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Serial Data Framing to Reduce System Power Consumption

Ouput Data Framing is used when it is necessary for the device connected to the M7 data radio modem to wake from sleep or enter an appropriate mode to receive data.  Using a serial port handshake line, an M7 data radio can signal a listening device to wake up before outputting data, allowing the terminal to conserve power when communications are not necessary.

When this feature is enabled, the Carrier Detect handshaking line on the RS232 serial port of the modem is nominally high and goes low to signal that serila data is being output. The Pre-Data and Post-Data time can be set from 0-254ms, as indicated in the diagram below.

The carrier detect line is pulled low before data is output. The time between the falling edge of CD and the first bit of data is set by ATS120. ATS121 sets the time between the last bit of data and the rising edge of CD.

If Data Framing is enabled, any other Carrier Detect and flow control output configuration is ignored.

The data framing feature is enabled by setting parameter S120 to a number greater than or equal to 0.  Parameter S120 is set using the ATS120 xxx command, where xxx is the frame time in milliseconds.  ATS120 255 to disable.  Data Framing is always disabled in command mode.

This feature was added in firmware version D58 of the  RV-M7 data radio modem.

The request for this feature came from Mike Gerstweiler of Pribusin Inc. Should you have a request for a new firmware feature please let us know!

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