Raveons Product Data Sheets

UHF/VHF Modems

UHF(Ultra High Frequency, between 30 MHz and 300 MHz) and VHF(Very High Frequency, between 300 MHz and 3 GHz) are 2 of the band types for transmitting data over the air. Raveon chose to work within these bands because of how well devices in these bands can send and handle data.

Datasheets for the M7 Modem:

  • M7-U: The UHF version of our M7 modem.
  • M7-V: The VHF version of our M7 modem.
  • M7-WB: The weather resistant version of our M7 modem.

Datasheets for the M8 Modem:

  • M8-U: The UHF version of our M8 modem.
  • M8-V: The VHF version of our M8 modem.


Tech Series

The Tech Series is an enclosure type able to be used with any of our radio modems inside, for a more flexible way to connect and control your system. The enclosure has an interchangeable front I/O panel and power connector so you can switch how you access your system without a need to reprogram the modem inside.

  • Tech Series: Click the link for the Tech Series datasheet.

Daisy Modem

Raveons Daisy modem is designed with the same functionality as our M8 modems, just in a smaller size for smaller operations. These radios were designed to be used in projects covering just a few square miles, such as car lots, air ports, golf ranges, etc…


The Skyline base is used as a central hub, or one of many central hubs, for a Raveon system. These can operate on any of the bands and frequencies as the modems they control. The Skyline hub has 16 channel reception, allowing for system reports 16 times faster than a standard system.

Z50 – 3G Cellular

Raveons Z-50 is our first ever cellular product, designed to be interchangeable with any of the UHF/VHF modems in a system. Using a Z-50, you can make part, or all, of your system cellular. Doing a system completely on cellular allows you to utilize the infrastructure available on any network that accepts the cellular chip.


Personal Tracker (PT)

The Personal Tracker, PT, is designed specifically to be used by people, at roughly the same size as a standard 2 way communication device, they are perfect for tracking and safety monitoring. These Personal Trackers have man down sensors a built in panic button for emergencies, and are rated at IP67.