News – D50

Raveon’s D50 Radio Module,
a peer-to-peer LoRa Radio

Daisy With Shield Diagonal

July 20th, 2016 – The D50 is Raveon’s newest addition to our IoT product lineup. This radio module harnesses the new LoRa protocol to connect 2 or more modules over large distance with very little power draw. The maximum output power is 27dBm (0.5W) which means distances of 2-15 miles depending on the terrain. The transmission is secure with AES encryption built on Raveon’s proprietary HYPER protocol which includes a CRC for data integrity. These modules operate on the license-free ISM band which means you can use it out of the box with no special license or regulatory worries. These D50 modules are designed to be integrated into various end products such as energy meters, fluid flow controls, GPS trackers, smart city devices and various industrial sensors and controls, to name a few. Or, if an enclosure is desired, the D50 module (and all of Raveon’s IoT modules) can be installed into the M22 Tech Series enclosure. These Tech Series enclosures are modular so that the front panel can be swapped out with various connection methods such as RS232, GPIO, USB and more.


Tech 21Raveon designs and manufactures wireless radios for the M2M and IoT industries. With a newly released line of LoRa products as well as Arduino and Raspberry Pi extension modules, Raveon aims to provide IoT device manufacturers, solution providers and systems integrators with all of the necessary hardware to get their devices to market. For more information about Raveon’s wireless data products, visit Raveon personnel are members of the LoRa Alliance, an open, non-profit association dedicated to promoting the LoRa protocol.