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Remote Pivot Irrigation Control

Remote pivot irrigation control is a new technology that will is expected to revolutionize the irrigation control industry. Although the process of remote pivot irrigation control sounds extremely complicated, when broken down, the process proves to be relatively simple. Users can control pivot irrigation remotely with the use of wireless data radio technology.

Four basic components are needed for remote pivot irrigation control to occur: a control panel with operating switches, a wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver, and an actuator. The first process in installing a remote or wireless pivot irrigation control is to attach the control panel to the main pivot irrigation controller. Once this process has been accomplished, it is recommended that the actuator be attached on top of the control panel. A wireless receiver will then be installed in each individual pivot irrigation controller within the irrigation system. Finally, the wireless transmitter will be installed into the computer or operating system used to manage the remote pivot irrigation control system.

One of the biggest struggles that individuals within the agriculture industry face when implementing remote pivot irrigation control or wireless irrigation systems is identifying a cost-effective and efficient manufacturer of wireless data radios and wireless data radio systems. Raveon Technologies offers its consumers a variety of different products and services that are suitable for remote and wireless pivot irrigation control systems. The M7 CE Compliant UHF Data Radio is specifically designed for telemetry, wireless data, GPS, AVL, and remote control applications. This data radio has the ability to operate long-range, provide users with real-time diagnostics and statistics, and is rugged and weather proof. The M7 CE Compliant UHF Data Radio also features fast polling, high speed and high efficiency, and a GPS options. If the M7 CE Compliant UHF Data Radio does not fit your businesses specific needs, Raveon Technologies offers all of its current and potential customers the option of custom wireless design solutions. This service ensures that needs of those wishing to install remote pivot irrigation control systems are adequately served.

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