Product Page – Atlas PT

Personal Tracker

multi-color-samples_PLUT_SMThe Atlas PT is a valuable component of an emergency response, search and rescue, wildfire fighting, or security team.

For privacy and security, over-the air encryption is standard on every Atlas PT. For network versatility, the Atlas PT incorporates a 16-bit identification code, allowing up to 65,000 objects to be identified in one system and a “group code” (1-255). For wide-area coverage, all Atlas PTs may be set to store-and-forward messages from other M7s and M8s or from other Atlas PT transponders. Although the RV-M7 is the easiest to use modem on the market, and makes the easiest to set up Automatic Vehicle Locations (AVL) system available, its re-programmability makes it extremely versatile.




General Features

  • GPS Tracking
  • Man Down Sensor: Detects when someone has gone idel to long or fallen down
  • Panic Button: Sends an alert to the receiving radio imediatly warning somthing has gone wrong
  • Permanent power mode: Option to turn off the ability to be powered down in the field, will be turned off next time it begins charging
  • Security: AES 128 encryption ensures your information is safe and secure
  • Battery Life: Built in Battery and Charger lasts up to weeks with slower update times
  • Extremely Rugged and durable: Built to withstand any conditions and environments
  • Update speed: Up to 20 times per second


Model: RV-sm-bx (b=V or U) (x=band)

Size: 145mm X 70mm X35mm

Weight: 46kg (16 oz)

Input Voltage: 11 – 16 VDC

Current draw: Charging Battery: <1.5A Not-charging: <1mA

VHF Frequency Bands:

A 136-155MHzMHz (for export)

B 150-174MHz

C 215-235MHz

UHF Frequency Bands (MOQ may apply):

A 403-434MHz (for export)

B 419-440MHz (for export)

C 450-480MHz (for US channels)

D 470-512MHz (for export)

Serial Port Baud Rates (programmable):

 1.2k, 2.4k, 4.8k, 9.6k, 19.2k, 38.4k, 57.6k, 115.2k

Over-the-air baud rates (programmable):

 -N 4.8k, 5142, 8K,9.6k (1200 optional) -W 4.8k, 8k, 9.6k, 14.4k, 19.2k

Operating Mode: S

implex or Half-duplex

Operating Temperature range: 

-30°C to +60°C Operational 0°C – 45°C for charging

Internal Battery Charger: 

<4-hours for standard LiION 2200mAh pack

Front Panel LEDs:

Power Status (Carrier Detect, TX/RX, GPS Status) Alert (Active and response)

RF I/O Connector:

SMA (Male)

Power Cable:

Raveon P/N: 1C738-1


Individual address: 65,536