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General Information

This page is a dedicated knowledge base of the operations involved in radio communications, cellular communications, IoT information, LoRa Technology, and much more. Each Application Note (AN) is written by one of our many skilled and dedicated engineers to help everyone understand all technology in these fields, and create a better understanding for how these systems can help you or your business.

General Application Notes (AN)

An – 203

Licence Free Regulatory Requirements

This document is to describe the FCC part 15 regulatory requirements for license-free 902-928MHz ISM transmitters. Refer to these rules for the current requirements. The code of Federal Regulations, Title 47 Part 15 describe the specifics of the regulations that apply to data radio transmitters in this... Continue Reading.

An – 208

License Free Bands by Country

This document is to describe the regulatory requirements for long range license free transmitters in various countries. Refer to the country of interest’s specific rules for the current requirements. This this Raveon’s brief summary of license-free frequency use. This ignores the 2.4 GHz bands and higher... Continue Reading.

Raveon Application Notes (AN)

An – 200

Raveons Radio Connector Pinouts

This document is to explain Raveons Universal Wireless OEM Radio Connector (UWORC). Raveons M8, Daisy, Cellular Daisy and Narrowband Daisy radios use a common connector pinout to allow pin for pin and protocol for protocol interchangeability. By implementing the features of the UWORC, device manufacturers... Continue Reading.

An – RTK

GPS Accuracy Enhancing

This document describes a communications system comprised of industrial-grade transponders for distributing Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction information to multiple GPS-enabled end nodes. RTK is a correction signal used to make GPS more accurate. GPS typically provides accuracy down to about... Continue Reading.

An – WMX

Raveons Communication Protocol

This document is to explain Raveons WMX communication protocol. WMX is the communication protocol used in Raveon’s wireless modems, to allow a user to have full control over these sending and receiving of data. It enables the user of a Raveon modem to specify the destination ID when sending data. It... Continue Reading.