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Tech Series - Modular Radio Enclosure

Raveons modular Tech Series enclosures house the Z50 and D50 radio modules. Tech Series enclosures come with an interchangeable front I/O panel allowing you to connect however you want, without ever changing the radio itself. There is even an Arduino option to run customer application code. To learn more about our Tech Series, click below.

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D50 - Daisy Radio Modem

Our Daisy Radio modems were created for use in shorter range operations, or operations on a budget. They have all the same great capabilities as our M7’s and M8’s, only on a smaller scale. Raveons Daisy Radio has the latest in point-to-point (peer-to-peer), point-to-multipoint and star network modes. All of our radio modems are pin-for-pin compatible to make it easy to swap them in and out of each enclosure. To learn more about our Daisy Radio Modems, click below.

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Z50 - Cellular (3G) Modem

Raveons newest product is our Z50, a cellular Modem with GPS/GLONASS capabilities. The same size as our Daisy, these Modems have been designed to report on the cellular network of your choice, instead of our standard UHF/VHF bands. All of our radio modems are pin-for-pin compatible to make it easy to swap them in and out of each enclosure. To learn more about our Z50 cellular Modems, click below.

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V50 - Atlas Miniature Tracker

The V50 is a fully contained tracking device, ready to go out of the box. It houses a D50 or cellular Z50 radio modem as well as a rechargeable battery and charging circuitry. These radios are designed with preset functions for smaller systems. To learn more about the V50, click below.

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Atlas PT - Ruggedized Personal Tracker

Personnel Tracking has many applications in today’s commercial and industrial world. Keeping watch over your operations, and the men and women working for you is crucial to maintaining a safe work environment. Raveons Personal Trackers are designed to withstand brutal beatings, have a man-down sensor inside, and a panic button for emergencies. Fast response times are the cornerstone to the safety of your workplace and any Atlas can notify you of emergencies immediately. To learn more about Raveons Atlas – Personal Trackers, click below.

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RV-T99 – Testing Board

The RV-T99 evaluation board allows the user to test Raveon’s D50, Z50 and M8 products with connectors broken out to access all of the functionality of the modules. This board includes switches and connectors to aid in powering the modules, programming them and accessing various communications lines through standard PC and RF connectors.

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