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RAZN Registers

This section describes the Registers stored in the Remote Autonomous Zone Node. Registers can be ready with commands, TOAA, or MODBUS messages.

There area many registers that were stored by the RAZN as it monitors IO terminals and internal features and operations also.

The number in the beginning of the description below is the Register Number.

1-64 GPIO OUTPUT bit status. These are the main GPIO bits on the front of the product Address 1-16 are bits 0-15.

1001 All Output Bits status in this one 16 bit register. This register holds the bit state of output pins 0-15 within this one register.

2200-2215 Up Counter registers for IO 0 – IO 15 bits when in input mode. The Up Count register ticks up every time an input bit state changes from 0 to 1. Write commands can be used to reset the counter.

2300-23015 Up Timer registers for IO0 – IO15 bits times how the bit has been up. The Up Timer register counts the time in mS a bit is on (1)

2400-24015 Down Timer Registers for IO0 – IO15 bits times how long the bit has been down (0). The Down Timer register counts the time a bit is off (0).  Write commands can be used to reset the timer. Time is in milliseconds (mS).

2600-2615 ON Time Counter   It is the number of Seconds an IO pin is ON or was On

5000 Input Voltage to the RAZN device in mV

5002 Device temperature in degrees C. This is the RAZN’s computer board temperature. Very similar to the environment.

5200 Accelerometer, X The G force in X axis of the RAXN device.

5201 Accelerometer, Y The G force in Y axis of the RAXN device.

5202 Accelerometer, Z The G force in Z axis of the RAXN device.

5203 Accelerometer, Motion. The value of the RAZN motion.

6000-6015 Analog input, ADC value. 6000-6015. Register 6000 is input 0, 6001 is input 1

6060-6075 Temperature sensors on the ADS input are computed here.   

6400-6415 Analog input voltage value. 6000-6015. Register 6400 is input 0, 6401 is input 1.

6540-6555 4-20mA 16 bit integer current sensor value. Register 6540 is input 0, 6550 is input IN# 10

21002 Products Serial Number.

56000 Firmware Version information.

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