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The RV-M8 series of OEM radio modems is configured to easily be integrated into OEM products.

The 20 pin UWORC connector is a standard data radio modem pin out used on all Raveon OEM radio modems.

A PDF describing the UWORC is here.

The 20-pin connector has male pins to plug into your PCB.

The male connector on the radio modem is a 20-pin 2mm header.


This Radio with the UWORC connector is easy to design into your product.  A;; Raveon OEM radios use this connector pin-out so you can use any or all of our radios in you rroducts.

The following table details a UWORC’s pin function and detailed implementation on supported hardware:

Pin No. Name I/O Type M8 M8/M6 Daisy(VHF, UHF, UHF+) D50/Z50Daisy

(LoRa and 3G/4G)

1 GND Ground
2 VIN I 12-30V 12-30V(5V without –V option)
3 CD O Dig Carrier Detect
4 TX_ON O Dig Transmitter On Indicator
5 RX I Dig UART Receive Data
6 TX O Dig UART Transmit Data
7 EN I Dig(Up to Vin) Enable, Active HighPulled up to Vin with 1Mohm

Enable when >2.0V



I Dig Selectable:Data Terminal Ready

Sleep (Active High)

UART 2 Input

9 CTS O Dig Clear To Send UART Handshaking
10 RTS I Dig Ready To Send UART Handshaking. Used to stop/start the flow of data output. 0 = OK to send, 1 = don’t send. Leave disconnected if not used.
11 RSSI O Analog Receive Signal Strength Indicator Unused(Tied to Pin 17)
12 3_3V O 3.3V Output
13 IO_A/A_IN/


I/O Dig/Analog Selectable:IO_A Digital Functions

Analog/Audio Input

UART 2 Output

14 IO_B/USB_DM I/O Dig Selectable:IO_B Digital Functions

USB Negative Line

15 IO_C/USB_DP I/O Dig Selectable:IO_C Digital Functions

USB Positive Line

16 STAT1 O Dig Status 1 LED Indicator Output20mA LED Drive Capable
17 A_OUT O Analog Analog/Audio Output
18 STAT2/BLOAD I/O Dig Status 1 LED Indicator Output20mA LED Drive Capable

At power-on (VIN and EN), pull to 3.3V to activate primary bootloader

19 GND Ground
20 V_BU I Backup Voltage3.3V Maximum

Leave unconnected if unused

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