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Raveon’s RV-R50 industrial-grade base stations designed for telemetry, SCADA, AVL, wireless data, mobile-data and remote control applications. Designed by Raveon for long-range reliable communication using high-performance RF circuitry and filters, it is also feature-rich with fast over-the-air data rates and fast transmit-to-receive switching, Raveon’s M7 UHF data radio transceiver increases data throughput in narrow-band wireless systems. Included in each unit, are advanced networking, error correction, and diagnostics.

The R50 base station Hub has one or two transceivers in it, so it can monitor channels and send data on the same channel or relay it over to other radio channels.

To daisy chain your network, use our Daisy Radios connected to this HUB, so you can monitor thousands of things over many square miles using very small low-cost radios talking to this Hub.

The miniature low-cost Daisy Radios are available in narrow-band channels (RV-M6) or license-free ISM band (RV-M50).

The Ethernet connection on the R50 can connect this to your network or your server, or to an IoT cloud server if you want it to.

You can acquire this with one or two different RF modems inside the R50, and both can be on the same radio network, or on different bands, so this R50 can mesh or Daisy Chain your network with long range wireless connections.

The long range data radios in the R50 can can communicate/monitor/control thousands of local things, and using another internal radio the data from these thousands of local things can be passed away many miles (2-50 miles) using the second radio modem inside this R50. Also the R50 can be connected via a serial port to an external data radio modem, cellular LTE or 5G modem, computer, or tablet.

Applications and Markets:

Over the Skyline, Daisy Chain Coverage Works

  • Use tall antennas (golf courses, building rooftops,…)

–Range would be 2-15kM. The tall antenna should be on the Hub.  The daisy nodes can have small or tiny antennas.

–Wireless Hub is small. Locate it where needed, and connect vial LAN, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Data Radio modem.

  • Use Multiple Hubs to cover area.

–Economical range extension (< $500)

–Master Hub can be gateway or use a dedicated Master Gateway.

–Hubs can route data to any server you choose.

  • Communications to/from Daisy Radios

–Telnet into the Master Hub or send UDP data to go out over the air to your things.

–Native IPv6 connections.  Globally unique address.

–Master Hub can route to your or your customer’s computers.

–Wireless Hub is a Linux box.  Add your own application.

  • Integrated radio and modems  one or two
  • Programmable 1/2 to 5 watts RF output.
  • Built in data encryption.
  • High throughput. 19200 bps in a 25kHz channel, 9600 bps in a 12.5kHz channel.
  • Ethernet Interface and RS232 interfaces.
  • Very Small size:
  • Very Low Power
  • Outstanding Range. 5-50 miles typical
  • Easy to use, yet fully programmable
  • Real-time streaming data or Packetized operation – user configurable
  • Each modem is store-and-forward repeater capable
  • Standard Carrier-sense channel access or TDMA, user selectable
  • 32 bit CPU with base-band Digital Signal Processing for exceptional sensitivity
  • Low-power modes for extended operation off of batteries or solar power
  • Programmable serial port baud rates, and flow-control
  • Built-in automatic status monitoring of modem performance and DC input voltage
  • Compatible with MODBUS and DNP-3

Frequency Bands Available

  • VHF
  • UHF
  • 220MHz
  • ISM band 915MHz
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