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Programming the M7 Data Radio Modem

All configuration settings in the M7 data radio modem are stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory inside of the M7.  The M7 has a “Command Mode” that allows the user to change various settings.  The M7 Technical Manual for the M7 details all of the commands and the setting they affect.

The M7 modem may be put into a “Command Mode”, by entering a sequence of three plus characters (+++).  There must be a pause before the +++ as well as a pause after the +++ is sent.  If either pause is missing, the modem will not enter the command mode.

Using serial communications software such as HypterTerminal or TerraTerminal, send the 3- character command sequence “+++”.   Alternately, use Raveon’s Radio Manager Software to access the radio.  Radio Manager will automatically send the +++ when you click on “Discover Radio”.

To change a setting using HyperTerminal or TerraTerminal:

  1. Connect the serial (COM) port of a PC to the base radio.
  2. Run a terminal program like Terra Terminal or Hyperterminal.
  3. Set the serial port baud rate of the terminal program to 38400 8N1
  4. Cycle the power to the radio, and verify you see an OK when the radio powers on.  This shows the connection to the radio is OK and the baud rate setting are correct.
  5. Very quickly type +++ on the terminal program.
  6. You will see the radio respond showing the model of the radio, and another OK.
  7. Type the command you wish to execute, and press enter.
  8. When you are done typing commands, type “EXIT” to tell the raido to exit the command mode.

To change a setting using Radio Manager:

  1. Connect the serial (COM) port of a PC to the base radio.
  2. Run a Radio Manager on a PC connected to the radio.
  3. Set Radio manager to the correct baud rate, or select “Auto Detect” to search all baud rates.
  4. Click on the “Discover Radio” button.
  5. Radio Manger will detect the M7 radio.
  6. Click on “Read Settings from Radio” to read all settings, and display them on screen
  7. Edit the settings you would like to change
  8. Click on “Store Updates to Radio” to save your changes.

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