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In 2006, Raveon Technologies announced a RV-M7-GX GPS tracking transponder, a UHF transceiver with high-speed modem, GPS receiver, TDMA channel access, and 5-watts of RF output. Now Raveon has more than a dozen GPS tracking transponder radio modems for remote real-time-tracking.

The GPS Transponder has many technological advantages over conventional tracking products. These include:

  • Fast Switching: The Data Radio Modems GX transceiver option has a fast-lock PLL with a lock-time of only 1mS, and a T-R turn-around time of less than 3mS. This enables the radio to make real-time transmissions in TDMA or conventional modes.
  • Multi-Protocol Interface: The M7, M8, M6, M50 GPS tracking versions have built-in interfaces to various PC software programs, GPS plotters, Radar plotters, and Microsoft Map Point.
  • Works anywhere in the world! These private radio systems can be used to track in forests, mountains, cities, oceans, or anywhere. No need for Base stations, IoT, networks, internet, or Google. These just work and you can track anywhere. And if you want to connect to an network or internet, you can and track things anywhre using a PC wherever you want.
  • Data Compression: Location transmissions are compressed, allowing not only location to be sent, but also voltage, temperature, input status, speed, direction, and time to be sent – and still take less air-time than most radios use to transmit their position.
  • Advanced modulation: Most tracking radios operate at 1200 or 2400 baud over the air. The M7 series operate 4-10X faster using CPFSK2/4 modulation for data rates as high as 19.2K over the air.
  • TDMA Channel Access: TDMA (Time-Division Multiplexing) is built into every M7 GX radio modem. With TDMA, 100 vehicles may be tracked with 10-second updates, and no RF interference. Even when using a simplex repeater!
  • Encrypted Data.  The GPS location/status messages can be encrypted by the Raveon modem using AES encryption.
  • Available for use on narrow-band radio channels, or License Free ISM band.

See our our  Website for all GPS tracking information using narrow-band long-range radios.

Since the RV-M7 radio modem became one of the most popular GPS tracking radios, Raveon has incorporated TDMA and GPS tracking into all other radio modems and OEM radio modules.


Here is a list of all Radio Modems with GPS tracking technology options:

RV-M21 Tech Series Radio modem, 5 watts ultra long-range.

Atlas PT Personal GPT tracker for Wireless Care and monitoring soldiers.

RV-M22 Tech Series Radio Modem, 2 watts, or 1watt LoRa long-range tracking.

RV-M8G OEM modem module with GPD tracking capability. See

RV-M9  Mil-Spec GPS transponder for tracking military-grade vehicles or aircraft.

RV-M6G  Miniature low-cost OEM Module GPS transponder with Ublox GPS tracking chip and TDMA. It is compatible with all other Raveon GPS transponders.

RV-M50G   LoRa GPS transponder.   Raveon’s LoRa is ultra long-range, lower-lower, miniature, transponder module working reliably 5 to 20 miles.

All of Raveon ‘s GPS transponder information is on our  Website.

These unique features enable complete Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) to be accomplished without the need for PC computers, wide-area networks, monthly service fees, or internet connections. The are outstanding GPS transponders, and when connected to a standard GPS display, it will show the location of all other GPS tracking radios within radio range. It makes a Complete Real-Time Tracking system with in-vehicle display, perfect for the construction foreman, park ranger, public safety official, or mobile user.

Raveon also offers RavTrack PC, a software program that works with the M7 GX to create a sophisticated AVL system, with mapping, alarming, and geo-fencing.
Available in standard, and IP65 weather proof versions,.


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