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Remote Autonomous Zone Node RTU/PLC    RV-N55-7

The RV-N55-7 RAZN is an automated peripheral to remotely monitor sensors and can also remotely control your things.

The RAZN, and many other versions, can help cities and states prepare for extreme weather disasters with Autonomous operation.

This RV-N55-7 RAZN version has ultra-high performance voltage and current monitoring inputs, and many other GPIO interfaces.

Long Range Wireless options are: narrow UHF or VHF channels, or license-free ISM band. Internal wireless modems within the RAZN can link RAZNs together.

To meet your needs, Raveon created this easy to use autonomous peripheral with wireless data links built into it, and many great IO features.
And it has more Programmable Logic features within it (for Autonomous operation) than any other RTU or PLC in the world.  In 2020 it was US patented.
SCADA and Telemetry requirements are good to use the RAZN.

Use this as an RTU or PLC, and it can also autonomously do what needs to be done. This makes your system safer because it will do things if the controller or network fails.

RAZN   RV-N55-7   Product Features

We offer more features, great performance, and a reliable product at an exceptional price.

This complete solution can remotely control things that are even miles away.
The TI ADCs used to monitor voltage and currents are claimed “Best In The World” by TI.  RAZN uses them!
2 Analog Inputs on this version, and 8 Flexible digital IOs, one relay driver.

This RAZN is a great RTU, and it can do Programmable Logic Controlling (PLC) to control its IOs or autonomously control other RAZNs.


High Resolution Voltage Sensors

This RAZN uses  TI 24 Bit differential voltage sensors “Best In The World” to measure voltage with 1M resolution. It can also measure current and 4-20mA current with over 1M resolution.
Use this High Resolution interface for the Sensors to Monitor   Detailed information about the sensor inputs is on the Terminal Information page..
The TI ADC chip in the RAZN also has noise filters and configurable gain, so the RAZN can be re-configured to reliably and accurately monitor sensors.
And the Autonomous features can monitor high resolution sensors and autonomously control things the way you want.

AN236_Thermotypes (pdf)  Explains how to use Thermocouple Sensors. They can be monitored many miles away with RAZN wireless technology, and can Autonomously control things you want to control.
And you can connect a RAZN to your network to monitor Thermocouple Sensors, or look at a Display or GUI and see the temperature, or have the RAZN beep or flash a light base on Temperature.

Status Recorder and Data Logging

The RAZN can be setup to record the status of inputs, outputs, communications, or whatever you want.  This 24 bit ADC data is stored in registers, the way you want.
8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 23, bit resolution can be stored by this best in the world ADC sensor that TI makes and the RAZN uses.
The large EEPROM inside the RAZN can store the data information you want, and no battery is required. Read it remotely via wireless link, or use the Ethernet interface.
Any register that monitors inputs, outputs, status, communications, timing, events, or whatever can be logged in to real later.

Automated Peripheral

RAZN can remotely control and monitor lights, pumps, valves, alarms, doors, AC power, DC power, or almost whatever you would like to monitor or control.
Monitor and Control using MODBUS messages. Communicate using  wires, Ethernet, or long-range wireless links. All methods are available.
And you can configure the RAZN to Autonomously monitor sensors and do what every you want Autonomously to keep your system safe.

Data Logging in the RAZN

The RAZN has a large EEPROM in it to store all configuration information and to store a Data Logger.
The Data Logger stores events that occur such as power on, communication failures, or other action events you want logged in.

Robust, Reliable and Protected

The IO pins have great electrostatic discharge (ESD) and over-voltage protection. DC power input is reverse and over-voltage protected.
Internal smart CPU has watchdog timer, data stored in EEPROM, and battery powered clock.
Long-range communications uses wireless instead long copper that will fail.

High Performance Interfaces

Ethernet, RS-485, USB, and many RF options for SCADA links.  RAZN wireless links are super long-range communication. 1/2W to 5W UHF, VHF; 50mW-1W ISM LoRa. Verify operation and quality of connection in the field from 1 to 50 miles. The RAZN can also communicate with Raveon’s data radio modems (RV-M6, RV-M8, RV-M7, RV-M9 …).  Use these interface for the Sensors to Monitor.

Real Time Clock (RTC)

The battery backed up internal RTC is accurate and keeps track of all time, milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.
It can be used to trigger events, and also time events and stop them when the time is over.
Timer events can turn things on or off based upon any time status you prefer.

A Myriad of Ways to Use These

Point-to-Point: The two RAZNs can work together by themselves and control what you want in isolated areas.
You can use 2-200 of these RAZNs to do what you need to control in isolated areas.
We offer more features, good performance, and a reliable product at an exceptional price.
RAZNs have Many different IO terminal features. Technology insight into IO terminals is on the Terminal Information page..

Master Control

Use a remote master controller PC, GUI, IoT server, or MODBUS master to communicate with the RAZN and control your things in isolated areas.
Some RAZNs have sensor inputs, so sensors placed in the root zone of the plants to remotely control irrigation.

Data Logging

All RAZNs can Data Log data events into their EEPROM so users can review the data log to see product turn-on events and alerts.
Alerts stored in data logged can be: over-current output, under-current output, pulse quantity per minute, temperature, or many other ways to log data that should be monitored in your system.

Timers and Real Time Clocks

All RAZNs have a Timer Operations Actions Alerts (TOAA) feature to use its timers to do what you want and when you want to have it done.
Button inputs can trigger timers to turn remote things on or off for specific time periods.
This automated peripheral RAZN is patented with TOAA and a myriad of features. This is a complete solution to remotely control things

Raveon has many Complete Solutions to automatically Monitor and Control things.

The controller for your system can be setup in many different ways.  The easiest way is to buy is a preset pair of RAZNs we call the RV-N55-7-xxx.

The N55-7 version has two ADS (Differential Analog Inputs) and 8 FIO(Flexible Digital Inputs or Outputs) and one RD(Relay Driver).

There is also DC power output to be sued to power external sensors or devices.
Information about sensor inputs is on Terminal Information page.

RV-N55-7C Ethernet Interface

If you don’t need Long-range RF, you can use Ethernet or RS-485 connection to the RAZN to do everything also.

Send MODBUS messages over these connections to read your sensors.
The RAZN can Autonomously send Text messages to you based in the Input status is monitors.

N55-7 Terminal Port I/O Pin Information.


Terminal A  GPIO Terminals in Flexible IO modes (FIO)
Pins 4-11 are FIO. Setup as digital Inputs or Outputs the way you want.
VIO voltage output terminal pin 2 outputs digital power voltage.
GND pins are Ground to this RAZN product ground.

Terminal B  Analog Inputs, FIOs, and Relay Driver
Pins 4-11 are FIO. Setup as digital Inputs or Outputs the way you want.
AVSS and AVDDD are the ADC reference voltages. No need to utilize these.
IADC terminals 5&6 can output current to drive temperatures resistor sensors or whatever you need output current to.
The two ADS inputs 7&8 and 9&10 are two high-resolution differential analog inputs.
Terminal 12 is a Relay Driver (RD) output to drive a relay if you want. It is an Open-drain output to connect to ground.

AC DC Power Input.
A power supply is connected into the RAZN to power it. DC input must be somewhere between 7V to 30V DC input.

The RAZN has many interface options: Long-Ranage Wireless, Ethernet, RS485, and RS232

Information about all the sensor inputs on all RAZN terminals is on the Terminal Information page..

RAZN versions are often C, A, B.  The version is after the Device number.  This RV-N55-7  is the Device 7.

RV-N55-7A,  RV-N55-7B, RV-N55-7C  RV-N54-7A,  RV-N54-7B, RV-N55-7C are all available.

Version C (RV-N55-7C) has both Terminals.  Version A (RV-N55-7A) has one Terminal.  Version B (RV-N55-7B) has one other Terminal.
A&B versions are slightly lower cost than C version.  C has ALL terminals on it. Each terminal has 12 pins so C has 24 pins.

Other RAZN versions that will also work with your system.

Use the RAZN Long-Range wireless links or Ethernet or RS-485 to communicate with other RAZNs we have.
Many RAZNs are available with Switched Power, Button Inputs, GPIOs, and many SCADA IO pin options.
Application Note:  AN258(RAZN_IOs) (pdf)  explains the Myriad of IO features the RAZN devices have.
This RV-N55-5 RAZN has many Ultra Isolated IO interfaces and can drive Solenoids.


Manu isolated Digital inputs and outputs.  Isolated analog inputs to measure voltage or 4-20mA currents.
Communicate with it over long rage areas using wireless data connections in VHF, UHF or ISM bands.

RV-N55-3  Switched Voltage controller with Ethernet

And if you’d like to use Ethernet or RS485 connections to control things, the N55-3 RAZN can do that with your system.

Buttons and status are show on the GUI tablet

This is Made in America.

Raveon designed this in California, and all RAZN technology, and the RF radios in the RAZN, are made here in America.

List how How to Setup the RAZN to remotely control an an automated peripheral

RV-N55-7 with MODEM

RV-N55-7 Can be monitored and controlled by a Data Radio Modem (RF Modem).
Your Controller connects to a radio modem to communicate to a RAZN in a remote area.

The RV-M22 is license free ISM band radio modem that is perfect for remotely controlling things using.

RV-N55-3A & RV-N55-7C

RV-N55-7 can monitor Sensors and remotely control many things.  The RV-N55-7 can talk to a RV-N55-3 RAZN with its 1-8 Switched Voltage (SV) outputs.

Sensors on the N55-7 can remotely trigger the SV outputs to turn Lights, Pumps, Sirens, Valves, or whatever On or Off as you want.

N55-7 monitors sensors in size, time, and how periodic, and it can remotely control and signal other things like the N55-3 SV outputs.

Outputs in remote areas or local areas can be controlled as you want my the Autonomous features of the RAZN.
The long-range wireless communication feature option of the RAZN can send and control over many miles to many different things.

RV-N55-3 & RV-N55-7

The RV-N55-7 can be wirelessly connected to a PC, tablet, or server to monitor and control its terminal ports and sensors connected to it.

The RV-N55-3 has an Ethernet interface on it to connect to your controller.
So it can connect to your network. The RV-N55-3 can work with SCADA software that use MODBUS messages.

The Switched Voltage Outputs (SV)  on the N55-3 can also be used to turn on/off by the N55-7 sensors.

The GUI software on the tablet of PC connected via Ethernet to the N55-3 or a data radio modem.
It gets MODBUS messages for Sensor Status from the N55-7.

And the Master computer with the GUI can also monitor & Control IO terminals on the N55-7 and the N55-3.
Every RAZN can Autonomously control itself and other RAZN devices.

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