Product Page – D50

D50 – License Free

Daisy With Shield DiagonalThe D50 Daisy Radio modem is a small, very low-power radio modem utilizing LoRa technology for use in the license-free USA 902-928 MHz ISM band, EU 863-870 MHz and Asia 779-787 bands. Having the longest communication range in its class (with an unprecedented 1 W max output), it is ideal for GPS tracking, meter reading, telemetry, SCADA and network extension. Raveon’s Daisy radios are the perfect option for daisy chaining an entire network together over great distances.
The Tech Series Daisy Modem:

Also available as a Tech Series radio modem, you can get the best of LoRa technology and Raveon’s unique system integration and connections in the same modem. Tech Series radios are designed with interchangeable front panels allowing you to connect to your system the way you want.

Any of the following interface boards can be easily and quickly switched in or out of any Tech Series radio at any time:

  • RS-232
  • RS-422
  • RS-485
  • USB
  • GPIO
  • Analog

General Features

  • LoRa Technology: LoRa 900 MHz band capable.
  • Best in Class Sensitivity: Reliable down to -139 dBm.
  • Ultra Long Range: Ranges up to 100 km based on landscape.
  • OEM Integration: Highly configurable and small form factor.
  • Security:  Using AES 128 protocol encryption.
  • High Overload Immunity: Withstands power spikes far beyond operating range.
  • Real Time Diagnostics and Statistics: Relay status updates alongside regular reports.
  • GPS: Optional.
  • Multiple Enclosure Options



Size: 61mm X 37mm

Weight: 1.5 oz

Input Voltage:

4.7-5.5 VDC full-spec standard

(3.3V reduced spec)

7-30 VDC optional

Power Consumption:

Receiving data: <250mW (50mA @5V)

Transmitting data: < 3000mW (600mA@5.0V)

Sleep (<50uA)

Over-the-air baud rates: (programmable) 9 rates from 980b/s to 21.87kb/s

Full Spec Operating Temperature range: -30°C to +60°C

TX-RX and RX-TX turn-around time: <5mS

RF I/O Connector: MMCX (Female)




Rasbery Pie

Rasberry Pie Hat (RG-K5)

The RG-K5 is an interface board to connect a Raveon V50 or Z50 radio modem to a Raspberry Pi processor board. The hat also provides many features such as EEPROM memory, Arduino CPU, watchdog, and a 3-axis accelerometer.

Tech Series

Tech Series (M-22)

The newly designed Tech Series enclosures are rugged, modular enclosure option available for use on any of our new radio modules. With its field-configurable I/O interface, the Tech Series can be configured for multiple interface options in house or in the field as needed.