCC parts 95 compliant. FCC approval pending.

RV-M5-X(interface) FireLine data radio modem, RS232 I/O, for use with external radio transceiver.

User Manuals and Documentation:

RV-M5-V and RV-M5-U (.pdf) User manuals are available on-line.  Click on this link to the left to download a pdf of the technical manual for the RV-M5-V and RV-M5-U series of modems.

RV-M5-M (.pdf) MURS Band User manuals are available on-line.  Click on this link to the left to download a pdf of the technical manual.

Remote Management (pdf)  Built into all FireLine modems, is a set of unique remote management and diagnostic capabilities. FireLine users are able to remotely read network statistics, configuration, and operating conditions of any FireLine modem in the system.

FireLine Competitive Features (pdf)  Document AN125 describes the unique features of the FireLine wireless modem.  Some of the FireLine's features are available in other company's products, but no other wireless modem on the market has as rich and complete set of a feature as Raveon's FireLine.

CAD Drawings:

FireLine.dwg (.pdf) FireLine housing drawing in CAD format.


Part Number Description

DC Power Cord 

DC Power Cord. Note: Each RV-7 comes standard with one power cord included with each unit.